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Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot


Bigfoot Researcher and author William Jevning has gone to Twitter to post what he believes to be a possible US Forest Service cover-up in the matters of Bigfoot.

The story was posted by Craig Woolheater over at Cryptomundo  and I just happen to stumble across it. Craig, being the good guy that he is, has gone through the tedious task of arranging Mr. Jevning’s tweets that where posted in reverse order (oldest twit on bottom) on the Twitter page.



So what did tweet say? Well it turns out that the author might have uncovered an attempt at covering up some proof of the infamous mythical creature known as Bigfoot. Mr. Jevning’s reveals in his tweet that upon being called to investigate thousands of possible Bigfoot tracks found by hunters, he was surprised when he arrived at the alleged location of the prints only to find that the US Forest Service had “washed” away every single track.


For those who may be interested in the subject of the Sasquatch (Bigfoot), I wanted to bring something up I was recently talking about.

I was chatting with someone about the possibility of a cover up in regard to this subject, I don’t specifically mean a government one

However, I know of two cases in which forest service personnel were involved.

with limited space here, this may take a bit to explain, so for those reading this, please be patient with me.

In 1994, I was contacted by the father of a co-worker. He and a friend of his had been scouting a favorite hunting area prior to the season

this area had been totally blocked to public access for years, they had a vehicle that made it possible to go cross country

This was in the Mt Adams area of Washington state

the roads there are covered with a thick dust, averaging 2 to 3 inches in depth on average, this is a perfect medium for impressions

The two men who were scouting their hunting area came across what they believed to be footprints made by a Sasquatch

They followed the tracks for a very long distance, they estimated there to have been thousands of footprints, which is not unusual

They decided they needed to tell someone about their find, on their way out of the area, they encountered a forest service supervisor.

They related what they had been doing and what they found and where to this individual.

He removed what they estimated a very expensive looking cameras from his truck, and said he was going to document the footprints.

They contacted me a few hours later knowing I was an investigator of the issue. and wanted to take me there immediately.

I agreed, and we left for the site. we traveled the same way they had gone to find the prints and told me the entire story.

we passed a forest service water truck just prior to going cross country in that area, this is the type used to support fire fighting

Once we arrived to the road network inside the blocked off area, we saw that the water truck had been on these roads.

When we got to the location where they found the footprints, we found that the road had been “misted” which is rain like spray

this is one kind of spray these other trucks can do in assisting forest fire fighting efforts

the only place where water had been used, is where the two men said the footprints had been, the water had destroyed them.

when I attempted to locate this supervisor, I was told no such person existed! I found the attitude by forest service personnel

less than honest

I know of one other personal situation similar that I investigated, I will relate this another time

when asked why this issue would be covered up, the answer is simple, financial concerns,

when researching for my book, I did some work with the federal endangered species act

If the worlds largest living hominid were to be proven to exist on the north american continent, ALL logging would stop overnight..literally

The industry and all associated businesses would cease to function for years…I believe this could provide a very credible reason

–source: Twitter, via Cryptomundo


It makes sense that logging would be affected for a period of time if such a remarkable discovery was made, it also makes sense that Mr. Jevning would release such controversial information while he has a book out on the subject.

Not that I’m accusing him of such deed, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

I do believe Mr. Jevning’s story. It wouldn’t be in the best interest of the US Forest Service if Bigfoot was proven real. Imagine the hordes of hunters/non-hunters making their way up to the protected parts of the U.S. for a glimpse of the creature.


  • No big deal, don’t give it another thought.

    I agree that such an animal could exist. I even feel a bit strange calling it an animal.

  • RednGreen

    Great find Javi. Makes total sense.

  • PeterL

    I read the mention of thick dust. If the roads were regularly used they might water them down to keep down the dust that kicks up as it can make driving through a forest rather difficult and nobody wants to smash into a tree they can’t see because of the dust.

  • Dave R

    Having worked for the forest service and even having talked with forest biologists about bigfoot, its a hit and miss depending, just like with everyone else. Some have seen strange stuff, some have received reports, but most have never seen anything. While individuals have heard enough stories to know something is going on, that’s still not enough evidence for validation for them either. Even the Forest Biologist I spoke with was anxious to be able to read the anticipated DNA Paper in the works.

    I will also say that within the Forest Service there are many timber company loyalists who I would not trust with evidence of Sasquatch’ existence. Many have connections to timber companies and as many have suspected in the past, they were placed in their positions by timber interests so as to help streamline logging activities. And that may be where the line is within the occurrence above. There are hundreds of thousands of miles of forest service roads, it is NOT the practice to water down roads on a regular basis just to keep dust down. They may do so in ‘immediate’ proximity to workers, but even that is a rarity. The only dust that matters is behind the vehicle as you travel or when crossing paths with another, and even then you never lose visibility but simply close your windows to keep the dust out as each driver slows down out of courtesy for the other.

    So in this case it sounds like a supervisor was a loyalist (if he was a supervisor) who took action to conceal the evidence. It happens. I used to work in Timber too, and it was my prior encounters that ultimately caused me to question logging practices there to the point where I was no longer effective at my job from their perspective.

  • Tink Thinker

    Really PeterL? Umm..”this area had been totally blocked to public access for years, they had a vehicle that made it possible to go cross country”. Your statement doesn’t make any sense. It’s pretty obvious that they were trying to get rid of the evidence.

  • bob

    Why don’t you just leave them alone , maybe they don’t want to be bothered. They never harmmed any one with out cause.

  • wade. Richards

    these incredible beings are real i have seen one….. they need to be protected……they are a part of our history……………..wade Richards

  • paul

    idiot….they have killed thousands of people. Google
    “MISSING 411” BY David Paulides….a cop from The Bay Area.

  • paul

    Val…The Park Services come under two major jurisdictions. They come under the Department of the Interior and the FBI. Park service personnel
    have very little authority over these matters. They are their worker bees.

  • paul

    Dummy….it is obvious that you have not done your homework . Thousands of people are missing from our Park Services and they are fully aware of the consequences if this information were to be released.

    Many high govt officials would be found negligent. Youtube search “MISSING 411” BY DAVID PAULIDES. THIS WILL GIVE YOU THE REASONS

  • TxTea

    bigfoots arent doing that

  • John Turner

    They haven’t killed thousands. They have killed a few, though. They may have intimidated thousands. I believe they have killed in retribution for having their own killed. They quite successfully intimidate a lot of people, most of whom don’t talk.

  • John Turner

    The FWS link cannot be found

  • joem789

    ONe thing I have learned about this world in my 45 years is that you can’t always believe what your eyes see. It’s a part of old wisdom that dictates that only a fool believes that “seeing is believing”. People actually believe the Forestry service went in and killed a bunch of “Bigfoot” to protect their interests. But from what I have understood over the years is that they likely helped sensationalize the whole story to scare people away from there. To pave the way for logging. After all. That’s billions of dollars. The same applies to UFOs, Ghosts, etc etc. This stuff was REAL popular from the 1950s thru 1970s. The numbers grew because of the idiots out there who conjured up fake sightings, dressed in costumes. Even when there was talk about the Bermuda Triangle, SOMEHOW the number of reports grew. Sensationalism has always been a tool of the corporate government. People are so bored with life that they WANT to believe anything. And they will. Especially if they see others doing the same. Misery loves company.