New Report Of Strange Rhythmic Sounds From Nowhere

New Report Of Strange Rhythmic Sounds From Nowhere

Many readers of Ghosttheory may remember Javier’s articles on strange sounds in the atmosphere that have stumped and frightened people all over the planet.

Now from Ottawa Canada comes a new report originally sent to Lon at Phantoms & Monsters.

This is from a gentleman that may be one of the first to experience these eerie sounds as he is just now reporting on the incident of 5 years ago.

His experience happened at approx 10:30pm as he was retiring for the evening. He had turned off lights and the TV, headed up to his bedroom. As he went, he glanced out the window and saw a couple running from a car in what seemed like an altercation. It was then that he noticed the street as strangely quiet for such a lively neighborhood.

He continued on up to his bedroom and went out onto the balcony just as the couple disappeared out of sight. It was then that he noticed a strange “croaking” sound.

Read on for the rest of the story:

A reader in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada sent an inquiry in reference to strange rhythmic noises that he experienced:

I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. About 5 years ago in September or October at about 10:30 at night I turned off my T.V. downstairs and went to the upstairs of my small 2 bedroom apartment. When I looked out the downstairs window, on my way upstairs, I noticed a couple running rather hurried past, almost as if they had a small altercation with a passing vehicle. The car kept going it’s direction and the couple the opposite. I lived on a relatively busy street at the time and it was strangely empty of traffic, pedestrian or otherwise. I opened the upstairs door to my balcony and stepped outside where I could see the couple disappear some blocks away. I noticed an eerie repetitive sound best described as “croaking”. It seemed to come from across the street at first, yet it was hard to peg exactly what direction it came from.

I sat at my computer near an open window facing the street and logged in so I could go over any emails I may have received. The entire time I continued hearing the croaking, it was louder and I noticed a pattern to it. It was a consistent quasi- melodic beat of croaks, almost electronic sounding, as from an sympathizer of a Moog organ on a strange setting. I figured it was coming from a room across the street where someone was blaring their stereo. It played a constant rhythm of about 20 “croaks” that strangely had an almost “Mexican” quality. It would almost sound as if it were going to break into something more melodic then suddenly break back into the exact pattern of 20 beats again. I listened closer in case I was just picking up the “backbeat” of something thinking maybe it was a stereo speaker close to a window and the other speaker was too far away to hear what it was accompanying. Nothing.Now it had gone on for at least 10 minutes and I am trying to ignore it, to shrug it off and to carry on with my Emails. I remember the running couple and wonder if it was a coincidence that I saw them when it started.

Five more minutes past and it seemed louder and to have moved. I went back onto the balcony again figuring if it was somebody playing a CD, tape or instrument I’d see them through a window. There were not even any windows where I could see a light lit, the odd car may have passed but no pedestrian traffic. Had anyone walked by I would have started up a conversation about the noise but no one did.

I was now narrowing down the sound to my left, across the street and down the block out of my view. It was quite obvious to me now it was outside, not from an apartment. It also was near 11:00 p.m. and noise laws kick into effect. I was really curious as to what it was and almost tempted to call the police and see if had been called in. I almost felt the sound moving toward me at one point, filling the empty Street and seeming louder, almost above me. I was creeped out at this point and went back into my bedroom. Not much later it stopped. I had been entertaining the idea of calling my buddy to let him hear it over the phone but it was suddenly gone. I looked in the papers the next day and kept an eye and ear on the t.v. and radio news but heard nothing.

Here comes the strange part. I mentioned it to a coworker who lives on the other side of town literally 10 miles from me on the outskirts of Ottawa and she recounted the same noises. She and her Son had heard the noise for about half the time I did. I mimicked it and she mimicked back pretty much the same tune, if you could call it that. Keep in mind this time of year in Canada it can get a lot cooler at night so not everyone would have windows open. I don’t think I would have heard it had my windows been shut.

Could it have been related to phone lines? Is there some bizarre “speaker alarm” being tested and if so why no talk about it? Why in such a bizarre series of robotic “croaks”?

I’m curious if this is a common happening and if it can be explained logically.

Source: Phantoms & Monsters

Listen to these sounds from October of this year in Albeta, Canada:

When I first heard some of the sounds in Javier’s articles I was sure it was some kind of hoax but as I investigated further it became clear that this phenomena was happening all over the world. Sounds varied but there was a thread of similarity in every instance, pinpointing the location of the sounds. They seemed to have no discernible location and witnesses could only guess as to the direction.

Is planet Earth trying to tell us something? Are these the writhing moans of a dying world?

Does anyone still believe these “sounds from nowhere” to be some sort of hoax? Do we really want to know what is happening?

Let us know what you the reader think?

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