Friday Video: UFOs Decoded – Does The Gov Know More Than They Admit?

Last time I did a Brad Meltzer it was the most successful FV we’ve ever had….Err, I mean that I want to believe we’ve ever had. Of course I can do that because I’m the guy writing and you my friend…no not you…you, the guy with the wandering eye. You are not, wandering eye guy!

In fact, I’m feeling a bit loquacious and I don’t even know what that means! No, really, since I turned 50, I forget things. In fact, I’m not even 50! You see there, proof pository.

So this Brad Meltzer is a pretty cool guy. I looked up his name and it seems he comes from a long line of Meltzer Cheese Meltzer’s. His great, great, mediocre, great grandfather started a Fondue company back in the old country. Note: Whenever I refer to a foriegn land, I call it the old country. I think it’s cooler that way.

So Brad’s oldster grandfather was originally named Melters but when the family came across the Atlantic in a covered wagon with that fondue recipe strapped securely under oldster grandma’s petticoat, the ink got smudged and it looked like it said Grandpa Meltzer’s Fondue Recipe and the name stuck, like a wagon cheese wheel on the hot blacktop of that mountain trail..highway..pass place. Remember, they had to eat each other just to survive the winter! Hey, you can only eat so much cheese, right? Hello! Constipation! Anyway, The Meltzer name was stamped in the historic book of….fon..due *cough*.

Brad also has shaved his head bald! Can you believe it? Just like that Irish singer who burned the Pope. I’ve got to hand it to a guy who shaves his head. Maybe it will set some sort of trend?

OKIE DOKIE! In this episode, The Decoded team looks into the UFO craze and contends that the government knows more than they are telling us (insert quote from Arnold Jackson).

What’s amazing about the Decoded team is that they seem to be able to dig up amazing information that others have passed over.

Now, I do apologize but unfortunately, the History Channel has begun to deny embedment, but it’s well worth the quick trip over there. Just click the link below and you’ll be watching the full episode.

Since my monologue seems to be bombing and by bombing, I mean I am meticulously constructing a bomb here in my mothers basement. Now, one thing you should never do while working with high explos*KABOOOOOM!*

***UFOs and what the US Government may really know.***

Wow! What an episode! Did you see that time the light was glinting off the UFO? Or was that Brad Meltzer’s head?

By the way, I still have 7…Welll, 6, 6 good fingers left and who can’t get by on 6 fingers? Pfft! I don’t need no 7 fin…Mommm! Can you come down here and feed me my pudding? What!?! Oh, like your mother doesn’t feed you pudding!

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