UFO Filmed Over Russian Protesters?

UFO Filmed Over Russian Protesters?


A video making its rounds through the web this morning shows what many protesters during the Russian pro-democracy protest in Bolotnaya Square thought was a UFO. In the video, we see a strange hovering craft above the crows of hundreds of protesters. Flashing bright white and red lights, the craft hovered silently above the peaceful crowd.

The Telegraph UK uploaded the video along with the headline:

“Russian protesters film UFO over Moscow

Video footage shows an unidentified flying object hovering above protesters in Bolotnaya Square in Moscow.”

Witnessed by hundreds of pro-democracy protestors in the Russian capital’s Bolotnaya Square on Saturday, the unidentified craft drew confused stares.

Clearly not a helicopter, the silent UFO pulsated coloured lights and had five extended tendrils or pylons emanating from the body of the vehicle.

But just how unidentifiable is this strange hovering craft? The video shows a clear shot of the “ufo”, to a point were some details are made-out by the naked eye. This means that the object is not at an incredible altitude, but a few hundred feet above the people. From that, we can conclude that it’s small in size.

So what does this tell us? That aliens are tiny?

This object looks more like a drone to me. Not an alien drone dropped by an intergalactic mothership hovering outside our stratosphere (Ahem.) This object looks more like an RC helicopter drone. Dispatched to survey the size of the protest. Maybe for logistics, crowd control or facial recognition software….who knows!

We’ve seen RC helicopters deployed before in these types of scenarios. Remember the Warsaw riots video uploaded a few weeks ago?

Way to go Telegraph…way to go.