Israeli News Uncovers The “Jerusalem UFO Video” Hoax

Posted by Xavier Ortega | September 22, 2011 62

I guess it was only a matter of time before we all learned the truth behind the enigmatic UFO videos that made headlines across the world. And isn’t that always the case? The only way to unravel a mystery is through time. In this case, the mystery looks more like a hoax.

Israel’s channel 10 aired an investigative news segment on the videos of the supposed UFOs that were taped hovering over Dome of the Rock earlier this year. From the report, the first video to go viral was shot by a man named Eligael Gadliovich. Mr. Gadliovich posted the following on his YouTube account:


This morning around 01:00 AM at the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalm, i was witness(with another guy), an amazing ufo aircraft over Jerusalem old city (mount Moriah) Dome of the Rock,Temple Mount
What is the meaning of this sighting ?????????…………………………………….

This is the first of the videos to hit the internet. It became viral almost immediately, drawing a large amount of viewers.

Days later, another video of the “Jerusalem UFO” hit YouTube. This time, from a couple of teenagers that were standing closer to the Dome of the Rock.

Proof Jerusalem UFO video is real. A new video of the UFO over Jerusalem surfaced tonight from a tourist that was filming while on a late night tour of Jerusalem on January 28th 2011. The video is not the clearest because it was dark out, but it catches the same glowing orb that was caught on tape from across town.

Soon after the second video was uploaded by another person, from a different perspective, it gave more credibility to the original video. The videos have gone viral and splashed all over network televisions. As the weeks passed, even more videos from different angles came forward. It seemed that this was a REAL UFO sighting. Well, at least to me.
I remained skeptical throughout the ordeal, but the videos looked too damn convincing. That is until Israel’s channel 10 investigation.

From the report we learn that Eligael Gadliovich is an avid film maker, ex-actor and has his own production company. This raised a huge red flag on his claims. Even though people tried to carefully examine and dissect his video for any signs of hoaxing, it wasn’t until this recent television investigation that yet another red flag was raised. This time, the flag was bigger and brighter.

It turns out that the teenagers who were responsible for shooting the second video were film students. But get this, they attended a class that was taught by Golan Ardiv. A film teacher that used to act alongside Eligael Gadliovich. Coincidence?

Let me just say that the first video has over 1 million views and the second one actually has 2.8 million views on YouTube. With ads running on these videos, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see the motive behind the hoax.

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  • maurice

    It was REAL!!! Is everyone really that numb?

  • It has already been shown to be a hoax.

  • RotorRob

    Ever hear of RayEl? He says it was Him coming back and now He is in him as in the second coming.

  • A. N. Onymous

    It is disappointing to find out that this was all faked. It only serves to increase skepticism about claims about UFO activity in general. I can fully understand why people who witness such events remain silent about them, as I am one of them. What is the point of sharing an experience only to be ridiculed? My experience was rather unique because of the circumstances surrounding it. I will now share my story just to see the reaction.
    Before I do that I will list the reasons that people would have to doubt me:
    1. I, and the other witnesses to the phenomenon that I will describe, smoke marijuana. However on this particular night and on the day leading up to it I had not used any mind-altering drugs (including alcohol).
    2. At least one of the other witnesses is an avid UFO believer (and was so prior to our experience).
    3. We were not able to document our experience with video evidence, as it took place prior to everyone and their dogs having smartphones that could provide video recording.
    So its easy to see why I assume that no one will believe me, but let me reassure you that I am sincere and that I have no reason to lie about what I saw or my state of mind at the time of my witnessing the phenomenon. Please spare me the flaming posts as I have already stated that I will understand why you will doubt my claims and even went to the trouble of listing the reasons myself. I have a graduate degree in a physical science and, believe it or not, skepticism is part of my nature and training so even as what I am about to describe I was voicing every explanation I could think of other than “alien craft.”

    On the night of September 11, 2001, the night after the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center in NYC, three friends and I were setting up tents at a private hot springs resort in Oregon about 60 miles roughly west of Crater Lake. The time was approximately 11:30 pm, and we were there to take delivery the following morning of equipment including three geodesic domes to be used as part of a three day electronic music event. We considered cancelling as we were sure that attendance would be dismal due to the WTC attack but as everything was paid for decided to go ahead with it any way.
    As we were about halfway through with pitching the tents and unloading the rest of our stuff, we noticed a light hovering over the mountain ridge about a mile away across the road that the entrance to the hot springs campsite is on. I pointed it out saying “Did you guys notice that light before?” Everyone agreed that we had not but I made a point to say that we might have missed it and it may be a radio tower or something of that nature. It was a bright white light and I recall thinking how usually the towers I was thinking of used red lights that blink. Next we noticed that the light was swaying back and forth. For a moment I thought it might be an optical illusion but then the displacement became so pronounced that I could no longer use that explanation.
    The next rationalization that I used was “It could be a weather balloon or some other type of balloon used for atmospheric sampling, on a tether.” That also went out the window quickly as both the altitude and horizontal distance suddenly changed at a significant speed and manner quite different prove the previously observed swaying motion (moving back and forth over the ridge). Now the light was brighter and no longer hovering over the ridge but actually apparently closer to us. One of my friends (the UFO enthusiast) was heard to say ” I can feel the love emanating from it!” To which I remember rolling my eyes and quietly scoffing as I felt no such thing, but he believes aliens are here to guide the human race into a new epoch (a belief that I do not share, though I don’t rule anything out casually even if I think its sounds silly).
    This was all happening over the span of about 15 minutes, and the next thing that happened was that it moved back over the ridge and sank out of sight behind the mountain. We thought it was all over but we were wrong.
    About 5 minutes later we were still glancing up at the sky every few seconds and anotheer one of my friends exclaimed “Whoah!” and I looked up to see what resembled a meteor streak horizontally across the sky. Unlike a meteor however it stopped close to the horizon and remained as a very bright but distant (or at least it appeared distant due to its relative small size compared to the other light we had observed)white pulsing dot about twice as big as any star. The light remained stationary for about 2 or three minutes and continued to pulse and twinkle. Then it appeared to devide into three lights of equal size, moving away from each other at about 120 degree vectors. they began accelerating and moved at about the rate of a ver fast satellite. Next there was a huge increase in the rate of acceleration of all three lights and they all streaked off out of sight over the far horizons.
    A few minutes later they were back, streaking (leaving a clearly visible light trail like meteors) across the sky towards one another. they gathered into a triangular formation and rotated about a central axis. Then they began to wiggle and dance away from each other, while executing maneuvers that would be impossible for any air craft I’ve ever seen. After about 10 minutes of this they re-united into one dot and it just disappeared only to reappear minutes later.
    This went on all night!! Dancing lights that defied any mundane explanation, that seemed to be putting on a show for our benefit to tell us “No this is not something you can just explain away.” At around 4 am I actually had gotten tired of watching all this and went to bed. It went on for so long that I got bored!
    You must bear in mind that on this night there should not have been any aircraft flying other than the military. Which brings to my mind the idea that maybe the U.S. military has some sort of aircraft that can moved in this fashion but we have not been told of the huge advances they have made. Also bear in mind that, as the crow flies, we were not far from Nevada and its countless military reservations and bases. So the only possible explanations are aliens or super-advanced top-secret military aircraft, and I mean SUPER advanced b/c the accelerations involved should flattened any pilots inside them into pancakes (drones perhaps).
    Well there you have it. I swear on my life and those of everyone I love that this is all a 100% true and accurate account of the events I witnessed the night of 9/11/2001 and the morning of 9/12/2001. May I rot in hell for all eternity if I am lying about it or the fact that I was not hallucinating and in the company of others that saw the same thing over the course of several hours. Still I don’t blame anyone that doesn’t believe my story.

  • Dr Abe

    I believe you 10000% It’s crazy but true. I would love to know what it was and it being alien is not so outrages we humans are so arrogant , we explore space and one day we will be some other planets ufo get it,

  • King Lyric

    That was a real ufo just because they say it’s debunked don’t mean shit. Show us proof show how you can fly something into the middle of a city and light the whole city up and don’t get charged by the government for any sort of crime. Until you can answer those questions this is going to stand as a real encounter.

  • LSquared

    Get to the fucking point, my God

  • A. N. Onymous

    On 9/11 I saw lights. It was weird. Others saw it, we weren’t high… The details are the point, without them the story loses all meaning and I chose to pre-emptively cover any questions anyone might have had about it. Brevity is not one of my strong points, even so, everything I wrote should have taken no more than 2 minutes to read. It was not intended for the “tl;dr” crowd. I apologize for wasting the seconds of your life it took you to glance at it and decide it was too long, apparently it was bad enough that you had to use an expletive…

  • greenspider

    I have yet to see anything that would convince me of UFO’s. BUT, because
    of people like YOU, and professional pilots, fighter pilots, generals,
    Admirals, scientists, PHD’s Molecular biologists, physicists,and all of
    the others who say, with no hope of finacial compensation, that they saw
    something UNEXPLAINABLE in our skies and/or in our possession, I am
    compelled to believe SOMETHING unexplainable, be it OURS or
    otherworldly, IS happening, and I want to know the truth of it all.
    Thanks for sharing your story, it sounds like something I would have tremendously enjoyed watching.

  • Tears of a Clown

    “THEY” are real….”THESE” are not…..

  • typ211

    Nothing you put proves a fake at all. You showed circumstantial coincidence only. 5 videos ( or more) show something real happening, and many people saw it. Show some real concrete evidence that this is fake, that’s stronger evidence than videos. Other than that , you are grasping at straws.

  • nonsecular Truth

    Circumstantial “hoax” evidence proves nothing, just like those who also claimed it was a hoax becauuse non of the people who took the videos sold it for money to new outlets. YES this is really one of the arguments as to why this was a hoax. Moving on. I would argue, being a human being, that what we saw may very well have been considered a ‘holy spirit’ to our ancestors, as it appeared not to be any ship (ufo means unidentified FLYING OBJECT not saucer or ship) and appeared to be a fluid ball of light….and again I would argue that to our ancestors such a thing may very well have been considered a spirit, and holy, because it was light, not darkness. Regarding Rayel….still not convinced it traveled west, it reascended from what I saw. The flash seemed to me to be a probe like event that was searching for the proper host body, which when was not found in the correct spot the entity ascended once more perhaps to return one day to find the proper host body.

  • No one has to prove it is a hoax as the burden of proof is on those making the claim that it is really an alien craft, or a manifestation of some deity or other.

    “…and again I would argue that to our ancestors such a thing may very well
    have been considered a spirit, and holy, because it was light, not

    And I would point out that Lucifer means “the morning star” alternately “light bringer” or “bringer of dawn” depending on translation.

  • Jay Effkay

    circumstantial evidence there, Nothing you said makes the videos incorrect at all

    Just because theyre in the film industry, and are connected (which isnt hard in a city the size of Jerusalem) does not make it fake

    Those videos are probably the clearest sighting of UFO activity that most people have ever seen

  • CryoNarc

    But people DIDN’T see them. That’s the whole point … nobody.

    Not only that, a 24hr internet webcam didn’t see it either. Nothing.

    And, in a world full of smartphones, the only people who saw this highly visible and reasonably long-lived event… were all known to each other, despite claiming to have each seen it independently! That’s a massive coincidence, no?

    So no! People didn’t see this at all. They saw the videos… videos which were
    later admitted to be a hoax by the people that submitted them. It’s been thoroughly debunked!

    Adobe After-Effects exists people… get used to it and stop being so gullible.

  • Matt Matt

    Can you provide some of the evidence that this has been “thoroughly debunked”? I am genuinely interested.
    I have seen 4 videos of this UFO, including one that has American voices commenting on it and appears to have more witnesses as you can hear many people react. I have not seen any of them debunked, I have not seen any admission by anyone that they were hoaxes. If you contend that this has been debunked then please provide more than you word to support this claim.

  • Napoleon Johnson

    The UFO video is real and visually validated. My HDx Visualization Analysis reveals an Alien Object hovering over the Dome. (Visual details will be release soon on Cufox Nation)

    *To so called Experts;

    When you don’t know, don’t speculate or create any story, it causes confusion. We all are looking for the True,….not fairy tails story.

    *The Rule: If you don’t know, don’t say anything until you have actual evidence.

    See CufoX Nation: The True Story about Aliens in our Virtual Space and Universe…….

  • Jari Mikkola

    My analysis will verify it was all a hoax…on the

  • Lazmo

    how about the American tourists who captured the same? the audio sounded very genuine and not rehearsed

  • Please provide a link to the video.

  • IThinkso

    Hope all is well with you, Br. Henry.

  • Brett Allen

    Very odd that after this questionable event, strange trumpet-like sounds were heard emanating from skies around the world… and red balls of light became the UFOs dujour. The same red balls of light Christian artists once depicted as “Fiery Chariots;” such as that of Elijah? Makes ya wonder. Brett Allen – Cover UFO Magazine 2009

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