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Tamaulipas, Mexico is a border state. Like all border states in Mexico, it has its share of problems with drug cartels, gang violence and corrupt cops. Now we can add UFOs to the list.

One of the easiest and most effective ways that drug cartels smuggle dope is through the use of Ultralight aircraft. These small engine gliders are used because of their stealth, ease of piloting and ability to carry heavy loads. They sail across the U.S. border and drop deliveries of a few hundred pounds to the awaiting mules.
What began with a few flights in Arizona in 2008 is now common from Texas to California’s Imperial Valley and, mostly recently, San Diego, where at least two ultralights suspected of carrying drugs have been detected flying over Interstate 8, according to U.S. border authorities.

The number of incursions by ultralights reached 228 in the last federal fiscal year ending Sept. 30, almost double from the previous year. Seventy-one have been detected in this fiscal year through April, according to border authorities. —LA Times

In a popular paranormal radio show (Mas Alla con Carlos Acevedo) the host had mention on his blog the video of a supposed “Top secret US craft, or possible UFO”. The video is from a paranormal team who managed to record a silent “triangle UFO” as it flew above the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, which is only a stone’s throw to the U.S. border.

Watch the following video that was posted on YouTube by cazaleyendasurbanas:

There are several possibilities here. One is that this could be a Border Patrol aircraft, doing reconnaissance flights. That would make sense to me, but most drones that the U.S. Border Patrol uses don’t look like an Ultralight aircraft.

The other possibility is that this is a drug smuggler in action. Which leads to my next question: Why would they fly the drugs during broad daylight?

What say you?

  • Henry

    An ultralight would not have a load capacity that would make sense for smuggling purposes. Most of them are doing well to carry the pilot. It could have been a person crossing the border, or simply someone out flying.

  • Ramon

    @ Javier

    I says
    “Why would they fly the drugs during broad daylight?”
    I guess being desperate enough and/or being stupid enough could explain that. 😉

    unidentified: [X]
    alien: [-]

  • Ramon/Henry,

    But they do use them. Read that LA Times article. There was also a documentary on it, on NatGeo. These ultraweight aircraft drop packages that are about 200 lbs.

    I guess the better question is: Why during broad daylight?

    I think you might be right about some one out there flying these things as a hobby maybe, but I’d think that flying that close to the US/MEX border would be illegal.


  • Brain Cell

    It could be a big raptor?

    Thunderbirds are GO!!!!

  • Henry

    Are we seriously suggesting that someone, anyone might not be crossing the American/Mexican border because it is illegal?

    I am down for the Thunderbird theory!

  • Henry,

    Well, no one really uses aircraft to cross the US/MEX border.

    In Luis Alberto Urrea’s book, The Devil’s Highway, he discusses the methods that immigrants have tried and tested to cross the border. An ultralight aircraft would only go but so far in before being easily tracked down. Day or night.
    The ultralights are used for a quick (10-15 minute) flight a few miles into the US territory before delivering their package. Once it’s dropped, they hightail it out of there. Making these drops efficient.

  • Henry

    Absolutely. I believe you. I just found the question of the legality of flying near the border ironic, being one of the most transgressed borders in the world.

    we do not like this version … first to fly in mexican space is prohibited …second: are you talking about strange video in a Mexican city, NOT USA

    WE ARE WITNESS OF VIOLENCE AND…. drugs as they cross in convoys guerrillas and drugs gangs do not need to fly …. in our opinion, this is a secret military technology over mexican space…maybe american heros, maybe unkown



  • DAT: triangular object flew over and then rises into the clouds, a light aircraft do not follow these navigation systems ….we want to believe!

  • Anonymous

    Is my video.

  • Aussie Steam

    Who the hell would fly.
    The silly aliens, thought us Earthlings were smart less, we can travel to you know.
    Alien …UFO …. ask your self . Are for real.

    Should make a giant boomerang plane.It always comes back.

    Steve the wog

  • Aussie Steam

    You know ….ET HOME