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I’ll leave you guys with strange little news report from Sweden. The BusinessInsider is reporting that a mystery-man from the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, was standing nonchalantly in front of a record store around ten-thirty at night. Situated near a train station, several onlookers noticed how the man began screaming and suddenly became engulfed in flames.

The strange report suggests a case of spontaneous human combustion, but with the man currently sedated, doctors won’t know the cause of the fire until he regains consciousness.

Full source: BusinessInsider

A Swedish man at the city of Gothenburg’s train station suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames over the weekend.

Now police are trying to figure out who he is.

According to the city’s local newspaper, G√∂teborgs-Posten, the man was standing outside a record store near the station at about 10:30pm. He began to scream and burst into flames. The man was saved by a watching tram driver who, according to the newspaper, was told the man’s age (42) before the injured gentleman passed out.

Now, according to The Local, the quest is on to find out who the victim actually is. That may take some time, with it being reported that the man is currently under sedation and may not regain consciousness for a couple of weeks.