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Well, it had to come sooner or later, right? Amy Winehouse didn’t take long to begin her reign as a ghostly spirit.

For those of you who are not familiar with either Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty, here’s a quick rundown:

Amy Winehouse rose to fame as a singer in the UK and subsequently gained world wide fame. Pete Doherty, formerly a member of both the Libertines and Babyshambles seemingly gained his fame from his tumultuous relationship with Supermodel Kate Moss. However, he had built quite a following by the time they began their relationship.

Both Winehouse and Doherty have had long public battles with substance abuse which proved to be the culprit in the death of Winehouse on July 23, 2011, she was only 27.

Getting back to the haunting, it surprised me that the Doherty would be the one to come out with such a story.

Frankly, I expected some “psychic” or “medium” to be the first with a message from beyond the Winehouse grave warning those who indulge in alcohol or drugs. However, this is somewhat of a surprise coming from Doherty and who could doubt him? Just look at his exemplary track record!

A “source” close to the former Libertines frontman says Doherty is quite convinced that Winehouse is indeed haunting his flat. The claim goes further to state that he has even fled to Paris to escape the haunting.

When the obvious question regarding this being some sort of drug induced hallucination was asked the answer came back that Doherty was crystal clean!

Well, that locks it up for me! This most certainly is true because Doherty would never lie, nor would the original source of this story.

In fact, lets all take a look at the Sun’s remarkable tale of the Winehouse ghost:

JUNKIE rocker Pete Doherty has fled to Paris because he says the ghost of Amy Winehouse is haunting his London flat.

He told pals the 27-year-old’s spirit visited him three or four times at the pad close to where she died in Camden in July.

Doherty claims he saw ghostly images in his bedroom and her reflection in his windows late at night.

The Babyshambles frontman, 32, who was a friend of the Back to Black singer, says he is too frightened to return.

A pal said: “He is utterly convinced that he has seen her ghost.

“A lot of people will think his visions are probably drug-induced but he claims he is clean.”

Doherty was close friends with Amy and was left devastated after her death.

According to pals he was so distressed he couldn’t bring himself to go and pay his last respects

Source: The Sun

I realize my sarcasm above may not be appreciated by some. After all there are still millions of Amy Winehouse fans out there. I just want to make it clear that I am not making light or her death. What I am doing is eluding to how ridiculous this all is.

Are we supposed to believe that Amy was trying to warn Pete of what may happen to him if he continues to indulge in drink and drugs?

What can I say, people like to read this stuff, so I’m obliged to post it.

  • heh, there’s a turkey 🙂

  • Phatcat57

    What you may not know is that they were friends in music and chemically, and just plain friends. There may even be some childhood history. These facts are well documented. I suspect Amy’s soul is still lingering. She left this planet with so much unfinished issues and business. She is not ready to “move on.”
    Frankly, since you study the paranormal, I would think once that you leearned these facts that it will make much more sense to you.
    After all, Dee Dee Ramone said his top buddy Sid Vicious “visited” him constantly while he resided at the Chelsea Hotel.

    Doherty and Winehouse defintely were connected.

  • Phatcat57,

    I do not “study” the paranormal. That is more Javier’s area of expertise.

    I do my research in Cryptozoology, psychology, UFOs/Aliens, sleep disorders and other similar subjects. Some of these overlap into the paranormal to a point where I know enough to apply it to what I am writing about.

    IMO it has yet proven that ghosts even exist and I have some theories on the subject that I have spoken of on GT before.

    Not trying to mislead you with the but I don’t think I need a degree in paranormal studies to write an article.

    I do appreciate your input and opinion.

  • Henry

    Phatcat, saying someone visited from beyond the grave and that event being a fact are two very different things. And the opinion of known drug addicts and substance abusers in cases like this can only be taken as highly suspect to the extent of being of no value whatsoever.

  • pete is probally on a acid trip or he is crazy!