Arch Beach Tavern Haunted According To Residents

Arch Beach Tavern Haunted According To Residents
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Built in 1915, the Arch Beach Tavern in Laguna Beach California is said to be the home of a few spirits and a phantom dog. Shadows, little girl ghost and sounds of digging and growling can be heard throughout the property.

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The people who now live in what once was the Arch Beach Tavern in Laguna Beach, California are convinced they are not alone.

When Robert Kime visits the old tavern, he describes the vibe as eerie.

“I’ll feel a little uncomfortable at times, and I don’t know why. Then I’ll come around the corner, and then I feel fine,” recalls Kime.

According to the Laguna Beach Historical Society “Ye Arch Beach Tavern” was built in 1915, touted as unique and rustic for its time. Over the years it became the Sunset Inn, and would house movie makers shooting in town during the silent film era.

Now long time residents believe the building is far from silent.

Resident Truc Nguyen says she awoke a few years back to find a young blonde girl in her bed.

“She touched my face, and I just started screaming,” recalls Nguyen. “Then I closed my eyes and put my hands over my face just to cover my eyes, and then when I looked, she was gone.”

In the six years since Ryan Keller moved into his Laguna Beach apartment, he says he’s seen apparitions.

First a dog, then a man. Others say they hear digging and growling but can never find the source of the noise.

“I don’t sense any negative energy here, but I definitely do sense energy. We have some guests here,” says Keller.

It seems those guests have no intention of leaving.