‘Ghost With Grey Skin’ Haunts Family

‘Ghost With Grey Skin’ Haunts Family

Can you see a face? Dagan, five, is troubled by visions of a 'man with grey skin' whose face who he says can be seen on a wall of his parents home (behind him) - Daily Mail

According to this Daily Mail article, a five-year-old boy has been having terrifying visitations from a man described as having grey skin. The “man” comes into the boy’s room and sits on his bed at nights, talking to him and keeping him up at night.

The boy has also reported seeing the man’s face on a certain wall in the house. The young boy’s parents did not believe him at first –or thought this to be a case of some wild imagination– but as the months passed, they started to notice heavy furniture being moved around in the middle of the night. Furniture heavy enough to discount it being the work of the young boy.

Doors and strange loud rappings began to be heard throughout the home. So much so, that the young couple’s neighbors also began to hear these strange poltergeist-like noises emanating from next door. What’s even more odd is that the family claims that the face of the “man with grey skin” can be seen in a recently plastered wall.

  • ‘He can’t sleep because a man with grey skin comes and sits on his bed and keeps him awake talking to him’
  • ‘Ghost’ seen shuffling furniture in boy’s bedroom
  • Visitors say they have also spotted the face of a man on wall of a different room of the three-storey home

A father has told how his five-year-old son claims he has been troubled by visions of a ghostly man with grey skin who speaks to him in the night.

Dave Gerrity, 41, said his son Dagan first complained about seeing something in his bedroom in the family’s Bridlington home around six months ago.

Mr Gerrity said: ‘Dagan is scared about it. He cries about it. He’s told us that at night he can’t sleep because a man with grey skin comes and sits on his bed and keeps him awake talking to him.

‘The first time it happened, Dagan’s mum Emma and I heard him crying on the baby monitor. I went up to him and he was just crying his eyes out.

‘At first I thought it was just his imagination, or he had had a bad dream.

‘Of course you never expect this kind of thing to be true, I’ve never believed in this kind of thing before. But there’s no denying it now.

‘There have been times when we’ve been in the room with him and we see him looking up into the corner of the room and speaking.’

The family’s next-door neighbours, on the other side of the re-plastered wall, say they have also experienced paranormal activity.

Mr Gerrity said: ‘I’ve been in my house and heard banging coming from the top floor next door.

‘I know they’ve been doing some refurbishment so I expected it was workmen, as I could hear sawing and chatter.

‘But then, my next door neighbour came round and said “Dave, please come round and look upstairs, I can hear noises and there’s no-one else in”.   Read more: DailyMail UK

Whenever I hear stories in which young children report paranormal happenings, I tend to listen more carefully and not be so dismissive. In this case, the child reported to his parents the strange nightly-visits as well as the parents having caught their son talking, as if there was someone in the room with him. Strange noises, doors banging and furniture moving points to a poltergeist phenomena.
Poltergeist. Such a strange word. To many people, this word means ghosts. To many parapsychologists, this word means psychokinetic energy. Given that this is a Daily Mail article, I don’t put too much trust in the story and report, but as I always say: “You never know“.