I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

I’ve noticed that cats seem to rule the Interwebs for some reason. From the editor over at Geekologie.com who puts them up every chance he gets to Youtube, Yes, cats are king.

Now comes the newest and most bizarre cat story. No, you’re not still drunk from those shots of Jäger last night, nor did you forget your glasses. You are in fact looking at a cat with two faces.

Frankenlouie from Milbury Mass was born with this strange genetic deformity known as Janus or Polycephaly which causes growth of extra facial features.

Many of you may already be familiar with this cat but theirs a reason for him being in the news, read on.

NOTE: These photos were painstakingly researched and thought to be authentic.

Now I’ve see pigs, snakes, turtles, goats, calves and even one kitten with this condition but Frank is the first full grown, fully mature live cat. I guess that’s why Frank is such a star on Youtube.

Not only that but he’s beaten the odds in living to the ripe old age of 12, that’s 84 for you and me. Because of this feat, Frank has earned a spot in the Guinness Book. Congrats Frank!

Here is the skinny on our star of the day, Frankenlouie:

Double take! Meet the cat with nine lives and TWO faces

We all know cats have nine lives. But this very special and much loved cat was born with two faces.

Frankenlouie, who lives with his owner in Milbury, Massachusetts, has a genetic birth deformity which caused him to grow the extra facial features.

The extraordinary feline’s two faces were caused by a condition called Janus, which normally causes cats to live for only a few days.

But the unusual pet has beaten the odds to live long enough to celebrate his 12th birthday. Now the feat of survival has earned him a place in the Guinness World Records.

Frankenlouie is already an internet star who has notched up thousands of hits on You Tube. And the one-in-a million mug has featured on TV shows such as ‘Strange, Freaky, True’.

The cat’s owner is former veterinary nurse who does not want to be identified.

Source: Daily Mail Online

As an added note, I love the name given this cat. Even when people think they have a cool moniker for their pets, the names are typically only cool to them. Make no mistake, Frankenlouie is one cool name for one cool cat.

Disclaimer: I am not, nor will I ever be a “cat person”. I did however hear a rumor that Javier loves cats. Especially little furry kittens that purr as they think he’s their Momma. Isn’t that sweet?

  • Lindsay

    little babyyy. i want him <3<3

  • ophu

    Aw, he must have a really interesting perpective on the world. I wonder if both eyes work and his sight is a near-360 degree view? “Jäger”, BTW. Or “jaeger” if you don’t feel like bothering w/the umlaut.

  • keltic1

    “Ghost Theory – Skeptical Approach To The Unexplained”.
    What is unexplainable about animals with birth defects? This is more like “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”. The last 2 or 3 pieces on GT seem to indicate that you and Javier are “lowering the bar” and you’re both capable of so much better. You’ve shown that. Let’s get back to the “unexplained”. I know……”Everyone is a critic”.
    I guess expectations are just higher for two excellent writers like you and Javier.

  • Thanks ophu, I suppose you can guess that I’m not a drinker.

    keltic, there are many, many factors that go into our selection. If we get to intellectual or only visit certain subject matter, visitors tend to get bored.

    We have to mix it up or people will lose interest. If you go back thru older posts you will see a pattern in what gets attention and what doesn’t. Be patient, after a while you’ll understand why we have to lighten things up now and then.

    Without this balance the site would stagnate.

  • keltic1

    @Scott…I guess I see your point. My problem is that I’ll read something and then I say to myself that it would really be interesting to get GT’s perspective on this. For instance here’s some recent headlines I thought that you or Javier would jump on: “Medieval Irish Zombies”, “White House To Come Clean On Extraterrestrial Visitation”, Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera In Arizona Motel”, “Winged Alien Creature Caught on Camera”, etc.. If you say that two-headed cats are more interesting than I will have to trust you on this one. You are the better judge of your audience. Keep the articles coming.

  • Lindsay

    just enjoy the article about a precious kitteh with two faces. don’t complain because the article veered off a little. but i’m with scott on that one. gotta change it up a little. change is good.

  • Lindsay

    although, when i first saw the article..i thought it said “cattattoo” and was about to have a conniption fit

  • keltic1

    @Lindsay……there is a multitude of websites dedicated to “precious kittens” out there. When you go to a website, wanting to read about the “unexplained”, that is what you expect to find. That is all that I am saying. “Different Strokes For Different Folks”. I respect your opinion; please respect mine. I had to weed through a number of so-called “paranormal” sites before finding a site like GT.

  • Lindsay

    i respect yours. i just don’t understand why people have to get all up tight about things because out of the hundreds of articles about the “unexplained”, they post something different for a change.

  • Jenfaer

    i saw another article about this yesterday, but it cited the cat’s name as “frank AND louie”…dunno which is correct, but here’s a link!


  • keltic,

    As much as I love to be cerebral, it has to be measured. I see those stories all the time but if I started loading up on stuff that required a lot of reading, you’d be hearing one sound around here: *Chirp* *Chirp*

    Trust me, I struggled for the longest time with what to post and what not to post. I rejected stuff like the cat story right and left. Guess what? Javier would post them and get thousands of hits.

    Trust me, we know exactly what we’re doing. I do recommend that you check out some back articles. You’ll find plenty of what you seek and you know what? Most of those (what I thought were great) articles got little attention.

    Two weeks ago there was lots of Bigfoot news and some really interesting stuff regarding Todd Standing but all those articles struck out and people were complaining about Bigfoot overload.

    We can’t please all of the people all of the time. As I said, hang around and you’ll start to understand.

    Come on Jen! Do you really think the cat’s name is Frank and Louie? Or maybe Frank and Beans? You know better than that girl! That was obviously someone who misunderstood or it was just a typo.

    By the way, keltic, I did a recent article for 9/11 and was very happy with it. Not even 500 hits.

  • Jenfaer

    scott, you know my quirky personality! two names for a two-faced cat sounded good to me!

  • Lindsay

    how does it eat? does it decide what mouth it wants to use? or one side dead? haha that’s bad, but i’m really curious.

  • Nobbles

    Aww, it’s so kawaii!

    But the second face is fake. It’s actually a Chinese lantern.

  • Liz

    He is just gourgeous. Persian cats are much more like dogs in temperament and extremely loyal to the person they own. He is doubly lucky to have two beautiful faces instead of just the one.