Woman Claims To Be From A Parallel Universe

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We’ve all heard of alternate dimensions and universes. Many believe we are just a frequency away from an alternate existence. Still others claim that beings from other dimensions pop in and out of our world at will, somewhat like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Now a story comes to us out of Spain about a woman who claims to have woken up one day to find her life and past had changed. Unfortunately, she remembers a different reality than those who know her best.

Lerina García, a 41 year old, well educated professional opened her eyes one morning to discover she was in what she later assumed to be an alternate universe existence of her own life.

Garcia’s experience was related in 2008 when she made an effort to search for help on the Internet. Apparently it’s just now making the rounds in America.

Here’s here fascinating story translated from Spanish:

For anyone who is reading this blog regular will know that we have already written a few articles about parallel universes. As I write this article on an alleged case of a woman who she says is from another parallel universe. We do not know for sure if it is a Hoax or Bulo, but the story is interesting and that is what any of us could happen when least expected.

This story is transcribed for a forum where this woman named Gordo Lerina Garcia left a message for someone to help on 16/07/2008 18:38

Hello, my name is Luz, I have 41 years and I think I jumped into a parallel universe.

I find it hard to tell because everyone will think I’m a psychotic, and no one will believe me. Please, if anyone has had a similar experience to write me an email.

One day I woke up and everything was different, nothing spectacular, nothing to do with time travel and all that stuff, I just got up in the same year and the same day I went to bed but many things were different. It’s little things, but important enough to know that at one point there was a turning point in which things are different. In fact, if this is a dream you are all in a dream, as I write this there, so if someone replies is that you are living the same reality as me, be my dream or not.

4 months ago I woke up a normal morning, I was in my rental house where he lived for 7 years, everything was the same except that the set of sheets on my bed that was different, did not give importance at the moment. Well, my office was in my car which was parked where ever, and was the same office where I worked in the last 20 years. But when I got to my office was not my office, has the names on the door and mine was not. I thought I had the wrong floor, but no, it was mine. I got to my office wireless area and I looked, was still working there but was in another department reporting to a director who did not even know, I went to the office to mark the directory, I said I was sick and left. Everything in my portfolio was the same, my cards, my ID, all the same, but I do not remember having changed department at any time.

I went to medical insurance and they tested me for drugs and alcohol … .. everything clean. I went to work the next day, and asking, telling me not feeling well, well, I’ve been out of step.

My apartment is the same, all the same, I have watched all the papers that I keep in the house and everything is the same. Soon I realized that something was wrong I thought it was some kind of amnesia, as I had missed something and could not remember a time in my life, but no, I went online and was the day it should be, and news, at least cover important were the same as the previous day.

6 months ago I’m not with my partner of 7 years, we left and started a relationship with a guy in my neighborhood. I know him well, I’ve been 4 months with him and know his name, address, where he works as a child you have and where he is studying. Well, now there is this guy. It seems that existed before me ‘jump’ but now no trace, I hired a detective to look for it and there in this ‘flat’.

I went to a psychiatrist and attribute it to stress, believed to be hallucinations, but I know not. My ex-boyfriend is with me as usual, I’ve never left it seems, and Augustine (my boyfriend now) seems to never have existed here, it lives in the apartment where he lived nor find his son. I swear it’s real, I am very sane. My own family does not remember things as surgery on the shoulder of my sister a couple of months ago, have never operated, and little things like that.

Unfortunately I do not remember many important things in the news, but the rest of the world seems to be the same. There are many little things in the past five months and now many, nonsense, clothes on my closet and I have not bought, post on the blog of a radio program I had with my ex (which is still my boyfriend now) and I stopped to …. I do not know is nonsense but I’m really rope is real.

PLEASE if anyone has gone something like contact me, to see what could have happened, I find no pathology that matches what has happened to me. I’ve been five months reading all the theories I’ve found and I am convinced that she has been a leap between planes, anything, any decision, any action that has to change some things, which I ‘mosque’ is that it is in the year, and why I have not jumped to another time, I am exactly the same. To explain, it is as if he had lost his memory and 5 months ago I woke up having dreamed those 5 months, except that everyone remembers me at the time, and I’ve done things that I am not conscious of having done. Do you experience more?

Please refrain funny and people who have ‘the truth’ in his hand. It is very serious for me.

Here’s a similar story from Japan. A man flies into the country with what appears to be a valid passport only to find that nobody has heard of his country of origin.

A curious incident took place in Tokyo, Japan during the early 1990s: a man arrived on a flight with a passport from a non-existent country.

The man expressed anger and shock when Japanese customs officials detained him. Although the officials checked their records carefully, the passport had been issued by a country that did not exist. No record showed the country had ever existed.

Although passports exist issued by non-existent countries (known as camouflage passports), this passport was real and had custom officials’ stamps on various pages including stamps by Japanese customs officials from previous visits.

The man was well-traveled, caucasian, said the country was in Europe and had existed for almost 1,000 years. He carried legal currency from several European countries, an international drivers license and spoke several languages.

Finally, indignant, he demanded a meeting with higher government authorities. He was convinced some massive practical joke was being played on him.

After being detained for almost 14 hours in a small security room at the airport terminal, some government officials took pity on him and transported him to a hotel. They ordered the mystery visitor to wait there until they decided what to do about the matter. From the reports, the Japanese were just as confused and flustered as the mysterious man without a country.

Although two immigration officials were posted with instructions not to permit the man to leave his room, the next morning the guards discovered he was gone. The only exit was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was 15 stories above a busy downtown street.

The authorities launched an intensive manhunt throughout Tokyo for the mysterious traveler, but finally gave up the hunt.

The man was never seen again.

And finally a tale of vanishing where a man is seen walking to and entering his automobile at a busy University parking lot then disappearing into thin air.

Inexplicata relates a story that is like Lerina’s, except from the opposite point of view.

The original account was written by journalist Segundo Peña and published in one of Venezuela’s biggest newspapers, El Tiempo.

Peña relates a strange tale that smacks heavily of a multiverse shift. The incident occurred on the campus of ULA (the University of the Andes) and involved a well-known faculty member.

This is what happened in full daylight, according to dozens of witnesses: the professor left one of the university’s buildings, crossed a parking lot to his parked car, and entered it. Many saw him as he walked to his car, some even called out to him and waved.

The professor opened his car door, climbed in, sat down, and closed the door. The car sat there unmoving. Eventually, a few curious students went to the car and found it empty.

There are many accounts of alleged time travelers throughout history, one of the most recent is the story of John Titor that began on November 2, 2000 when a person claiming to be from the year 2036 burst upon the Interweb scene with his amazing tale of time travel. He took the strange news followers by storm and his story is still being debated over 10 years later.

So, what are we to think? Are these stories just fodder for the gullible? Mere tripe from tabloidian minds? Or is there something more going on?

In 1954 the term Parallel Universe was thrust into the mainstream by Hugh Everett III. Everett theorized that many related universes all exist in parallel, branching off of each other. Each universe has a similar origin but alternate time lines.

You can read about Everett and his parallel universe theory here.

This is heavy stuff to even get into but we need to have an open mind in cases such as this. There are so many questions that arise, to many to list in fact. However, I suppose we should start somewhere and I think it best to begin with the reader.

I would be very interested in the opinions formed by those who have pondered parallel universes, rips in the fabric of time and space, or any other related subject matter. Does our reality overlap a similar one just outside our realm of detection?

Is there anyone out there who can relate to one of the three stories above or have had a corresponding experience?

We all know how powerful the mind is and how dreams can manipulate reality. We also realize that there are those who suffer from mental illness but if we could suspend all of that and really consider the possibilities, where do we go next?

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  • p1drobert


    Contrary to science fiction. Parallel universes will not have duplicates of you that live different lives. In order for you to look like you, your parents would need to meet and have you. Your grandparents would need to meet and have your parents, and their parents would need to meet before them, etc, etc, all the way down the chain to the beginning of the universe.
    If even the slightest detail were to change anywhere within the world, at any point in time, any one of your ancestors would miss meeting each other and you would not look like you now. If a universe were to have identical development for billions of years its fair to say it won’t deviate for no apparent reason in the last 10 years or so, just so that you can have a slightly different version of you. Universes are machines of sorts.

    These cases are more likely problems associated with memory, as are the cases of people believing they remember being taken up inside a UFO.


  • Jon

    but thats the thing with the infinite parallel universe theory. It is exactly that – there are infinite parallel universes with every single possible variation in them, including yourself living different lives with every single thing happening exactly the same in the entire universe except for that one thing.

  • p1drobert

    Hi Jon,

    Just because there’s an infinite number (supposedly) that doesn’t mean you’ll have copies of you in them. No matter how many universes there are each universe must be logically consistent. Each one must follows strict laws of their own.
    As I said before, for you to look like you, virtually every particle in the universe needs to follow the same path it does in our universe, from the very beginning. Once the universe is set in motion, it won’t suddenly change its behavior a few billion years down the track.

    Its like expecting a speeding freight train that’s heading towards you to suddenly do a sharp right hand turn within a few cm of you. If a universe is an exact copy for billions of years it has a certain “momentum” for lack of better words. It won’t change suddenly.
    That would require intervention of some sort.

    I believe in multiple universes, I just don’t believe you can conjure up what ever scenario you can imagine. Well, not after a universe has come into being and is operational for billions of years.

    Although one could speculate that a universe could suddenly peel off a copy of itself at a particular moment in time, and that copy could head off in a different direction.
    However given the evidence we have to work with its seems far more likely that this women has had a memory issue.
    Humans are information entities. Its not hard for someone to have a sense that reality has changed. I expect the medical books are full of such instances. Better to examine the most likely answers than to automatically assume she’s crossed over from another universe. The function of actually crossing over would require another set of highly speculative explanations.


  • Rosy

    These people r showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease .

  • losttraveller

    I appreciate your replies, but I never implied that the 2 dimensions are exact copies. In fact my post states some of the differences I’ve found. Like historical facts being different, different wars, historical figures with different faces, and even my husband looking different. And this doesn’t include differences I haven’t discovered yet. Or differences I wouldn’t notice, like missing countries or different materials being used for buildings.

    So there may be thousands, millions or billions of things that are different. I just briefly summarized some that I’ve found. It may be the overall outline of this world is the same, while the details are different.

    You’re the one assuming the worlds are identical or copies of each other. And since I don’t assume they are copies, I don’t assume I exist in every world. Of course there are some places where my ancestors never met, or I died, or I’m a man or my mother married someone else. And not only would I be different, but that world’s development would be different too.

    The fact that variations of the multi-world theory were ridiculed decades ago, but are now being researched and taken seriously….supports my experiences.

    Science always plays catch up to our natural world. Meaning things exist in this world years before science is able to find, and explain it. And those willing to look outside the generally accepted knowledge base are normally ostracized, and told they are wrong. Science wouldn’t exist if people didn’t question reality and the world around them. If people stopped searching for answers and accepted the most likely answer. Remember the world being flat was once the most likely answer. We are pioneers. So trust in yourself and your experiences.

  • p1drobert

    Hello Losttraveller,

    You’ve posted that you appear to be living in a world that is mostly the same as you remember it, but different suddenly. You’re speculating as to whether you’ve crossed over from a parallel world.

    Parallel universes, if they do exist, would not be as science fiction have portrayed them to be. The basic justification for the theory behind multiple universes is that we know that the fine constants of our universe happen to be just perfect. Electrostatic forces, gravity, energy constants, etc, etc, all turn out to be perfect for life to exist. If any of these forces were even slightly out then our universe would collapse in on itself and no life would exist. So that leads us to believe one of two possibilities, that A. Someone or something created our universe just perfect for life to exist, or B. There are many, many universes popping into and out of existence and as soon as one appears that has the right mix of physical laws to permit life to exist, then life exists.

    Being an Atheist myself, I’m leaning towards the multiple universe theory. Unfortunately each universe, once created will start moving along its own
    path, becoming different from our own extremely quickly. There will be life in each of them but they won’t be life that we recognize.

    I assume you still look like the person you remember. Logically I know that if there was another universe then the only way there could be someone that looked like you, and had the same life experiences (mostly) would be if the other universe had developed identically for billions of years, but then suddenly diverged, apparently just for you. This is why I do not believe that you can find another you, in a different universe.

    You live inside your brain. Your brain processes information and this information makes the world around you seem the way it does. It gives you your emotions, your memories, your attitudes, etc, etc. All this information is stored in the cells of your brain. If something were to happen to these cells, or the way they connect to each other, then your world would suddenly be different, you’d be different. Memories that you had before can be wiped, or changed and you wouldn’t even realize that anything had happened.

    Given that I logically know that there could not be another you in another universe with slightly different lives, I would suggest that you’ve had something altered in your brain that has changed your memories. We have no reason to believe that those changes has come from outside this universe.

    Have you had a brain scan to check for anything unusual? If you had reported to a doctor complaining about this I would have thought a brain scan would be the first thing on the list to look at.


  • losttraveller

    1. No I don’t need a brain scan, like I said I trust my experiences, and myself.

    2. You’re making lots of assumptions about how parallel worlds should or will work. Since the multi universe/hologram, etc theories put forth are just that right now…theories. No one knows how anything will work. So how do you know life wouldn’t be recognizable, or that 2 planets couldn’t have similar developments?

    Just because these conditions generated the world we live in… doesn’t
    mean these are the only conditions that would have put forth life. If
    this was true, then why are scientists constantly looking for life in
    space? Wouldn’t this be a pointless, waste of time?

    3. And I’ll present to you the fact that we are constantly discovering earth-like planets. Planets that share topography, weather conditions and other features with earth. Which shows that planets do develop similarly independently of each other. Scientists postulate there are billions of planets. Many earth like ones.

    And since earth like planets do exist, that means there are many conditions that would give us an earth like planet. Because that’s what happened, they weren’t formed here. And depending on the age of the planet, some of those planets will get more earth like as time goes on.

    So if there are earth like planets, doesn’t that mean that other planets
    actually did develop like earth without the gravitational fields,
    energy constants, and electrostatic forces you spoke about? And since we haven’t truly explored them, they could have these forces on them. We don’t know yet.

    And expanding on the fact there are earth like planets….plus billions
    of planets…..I would state that life does exist on other planets. And life did develop similarly on some of these planets.

    4. And on this planet we have many people who look alike, doppelgangers. Like the celebs recently called vampires because they resembled people from hundreds of years ago. So if faces are recycled on this planet….why wouldn’t they be recycled galaxy-wide?
    So it’s very possible that people on other planets and in other universes look like us.

    5. Which brings me to life experiences. There are twins who grew up in different families, but had the same life experiences. With differences of course. So it does happen. And maybe this is key to explaining how it could happen. Maybe my otherworldly doppelgangers share DNA with me.

    6. Now let’s look at what we do know. There are a lot of people who are much smarter than me and probably you…who have opened their minds to the possibility of multi-verses. Even Stephen Hawking has given his version of the theory.

    So to say that
    something isn’t logical or can’t exist….when some of the most logical
    and intelligent people on Earth are exploring it….is kind of illogical.

    Dismissing things using incomplete scientific knowledge, that even scientists know is incomplete….is illogical.

    This planet has a rich history of calling people insane, crazy.brain damaged….when they put forth theories that are different from current knowledge. And we also know some of the craziest theories turned out to be true.

    So thanks. Don’t doubt yourselves, and stay strong!

  • p1drobert


    I didn’t say there wasn’t life on other planets, and other universes. I believe there is. I said that none of the lives in those worlds/universes will be you. I say this based on logically considering what it would take to create another you that is slightly different in only a few facts. We do know enough about our universe and our selves so that we can establish some facts, assuming we want to look at it logically. Even if what you say is true about coming from a parallel universe even that must have some sound scientific and logically reason for it to occur. You seem to want to ignore logic and reason.

    Like most people you don’t seem to understand what life is, what you are as an entity. You are not the atoms in your body. You are the information your body contains. If that information were to change through an accident or disease you as a person would change and you wouldn’t realize it. You would, as you put it, trust your experiences, and yourself, ….but you’d be wrong.

    Often people who suffer certain brain injuries go through a change of personality. They would deny a change has taken place, but those around them would see the difference immediately. Your memories are not as solid and invunerable as you imagine them to be.

    I don’t suggest that you have a brain scan because I’m being mean. I suggest it because its more than likely something has changed your brain, and you need to sort that out in case its something much worse than you think. Getting one would at least remove that possibility as a cause for what you’re experiencing.

    I’m sorry this has happened to you, and hope things become clearer for you soon.


  • David’s Story

    No one knows what whether or not we have counter parts existing in sn alternate universe or no one knows if those claiming to be from an alternate reality are suffering from dementia or insanity or some other disorder.

  • James

    Every day depending on my health and mood i wake up as a similar me in a similar mountain town with subtle changes. On day i woke up slightly different with freckless by my eye today no freckle. Yet i look similar. The landscape changes just enough for me not to nptice yet i do
    head injuries i guess. Ive died or been injured then woke up in an alternate reality based on choice and interaction with self, multiples selves and with those around me. Post 2012, technology and memory is interesting, because of life and my mind i have memories of other i,s living in other dementions and alternate realities. God Changes us as we live to continue. In vetro fertilization is a is one example of this pn a small scale. The world and many worlds collective conscienceness to survive and progress is the world i live in to try and do good. Ghost are flesh and bone living similar in simlar worlds, the soul finds other us,s. Last time i died i was sad because i realized truth so each day i try and live good.

  • Unknown

    I am from another universe too. Today a tree popped up in front of my house that was never there. I do not abuse drugs or anything of the sort. This is very real, people. You replace the “you” from that universe there is no other “you”. Changes vary from subtle to major from universe to universe. In my previous universe Auschwitz was in Germany not Poland.

  • Unknown

    This universe is a tad bit more scientifically advanced than my previous one. I might stay in this universe for a while before I “jump” again.

  • Tenley

    Variations of this happen to me frequently — most recently, for example, a big fat tomato I had just bought rolled off my counter, and when I came over to pick it up it was nowhere. There was nowhere for it to roll under, and it was huge. I tried to keep myself calm scouring the place — but I knew it would show up later somewhere ridiculous in plain sight. About 2 days later there is was, right smack in the middle of the floor just below the counter.

  • David

    Something happened to me just a few weeks ago. I traveled to Israel and brought two pairs of shoes, my every day brown shoes and a pair of light grey mesh shoes. I wore the mesh shoes one day then for the rest of the trip decided to wear my brown ones. On the last day of the trip when I was packing up my things I couldn’t find my grey shoes prompting much confusion. I did find a pair of dark grey shoes which I believed to be my mothers since I saw them around the house previously so I packed them up thinking that I packed her shoes by mistake. When I got back she informed me that they were mine and have always been mine, I later looked for my original shoes on the internet but couldn’t find them anywhere. My thought is that I shifted into a parallel world where that brand of shoes was never created but aside from that nothing else changed.