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Amherst house

Most of your might have read my earlier post titled “The Amherst Poltergeist“. A strange and well documented poltergeist case that took place in 1878 after Esther Cox survived an attempted rape. The attack left Esther in a terrible state of post-traumatic stress that left her vulnerable and frightened. Some say that the attack brought out a supernatural power that was embedded deep in the young woman’s mind. The Amherst Mystery is a case torn apart by skeptics, believers, the paranormal and scientific inquiry.

Was eighteen year old Esther Cox the mastermind behind a well orchestrated hoax? A victim of a ghostly attacks or just a person with a tremendous ability to manipulate her psychokinetic abilities?

Without further adieu, I present the “Amherst Mystery“.

  • Henry

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  • Henry

    I am suspicious about a few points.
    Though there is no mention of the rape in the video, and I am not familiar enough with the case to say one way or the other if it is part of the case or just a tacked on legend, I will presume for discussion that it took place. At this point in history (even today) it is common to blame the victim, even consider her to be of loose morality. Then she is living with her brother-in-law, who might very well have been taking advantage of a view of the girl as “easy.” A disturbed girl could be acting out in many ways and stories get embellished. Nothing happens when she goes away to live with another woman for several months. She comes back in to a bad environment and things begin happening again. She is moved out to live with another married man, arranged by the brother-in-law, and quite possibly abused yet again. Again stories get embellished. Finally meets a man who treats her decently and it all stops.

    Mostly I see a disturbed girl suffering abuse and acting out, blamed as the victim of that abuse, natural embellishment occurs among “god fearing” people. When the girl feels safe there are no manifestations.

  • Fat Dave

    Thanks, Javier. Keep looking for stuff on the Amherst case. It is fascinating.

  • RednGreen

    I think Henry probably nailed it. I must add tho- lit matches appearing from thin air? Awesome!

  • “lit matches appearing from thin air?” Heck, light it up sparky!
    There was a case I read about where an entire street was hearing noises, pans flying out of cupboards, pictures falling off the walls. It turned out to be air in the water pipes and the people in the street found it hard to believe. I guess because we try to make sense of what we see and when it is caused by something that we can not see, we tend to disbelieve it.

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    Wow, thanks Javier. I know I bothered you guys about this case before. TWO articles is awesome!

    By the way, sorry I haven’t been on lately. I’m lurking, but still reading and loving GT.

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    I know…. long time no see.

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