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I’ve been seeing a lot of UFO videos lately, and as usual, most represent a blurry and shaky mosaic of pixelated nothingness. Regardless of what the headlines say, the videos are rarely clear and stable enough for someone to make sense of what it is they’re looking at exactly.

That’s what I expected when I clicked on the link titled: “Unidentified Flying Object Vanishes Over London

It turns out, this video is more interesting that anything I’ve seen recently. The video shows a large object –that seems to be traveling at a very fast speed– vanishing completely in pure daylight.

According to the person who shot the video, they had been walking home that particular day, when they noticed a large object in the sky. It appeared to be moving fast and had a “reflective livery that looked almost like a liquid.

Within moments, we see that the object instantly goes missing from one frame to the next. 1000GPeters Explains what he captured that day:

Can anyone explain this? Just joined Youtube, think the world needs to see it. I don’t really believe in UFOs but I saw this walking home and had to film it. It certainly wasn’t a plane, it was too large and was travelling very quickly, and also seems to have a reflective livery that looked almost like a liquid. Then it just disappeared from sight, which I simply couldn’t believe until I got back and rewatched the footage from my phone on a bigger screen. So weird. Did anybody else see anything like this Sunday 27th November? I think it must have been about 15:30 GMT. Or does anybody else know anything about UFOs or what this could be? Thanks.

Now the video itself isn’t one of the sharpest or best footage of an UFO that I’ve seen, but it does seem to show something very odd. The object, at least to me, seems to be a real object in the sky and not some added special effects. I only say this from the experience I’ve had over the last few years in examining “UFO videos”.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think.

EDIT: Reader PCWilliams pointed out a stabilized version:

  • Emma

    I’d say it’s a big soap bubble. Matches the liquid-like appearance and the sudden vanishing.

  • Odd. Could be a UFO or it could be digitally added and then digitally removed. Once again the question needs to be asked – are there any sightings, film or other supporting evidence for this that would corroborate 1000GPeters footage?.

  • Maybe it’s a UFO a few miles away or it could be a balloon several hundred feet away that suddenly bursts – that would adequately explain how it vanishes.

  • Ramon

    Emma’s idea is not so bad, thinking about it..!

  • Henry

    It is not going “way faster than a plane could go.”
    It is not even going way faster than a strong wind could go.

  • PCWilliams

    This video suffers from the same question all UFO videos suffer from … what was he doing out there filming the sky? 20 seconds of video just doesn’t tell the story.

  • ravenhand

    If you have a quick eye, it really does not just vanish, it speeds off to left at an incredible speed! It happens so quickly it looks like it just vanishes. I bet you slow it down that will be the case.

  • ravenhand

    It’s very hard to do but if you play and pause quickly you will notice that despite the movements of the camera operator the object starts to move in the last millisecond at 14 sec. into the footage and completely accelerates out of the frame by some where in the 15th second, It’s incredible really! I estimate it probably accelerated to well above several thousand miles an our in about a millionth of a second!

  • PCWilliams
  • PCWilliams

    Now that i have a chance to slow this thing down to a frame-by-frame analysis, this is hoaxed. For anybody else watching it frame-by-frame, watch how the “craft” disappears behind the tree branches … looks completely wrong.

  • Ramon


    I have no tools to do this frame by frame thing, but even without i can tell that indeed something looks strange when the white blob is going behind the branches. It looks just not correct. The object shifts horizontally at some points.

  • Brain Cell

    There is some real fuzzy artifacting around the tree branches.

    At first pass the branch seems to drag the object with it to the right…