Video: Ghost Caught on CCTV?

Video: Ghost Caught on CCTV?

This story comes to us from The Sun and shows what appears to be an apparition on a CCTV security camera. The female figure can be seen walking by a doorway and momentarily stopping to look straight at the camera.

The description is as follows from Youtuber tushea:

GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!! A mate just sent me this, didn’t want to put it up. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!! He showed it to some experts but they can’t explain it then found out his shop was built on Victorian orphanage called the yorkshire orphan asylum. THIS IS SOOOOO FREAKY!!!

More commentary from The Sun:

CCTV footage posted on YouTube appears to show the ‘ghost’ of a young girl haunting a well-known mobile phone store

A spooky-looking female figure can be seen walking past a doorway at the back of the store, pausing to turn her head and look straight into the recording surveillance camera.

The opening credits state that today’s shop was “built on the site of a Victorian orphanage” — suggesting that the ‘spirit’ is one of its dead orphans.

The credits add that this is an authentic ghost sighting: “This is genuine footage which has been examined by experts.

“They were unable to provide any answers.”

Andrew Dasilva, who came across the video and posted it on YouTube, said: “I couldn’t believe this when I saw it, it freaked me out.

“I said to my mate that we had to put it out there so people could make a judgment for themselves.

“I still don’t know what to think of it. It’s absolutely surreal.”

But this viral spook could well be the work of pranksters using special effects.

One YouTube user was unconvinced by the video and commented: “With all the special effects people put into their videos nowadays, I don’t believe this s***”.

Source: The Sun

Now I’m the first to say that this is not my avenue of expertise. Javier is the ghost hunter of the GT family.

We can easily call it a hoax but by doing that we cut of analytics completely. So I would ask that you don’t immediately assume it’s a fake. Give it a good look and and make a decision based on more than a moments thought.

Finally, lets not fool ourselves, The Sun is a Tabloid. However, in recent years Tabloids have been hit very hard with fines and court cases (remember the cell phone hacking incident?). That said, they have to be a little more careful about what they print because they’re being watched with more scrutiny than ever. Of course that doesn’t mean I trust a Tabloid by any stretch but lets just say I’m more likely to give them a chance where 2 years ago I didn’t believe a thing from them. One redeeming aspect is that The Sun is not the originator of this story.

Have at it GT!