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“I’ve been portrayed in two movies, and I’ve been portrayed in a book. I think it’s time to tell you what really happened.”

The words from Christopher Lutz, as he explains to FOX news about his childhood. Christopher grew up in what many people refer to as “the most haunted house in America.” After years of speculation and claims of hoaxes and big-time Hollywood studios dipping their hands in the mix, Christopher is out to set the facts straight. The most haunted house in America, might not be as haunted as many make it out to be. After several books and films were made about the Amityville incident, the house quickly became known as “the most commercialized haunted house in America.”

Christopher speaks out about the fabrication in the book and popular film. Yes, strange things occurred in that Amityville house. Things like Christopher’s father, George, dabbling in the occult and reciting the names of demons. Christopher claims that most of the events that the house is known for is all made up. Ghostly apparitions were reported by the family members, but as far as the apparition of a demon that took form of a giant pig goes, I think we can thank the writers for that.

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Full source: Fox News

PHOENIX – A valley man spent decades trying to escape the ghosts of his past. He lived in one of America’s most famous haunted houses — in Amityville, New York.

Now, the man who lived in the real home from “The Amityville Horror” is separating fact from fiction.

Christopher Lutz changed his last name years ago to escape his past.

To this day — he’s haunted by chilling events that broke out in his home in 1975. And he’s just as haunted by the way Hollywood is spinning the story out of control.

“What the public was sold is not what happened. What really happened in that house is quite different from what people have been told all these years,” Lutz said.

“I’ve been portrayed in two movies, and I’ve been portrayed in a book. I think it’s time to tell you what really happened.”

Lutz said the book — billed as a true story — exaggerated the facts. By the time Hollywood had the story, it became pure fabrication.

“This is something that happened to me as a kid that I’d rather forgotten about. Unfortunately, the way this was made public, I haven’t had the opportunity to leave it behind me,” Lutz said.

Lutz said the haunting was genuine, but it was nothing like the Hollywood version.

He said unexplained phenomena in the house terrified him.

“An apparition manifested just outside my bedroom door. It scared the crap out of me as a little kid,” Lutz said.

Some blame the haunting on a mass murder in that home before his family moved there.

But Lutz said his stepfather, George Lutz, was dabbling in the occult — reciting the names of demons after the family moved into the home.

“Had he done that in any other house — that wouldn’t have been an issue. But to do it in that house, to me, is what triggered events there,” Lutz said.

Now a religious man, Lutz is debunking the myth and says he’s giving the facts.

“There’s a lot of people that deal with the paranormal in their own homes.I believe this maybe answers for them as they search to find out what’s on the other side,” Lutz said.

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  • JP

    “Pay per view, and I´ll tell you what really happened.”

    Sounds like the guy’s a bit short on cash…
    Anyone here who ‘paid and viewed’ and can tell us what he said??

  • LOL, pay per view AND a fire pit. Oh I hope he was roasting marshmallows while telling his story. All kidding aside, it would be frustrating as all heck to live with such lies and confabulations about one’s life.

  • Disappointed

    Yes i was one of the poor saps that wasted 5 bucks on that fiasco. Only 55 people paid money for this at 5 bucks a pop wow he made 275 bucks…

    anyways audio was terrible, hard to hear over the freeway he must live s 10 feet from. Dogs barking constantly outside, the stream started and it felt like we had missed 10 minutes or more. Chris told the worst “ghosts story” basically it was that the house he had bought for cheap and tried to sell for a profit was haunted by an old woman that committed suicide, and there were occult books in the place one of them was an Amityville horror book. Wow really scary Chris. Mostly it was just Chris bitching how no one knows what really happened in Amityville, yet he NEVER tells us what DID happen. Wow…scary story… it was advertised as scary stories or your money back for 2 hours, it ran 42 minutes and it ended with him saying if you want the truth buy my book.

    I payed 5 bucks for a 42 minute infomercial teaser for his book.

    Yeah Chris that was the last thing i ever “buy” from you.

    Very tacky, well see how this all turns out but after this i don’t trust this guy anymore. I gave him a chance, but what a let down he turned out to be.

  • @Disappointed, somehow you have me sold and now I’m curious and really want to see it! I wonder if it’s made it’s way to YouTube. That is annoying that it was essentially an infomercial.

  • Disappointed

    well i did record the stream however the video plays back faster then the audio like 1.5 times faster but what the heck maybe someone can fix it and repost it . Just listen to the audio if you like, here is the flash stream as i recorded it live in flv flash and zipped over on mediafire here you go tell me what you think;

  • Mark Lee

    I personally loved the show. There is more to come. Christopher Quaratino has lived with the truth for over 35 years and given that this is the most famous haunted house case in the world, there’s no way that he could have revealed everything in one show. And it’s probably better that Christopher didn’t tell everything because some screwball like you would have just taken it and ran with it anyway Mr. Disappointed. The truth is coming out…..

  • bob

    no matter what christopher says or the book and movie says we all will have our opions bout it we love stories that we want to be true remember unless we experience the paranormal will be still nonbelievers

  • William Collins

    Chris confirms what I’ve said all along – that the book and movies were fraudulent and that the real hauntings were blown out of proportion –

  • Roddy P. Carbonell

    A big hoax. That’s what Amityville has been and will always be. No matter what people want to say about it.

  • TripperMM

    If “Christopher Lutz changed his last name years ago to escape his past.” Then why does his Facebook page proudly denote (AKA Christopher Lutz) under his new name Christopher Quaratino?

    Amityville Horror is what it always will be, a book and movie about as truthful as the Exorcist (which had for a long time also been touted as true). We as kids, loved the suspense and horror of the films, and as adults we know the truth and should still be able to enjoy a movie without complaining about the “realness” of it.

    Amityville a hoax? yeah, of course, so is “reality TV”…