Videos: UFO Observed During NBCs Sunday Night Football

Videos: UFO Observed During NBCs Sunday Night Football

It would seem there was more going on than just a football game on Sunday 10/23/11.

During the Sunday night game between the Siants and the Colts, Youtuber reedickyaluss noticed something strange streaking across the New Orleans Skyline as the NBC camera clearly shows in his videos.

Many are claiming it to be a time lapse but another Youtube member has come forward in defense of the video. TheHAMMING claims to have seen the same exact thing on the replay of the game.

I saw this video, and then watched a replay of the game the next day after seeing it….this video is exactly what was taken during the live shot-he has not messed with the footage in any way people need to stfu about this whole “time lapse” bs he didn’t do anything to it its all authentic

Who are we to believe here? Is this really a UFO or just some run of the mill aircraft? I’ll leave it up the our crack GT squad.

I am providing a few different videos of the same UFO for your perusal. Maybe you guys will see something that others have missed.

This is what reedickyaluss calls the “Master Video”:

Here’s another view where he shows proof that the UFO flies behind the building:

Finally we see what reeickyaluss refers to as an “up close” view:

I would like to apologize for not getting this up sooner. However, now that it’s here, lets put our heads together and solve this.