CNN – ABC News in Phoenix Reporting UFOs

CNN – ABC News in Phoenix Reporting UFOs

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me that UFO activity has become more and more intense the past few months. So much so that what was scoffed at in years past is now receiving mainstream news coverage on almost a regular basis.

It would seem as more and more people have access to video equipment we are becoming inundated with UFO activity. Of course with this access it is almost a foregone conclusion that more of these objects in the sky are being recorded. Not only that, but in my opinion we are seeing better and better examples each day.

This latest discovery is no exception. Occurring early Wednesday evening (September 14) and continuing into the night, it’s actually a two anomaly event.

The first event was witnessed as an orange dot streaking across the sky that looks almost like horizontal lightning but different enough to know that it is definitely something else. The dot hovered over onlookers for a short time and then vanished.

Approx 40 minutes passed before the second anomaly appeared The second is an intense glowing light that some are thinking is a meteor. Witness Brien McElhatten described the UFO to ABC news as a horizontal “roman candle” with “smaller pieces falling off of it” as it moved. The brightly lit object was easily visible in the sky. One onlooker described as a “massive green ball, shooting through the sky with a big white tail”.

One thing is for sure, it has residents all over the Phoenix area in a frenzy trying to figure out what these invaders are and why they are there.

Seen as far away as Nevada and Colorado, This event has received extensive attention. The Phoenix sheriffs office has been swamped with calls and the glowing anomaly even has NASA and the National Weather Service baffled at the moment.

So far, as I mentioned above, the best guess for the second event is a meteor. However, until something further comes to light, there is no definite identification at this time.

So, the burden again falls to those that surf the net to come up with an explanation. Be careful out there.