I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

You would wonder how Bigfoot would end up in Ohio but according to some, they are there. One woman in particular claims that there is a family of the creatures living near her Londonderry, Ohio home.

The woman known only as Sherry was interviewed by Sharon Lee of the Bigfoot Field Reporter in August 2010.

Sherry, a colorful woman with a penchant for animals said that she first encountered Bigfoot in 2003 when she heard wood knocking. Fearful, Sherry stayed in the house for quite some time but after reading and studying the large biped, she became more comfortable.

Witnessing Bigfoot on several occasions, Sherry eventually contacted the BFRO which eventually led to this interview with Sharon.

Things begin to get interesting about 15 minutes in so give it a listen and let us know what you think.

The interview can be downloaded here.

Source: The Bigfoot Field Reporter
Bigfoot Evidence

  • anonymous

    It would be a shame to publicize this womans name and or address as there are idiots all over the US just waiting to find, hunt down and kill a sasquatch.

  • cappytahn

    Interesting, but how come she hasn’t taken any pictures yet? There was that lady a few years ago who said she talked to them all the time and said they would come by and ask to borrow cinnamon lol

  • Valkyrie

    The babies/birds/kids squawking in the background were so distracting; I can’t believe how patient the interviewer was, and I can’t believe I listened to this as long as I have.

    It seems telling to me that at 10:30 the interviewer asks the boy (girl?) if (s)he’d ever seen a bigfoot, and it answered ‘on the computer,’ but the mom(?) continued feeding answers to the child.

    However since this family also believes in the tooth fairy, they clearly are unreliable witnesses.

    Cappytahn, at about 18:20 she gives a vague reason for why she hasn’t taken a picture. Cinnamon?? LOL!!

  • cappytahn

    Yeah there was at least a half hour segment on a woman a few years ago who said the came by, and actually knocked on her door, frequently for stuff including cinnamon (cinnamon helps heal minor wounds sometimes) and would speak to her. She even said that one time as she was.handing the leader some food once she plucked one of his hairs intending to use it for DNA analysis.

  • brain cell

    “…once she plucked one of his hairs intending to use it for DNA analysis.”

    Yeah, and it took weeks for the swelling in her face to go down.

  • brain cell

    By the way I don’t know if anybody else has noticed this but if you look closely at that picture at the top of the article, there is what “appears” to be a humanoid shaped figure standing just behind one of the trees on the right! Although judging by the arm length it’s more closely related to Patrick from Bikini Bottom.

  • keltic1

    This might be just a coincidence but there is a lady named Janice Carter Coy, who lives in Kentucky, that claims a bigfoot came to her door and asked to borrow garlic. She also claims that she pulled a hair from the bigfoot’s hand. Janice has her own website and apparently she is going to be in an episode of “Searching For Bigfoot” and is featured on the SFB website. Bigfoots borrowing spices. Hmmmm! Sounds like a new show for the Cooking channel. Move over Rachel Ray.

  • keltic1

    Correction: Janice Carter Coy is from Tennessee. Sorry

  • Why do I have a hard time believing her?

  • Steve,

    While I am still 50/50 on Sherry, someone might say the same thing you just did but in regards to the Bigfoot baby on your site.

    I’m in no way saying its misidentified but it does look to be quite a stretch, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Hey Scott,

    There is no bigfoot baby on my site. I am, however, linking to someone else’s site that claims to have a picture of a bigfoot baby. For the record, I don’t believe that one either. Looks more like ET to me, lol.

    As for Sherry, if there were a family of bigfoot living in her “backyard”, the mystery of bigfoot would be solved.

    Thanks for stopping by my site though. Feel free to contribute anytime.

  • My apologies Steve! I guess it was a link after all.

    I try very hard not to commit myself as I have a habit of throwing my opinions into my articles. I’m trying very hard to remain neutral on Sherry. As you can tell by her interview, it’s not easy.

    You are welcome here too Steve.

    All my best to you!

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