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  • Henry

    If it was attaching itself to the boy, why did the “demon” only appear when he was with at the author’s house?
    And if he was so dismissive of the paranormal, what was his motive for so disposing of the Ouija Board?

  • Henry

    Duh, “with at,” dratted self editing.
    Sorry Scott, beat you to it.

  • Something tells me that the sociopathic maniac who committed the abuses and murder wasn’t all that concerned about having kids in the house and therefore could have been watching horror movies on TV a lot. No, I’m not saying this is the case but the description the kid gave sounds a lot like a couple of famous movie entities.

    A final point I’d like to make is to single mothers out there who allow boyfriends to move in. I don’t care what anyone may think of what I say here because it needs to be said.

    Stop doing it! Stop allowing your boyfriends to move in with you! Do you have any idea how often this happens? Not the paranormal thing but the live in boyfriend violence and murders? This is directly from my heart and from piles of historical data. Nothing is worth having a child or yourself abused or worse.

    OK, enough said.

  • I agree with Scott on this one. Love your children before you search for self-validation.

    Sounds too much like Pinhead from Clive Barker’s tales or even that creature from “Insidious.”

    Demonology is a subject I have studied for quite a long time [I even have an ancient copy of the Colin DePlancy book complete with original depictions, among others…], and I always have to take exceptions with phrases like “a common description for a demon.” Since these entities can take any form they want, or that we can conceive of, it seems odd that we would lump them under a “common appearance” type label.

  • Henry

    Yes, I expect a form of Hypnagogia, brought on by abandonment issues when the boy was sent to live with the ex-boyfriend. No matter how nice the author may have been, being left with a man without the presence of his mother had to have brought up frightening memories and this is how they manifested.

    Having experienced hypnagogia myself I can attest to its seeming reality.

  • GSmith1883

    When i was 13 a friend and I played with a Ouija board at another friends house, and when we asked who was here, someone spelled out Cheese Stick Mike. My friends laughed and I almost ran out the door because Cheese Stick Mike was a friend of my mothers that I met when she took me to the bar with her. I named him Cheese Stick Mike because every time he saw me come in with her he would order a basket of cheese sticks for me and he would take two and stick them in his ears to make me laugh. I never told my friends about him, and at the time as far as i knew he was alive. I asked my mom the next day and she said he died last week of a heart attack. So at this point I was convinced the Ouija board was very real. My friend and I drew a Ouija board on a piece of cardboard and used a drinking glass for the piece and started playing with it in the basement of my house. We played it for days, and then we found someone who said his name was Larry and he was very old, he said he hated me and that he was going to kill me if i kept playing with the board. For three days Larry was the only person who would talk on the board, even with my sister who didn’t know about Larry at the time, and every time he would say the same things getting more vulgar each time. Then one night i woke up in the middle of the night and there was a black figure of a person in my doorway starring at me, i asked whats wrong thinking it was my stepdad but got no response, i sat up in my bed and it disappeared. The next day i asked my my mom why my step dad woke me up in the middle of the night and she said he wasn’t home last night, he was on the road (my stepdad being a over the road Truck Driver). Between Larry and the figure, it scarred me so much I burned the board and threw it in a sewage drain. Nothing happened to me but since then I have the mentality that a Ouija board can be extremely dangerous and should not be “played” with.
    So Its not that I have never believed in the paranormal, its just that I think most of the time there is a reasonable explanation for what happens. But with the boy, after his doctor had no explanation for his graphic dreams and the figure he swore he was seeing when he was awake, the fact that he vary rarely had bad dreams and it didn’t build up to this (his dreams turned into nightmares that would terrify me in one night, like flipping a switch), the ominous feeling in my house only when he lived here, and my friend and my sister saying they have heard demons or bad entities described this way it was easy for me to believe this. Honestly, if anyone can give me a logical explanation for this (such as HypnagogiaI) I am completely open to it. I loved both those kids dearly and the idea of something i cant put my hands on terrifying the boy makes my skin crawl.
    Finally I would like to comment on Scotts comment. I cant agree more. The boys Father had the opportunity to brutally murder his girlfriends infant daughter for that very reason. The boys little sister moved to her uncles house when the boy came to live with me. He couldn’t go with her because their uncle was a 4 hour drive away, he had doctor appointments 3 days a week, and his school was right down the street from me. And to be fair, his mother didn’t leave him with just a boyfriend. I raised those kids for the 4 years we all lived together (even before the father went to jail, he was a waste of life than, and always will be as far as i am concerned), and by the time their mother and I split up both of them by there own decision called me dad. Both our families knew each other and spoke on a regular basis, and all of us made every sacrifice possible to give them the best life we could. In the end it wasn’t enough for their mother. So to add to Scotts comment, if a single mother decides to let a boyfriend move in and take responsibility for her children, aside from making sure he is a good responsible man, make sure you can handle him being the father if you split up. Just because you split up doesn’t mean the children don’t still consider him there father and them his children. And just because you find a new boyfriend doesn’t mean you found them a new father.
    Thank you for the responses to my post and again i am open to anyones comments, advice, or criticism.

  • GSmith1883

    Sorry, didn’t notice the name difference. I am Mr.Smith.

  • Mr Smith,
    If you get a chance, i would read some Cornelius Agrippa. A bit archaic, but his works resonate with a synchronistic mix of the occult and early leanings towards what has become our modern study of psychology. Especially his work “Three Books Concerning Occult Philosophy.” It’s available free as a download [just google it], and if you get past the writing style [obviously a bit outdated, it was written in the 1500’s] you may find some things in there that could point you in the right direction. I get criticized by some of my friends for referring to this particular work, as it’s so dry it makes a shamWOW look like a glass of water, so they usually skip reading this particular work.

    Barring that, Rudolf Steiner’s “Knowledge of the Higher Worlds” is damn good for similar reasons, especially regarding the Lesser Guardian of the Threshold, even though this concept is mostly attributed to Bulwer-Lytton.

    Here is a link to the relevant chapter;

    As a matter of fact, you might as well skip Agrippa until you have read the Steiner material. If Steiner does nothing for you, Agrippa will just drive you nuts…

    Good luck, and I’m glad the kid has such a decent caretaker these days.

  • Lindsay

    that christopher walken?

  • Lindsay, if I am not mistaken, it is a publicity still from “The Exorcist.”

  • Lindsay

    oohh lol. i was just trying to be silly. but thanks, because it’s really a creepy image lol

  • ophu

    Could be a “demon” in the Jungian sense, where a victim of a traumatic event internalizes it and develops an inner figure that is strong enough to actually manifest itself to the victim. It’s like when doctors patch up a trauma victim but fail to take something out that later causes an infection. He’ll have to deal with it someday, or it will affect those around him.

  • Lindsay, this link is for you…

  • Lithp

    It sounds a lot like a nightmare to me. Sleep is just weird. Recurring dreams, nightmares, paralysis, etc. just kind of come & go without any real rhyme or reason. The atmosphere of fear could have made the situation tense, & cause you to associate complete coincidences.

  • Shiney79

    When will people learn that Paganism does not equal the devil and demons. This annoys me, and I’m sure it annoys all the nature worshipping Pagans too.