Woman Claims To Be From A Parallel Universe

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Lerina Garcia Gordo: The woman from a parallel universe

We’ve all heard of alternate dimensions and universes. Many believe we are just a frequency away from an alternate existence. Still others claim that beings from other dimensions pop in and out of our world at will, somewhat like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Now a story comes to us out of Spain about a woman who claims to have woken up one day to find her life and past had changed. Unfortunately, she remembers a different reality than those who know her best.

Lerina García, a 41 year old, well educated professional opened her eyes one morning to discover she was in what she later assumed to be an alternate universe existence of her own life.

Garcia’s experience was related in 2008 when she made an effort to search for help on the Internet. Apparently it’s just now making the rounds in America.

Here’s here fascinating story translated from Spanish:

For anyone who is reading this blog regular will know that we have already written a few articles about parallel universes. As I write this article on an alleged case of a woman who she says is from another parallel universe. We do not know for sure if it is a Hoax or Bulo, but the story is interesting and that is what any of us could happen when least expected.

This story is transcribed for a forum where this woman named Gordo Lerina Garcia left a message for someone to help on 16/07/2008 18:38

Hello, my name is Luz, I have 41 years and I think I jumped into a parallel universe.

I find it hard to tell because everyone will think I’m a psychotic, and no one will believe me. Please, if anyone has had a similar experience to write me an email.

One day I woke up and everything was different, nothing spectacular, nothing to do with time travel and all that stuff, I just got up in the same year and the same day I went to bed but many things were different. It’s little things, but important enough to know that at one point there was a turning point in which things are different. In fact, if this is a dream you are all in a dream, as I write this there, so if someone replies is that you are living the same reality as me, be my dream or not.

4 months ago I woke up a normal morning, I was in my rental house where he lived for 7 years, everything was the same except that the set of sheets on my bed that was different, did not give importance at the moment. Well, my office was in my car which was parked where ever, and was the same office where I worked in the last 20 years. But when I got to my office was not my office, has the names on the door and mine was not. I thought I had the wrong floor, but no, it was mine. I got to my office wireless area and I looked, was still working there but was in another department reporting to a director who did not even know, I went to the office to mark the directory, I said I was sick and left. Everything in my portfolio was the same, my cards, my ID, all the same, but I do not remember having changed department at any time.

I went to medical insurance and they tested me for drugs and alcohol … .. everything clean. I went to work the next day, and asking, telling me not feeling well, well, I’ve been out of step.

My apartment is the same, all the same, I have watched all the papers that I keep in the house and everything is the same. Soon I realized that something was wrong I thought it was some kind of amnesia, as I had missed something and could not remember a time in my life, but no, I went online and was the day it should be, and news, at least cover important were the same as the previous day.

6 months ago I’m not with my partner of 7 years, we left and started a relationship with a guy in my neighborhood. I know him well, I’ve been 4 months with him and know his name, address, where he works as a child you have and where he is studying. Well, now there is this guy. It seems that existed before me ‘jump’ but now no trace, I hired a detective to look for it and there in this ‘flat’.

I went to a psychiatrist and attribute it to stress, believed to be hallucinations, but I know not. My ex-boyfriend is with me as usual, I’ve never left it seems, and Augustine (my boyfriend now) seems to never have existed here, it lives in the apartment where he lived nor find his son. I swear it’s real, I am very sane. My own family does not remember things as surgery on the shoulder of my sister a couple of months ago, have never operated, and little things like that.

Unfortunately I do not remember many important things in the news, but the rest of the world seems to be the same. There are many little things in the past five months and now many, nonsense, clothes on my closet and I have not bought, post on the blog of a radio program I had with my ex (which is still my boyfriend now) and I stopped to …. I do not know is nonsense but I’m really rope is real.

PLEASE if anyone has gone something like contact me, to see what could have happened, I find no pathology that matches what has happened to me. I’ve been five months reading all the theories I’ve found and I am convinced that she has been a leap between planes, anything, any decision, any action that has to change some things, which I ‘mosque’ is that it is in the year, and why I have not jumped to another time, I am exactly the same. To explain, it is as if he had lost his memory and 5 months ago I woke up having dreamed those 5 months, except that everyone remembers me at the time, and I’ve done things that I am not conscious of having done. Do you experience more?

Please refrain funny and people who have ‘the truth’ in his hand. It is very serious for me.

Here’s a similar story from Japan. A man flies into the country with what appears to be a valid passport only to find that nobody has heard of his country of origin.

A curious incident took place in Tokyo, Japan during the early 1990s: a man arrived on a flight with a passport from a non-existent country.

The man expressed anger and shock when Japanese customs officials detained him. Although the officials checked their records carefully, the passport had been issued by a country that did not exist. No record showed the country had ever existed.

Although passports exist issued by non-existent countries (known as camouflage passports), this passport was real and had custom officials’ stamps on various pages including stamps by Japanese customs officials from previous visits.

The man was well-traveled, caucasian, said the country was in Europe and had existed for almost 1,000 years. He carried legal currency from several European countries, an international drivers license and spoke several languages.

Finally, indignant, he demanded a meeting with higher government authorities. He was convinced some massive practical joke was being played on him.

After being detained for almost 14 hours in a small security room at the airport terminal, some government officials took pity on him and transported him to a hotel. They ordered the mystery visitor to wait there until they decided what to do about the matter. From the reports, the Japanese were just as confused and flustered as the mysterious man without a country.

Although two immigration officials were posted with instructions not to permit the man to leave his room, the next morning the guards discovered he was gone. The only exit was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was 15 stories above a busy downtown street.

The authorities launched an intensive manhunt throughout Tokyo for the mysterious traveler, but finally gave up the hunt.

The man was never seen again.

And finally a tale of vanishing where a man is seen walking to and entering his automobile at a busy University parking lot then disappearing into thin air.

Inexplicata relates a story that is like Lerina’s, except from the opposite point of view.

The original account was written by journalist Segundo Peña and published in one of Venezuela’s biggest newspapers, El Tiempo.

Peña relates a strange tale that smacks heavily of a multiverse shift. The incident occurred on the campus of ULA (the University of the Andes) and involved a well-known faculty member.

This is what happened in full daylight, according to dozens of witnesses: the professor left one of the university’s buildings, crossed a parking lot to his parked car, and entered it. Many saw him as he walked to his car, some even called out to him and waved.

The professor opened his car door, climbed in, sat down, and closed the door. The car sat there unmoving. Eventually, a few curious students went to the car and found it empty.

There are many accounts of alleged time travelers throughout history, one of the most recent is the story of John Titor that began on November 2, 2000 when a person claiming to be from the year 2036 burst upon the Interweb scene with his amazing tale of time travel. He took the strange news followers by storm and his story is still being debated over 10 years later.

So, what are we to think? Are these stories just fodder for the gullible? Mere tripe from tabloidian minds? Or is there something more going on?

In 1954 the term Parallel Universe was thrust into the mainstream by Hugh Everett III. Everett theorized that many related universes all exist in parallel, branching off of each other. Each universe has a similar origin but alternate time lines.

You can read about Everett and his parallel universe theory here.

This is heavy stuff to even get into but we need to have an open mind in cases such as this. There are so many questions that arise, to many to list in fact. However, I suppose we should start somewhere and I think it best to begin with the reader.

I would be very interested in the opinions formed by those who have pondered parallel universes, rips in the fabric of time and space, or any other related subject matter. Does our reality overlap a similar one just outside our realm of detection?

Is there anyone out there who can relate to one of the three stories above or have had a corresponding experience?

We all know how powerful the mind is and how dreams can manipulate reality. We also realize that there are those who suffer from mental illness but if we could suspend all of that and really consider the possibilities, where do we go next?

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  • Graeme Bailey

    With reference to Lucys experience, I met a very interesting man who worked on Australias Rocket program, and after getting to know him, he related an experience in which whendriving his car along a road at night, he went through a blackness. Next thing he was out of the car and the lights etc. were off and he didnt know where he was, until he drove aroud to get some bearings.
    He came to his Hotel and started to realize that everyone on this Planet lies. The Planet that he came from, no one lied. Graeme.

  • Kanye Asxs

    obviously bullshit

  • Lj James

    New universes are not formed by every little thing but rather because of energy outbursts that happen from time to time in the Universe Universe which then creates a new time line. When they do happen and things/People are close or lined up from different dimesions the energy of the person/s will hit each other and repel or atract like Magnets pushing or pulling these people/ person into the others universe. It does not seem to happen when universes are completely or have major differences and it seems that the more different the Universe the shorter time the person stays stuck in it. I am guessing this has something to do with how close or Differnt the Magnetic energy of the Person/s and the Universe are . -LJ James

  • Dillon Tarry

    3-4 months ago, when i woke up one day (with a headache), my brother started interrogating me of things i was totally unaware of, then he claimed all that was regarding what i did last night. Here is what happened at night:
    Acc. to my brother, i slept for 5-10 minutes, woke up, made coffee , drank it, did something on the pc and slept again but acc. to me i was asleep the whole time.
    I can’t be sleepwalking coz i never did that in my life (before or after that incident). That day even my memory about small things that took place recently proved to be false.

  • Katie Weeks

    Weird thing happened on ski trip a week ago that i can’t explain. I know i was tired and exhausted from travel but i still don’t understand what happened. I remember being in the van with mr frank driving (he owns a goat farm and i had said earlier i wanted to come visit his baby goats soon). I remember i was sitting behind frank and told him excitedly that i was for sure coming to visit him next month at his farm. Carlos sitting behind me confirmed it because i heard him say it. Then i waited for an excited response from frank and was confused when i looked at my driver. It wasnt frank and i was no longer in the van but an SUV. Frank’s son matt was driving and he looked at me in rearview mirror confused and said, “really? Cool…..” You could tell he was so confused because he had never talked to me about coming to visit his dad’s goat farm. I sat there stunded in silence trying to figure out if i was dreaming or had fallen aslee for a second. I asked carlos confusedly if i had fallen asleep and if we had been talking about me visiting the farm. He looked at me like i was stupid and said, yesssss. I just sat there quietly thinking about what the hell had just happened. I talked to frank and matt a litle later and laughed about telling matt that and thinking it was frank. They ttoughr it was funny and that i was weird but we never talked about it again. I wonder what really happened. Time trave? Dimension travel? Dreaming?

  • Oi

    Stop being retarded, It was obviously a dream. there’s no such a thing as dimension travel nor time travel. It belongs to xmen and fantasyland

  • Roxaglyphs

    A friend of mine had the same thing happen to her. It happened when she was extremely tired also. She later described it as a dream that happens when your body is not fully asleep yet. She told me that in the dream or reality (she couldnt tell which at the time) she looked and saw her friend sitting at the computer, she said he looked completely different, but she knew who he was and wanted to say something to him, but did not because she was not sure what lifetime they were in. She didnt want to freak him out by saying something from a different life or time. So she remained quiet until he spoke to her. When he did, she said she realized which reality it was and then the dream ended or something. she looked up and there was her friend at the computer exactly as he was in the dream except looking the way he normally did. She asked him if she had fallen asleep, he said he didnt know because he was on the computer. She asked him if he had just said something to her. He said yes. She said it was as if she blacked out but remained awake or had a wide awake dream. The thing that really stood out to her was needing to hear him speak so she could determine which lifetime she was in. Perhaps when we dream, we do trip time or dimensions. I just wanted to share this with you.

  • Scott Connenct

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  • Chance

    Time is space.. without time there is no space..before time there was nothing I call absolute nothing.we today live in the present/now..and have no past or future..how does one move if we have no past or future but time exsist? We don’t our conscious seems to be making us feel as if we are moving our limbs and could make something happen..but in fact we already was on the way/path of every thing we think we may be doing and sudden changes we thought we were making but nothing different can happen..it was going to play out the same. We can’t move we are in the I like to say (still) in the time zone! Our couscous is in a slower time zone and different place as your physical form..your brain is perfectly placed in your skull with not much space in between…and knowing space is time we now know time has slowed down here. No (time) can enter the now (time) but time can’t enter the no time! Hard to follow but it can make sence..think of your T.V you are watching as it is a compact square with no escape of the space from it..meaning time is traped inside! Now you have a time zone created..Say your playing your Xbox 360 and you have to use the bathroom but you don’t want to just leave the time zone t.v to just act for it self good news..we can manipulate the time inside it altering what would happen if just left running freely and actuly stopping all the time in it by pressing the start button…you now have stoped time meaning we have been on the trail of the time and no time reality. Have you ever wondered how this could happen? Well first you should know space=time time=sound sound=energy and we have created it all inside a traped space with no escape..if the waves of sound and energy work together to compress and form a solid amount of sound and energy we can temporally full up all the space..to where we now have no space..if don’t have space you don’t have time! In which we I believe can get back to the point of the no time zone and the roots of our creation! So using time space and sound and light speed I have created time and nothing now exist not to get confused with absolute nothing and the big bang has happened and created everything we now live in a world of a lot of space inside a sphere shaped land and water mass trapped in by our atmosphere..our life span would be factored in by this as space is still roaming free making a certain time speed and the rate of growth..take trees for instance they have longer life spans not because of our space we are walking all around but the solid structures at which not a lot of space is in.meaning no time may even exsist at a certain point for one and or time is slowed down tremendously giving longer time for them to make there growth..now humans have circulating blood organs and a heart pumping everything smoothly through you..also make movement in you which we know is also sound meaning space is all round in us to and we are not to compressed making our growth of time created within us move faster. Now our cranium is different I have come to decide..as we have a solid hard skull inclosed with a knowledge called a brain..sound is also here meaning time is here but not near as much as the physical time zone we walk around on. Meaning we can prolong growth if we stay in the cranium conscious of the brain. I call this the slowed time zone for some reason we have unlimited access and exploring. Have not yet thought of another way as a human we can access another time zone either physical time or concious slowed time zone. Unless somehow we can gather a huge lets say a box that is extremely protective and now we have space created again and time in it! But wait we are on the other side of the box and we are still in the present time zone..meaning someone will have to get a specialized box created around them sealing them in the new created space and time. Now we have to have for my formula light speed and a strong structured perhaps to wear while we attempt to travel light speed round and round the box goes..now the time in wich it will take to get to that (still)/no time zone I do not know? So pondered on Me and my survival laws and needs..as food and water need to be provided as I try to relax and some could say go into a hibernation state for years. Eventually getting to the beginning of time and virtually eliminating it…well now that I’m in a no time exsistence my heart no longer pumps..could be a problem over the years my researchers have stood on the other side of my non exsistence world I’m now trapped in and have to make a big change perhaps like the beginning of everything! My colleague now strikes the border of my non exsistence world and creates light in and no longer am I now in a no time zone but have went from a time zone to a no time zone and possibly creating another universe within my newly created space time continuum! Ok so now back to the world 31st which we live in earth. We now are in a time zone with no past or future and stay present but seem to continue on enjoying life but with no understanding of our role or our future or past…I got a theory of humans being waves of energy going through life but humans meaning doesn’t matter as the reason being we are just being projected like a movie in our conscious as our physical bodies are still making no future or past for us. But possibly a reproducing life over and over for us without knowing even have had a life before this one. I believe we are energy inside this space and time world we call earth we are in our slowed conscious time a tremendous more amount of time than our physical time zone…as we have died and rebirth several times passing through the earth time zone and the slowed time zone…So we as human have the ability to have brain cells die and rebirth kinda in the same sence I believe we are doing in a higher power being making us brain cells and the thought process of it.could be a long shot but don’t see why not. Now I come to questions for our purpose and reasoning for having a life of free will a
    When we are a form of energy boosting knowledge for this higher power in order to make another universe for his so desire and control. Has we are hopelessly thinking we are living this great life gave to us but have no idea really what and why this is going on..So I believe sometimes in the mist of reproducing brain cells (us humans) between slowed cranium time and physical time world could meet and could see potentially yourself looking at yourself..much cases are not collected in reason of we don’t remember the previous life’s we have had synching together to gather data and wisdom for our higher power to do whatever that might be…who creates and duplicates our brain cells? Higher power or a formula of consistency inside a certain time zone. Who creates our higher power brain cells?

  • Darwin Oscar, Agosto

    Award please for this man.

  • 999 xxx

    Time is not space.
    space is void
    time is in another dimension.
    motion is also separated.

  • Alphawolf(La bété's master)

    Time is an all flowing entity, not jus one time space, but multiple that break in branches. To actually see these maybe impossible. People believe time travel is impossible, but fact is we do this everyday. Don’t believe me? Take this, MENTAL ALTERATION: time travel happens in ur mind, humans tend to confabulate events wen they can’t remember something correctly. That’s time travel. Yes u urself is not physically altering a course timeline but wen u confabulate it is a possibility of a future where a specific event changed ur current event now, leading to ur confabulation. So in basic if u confabulate, ur telling a story where that event takes place in another timeline.

  • ank the great

    This thing happened not so long ago ,one day I took 10 tablets of wellbutrin 150xl in a row to get high ,Didn’t found the high I was seeking I got to bed then few hours later eyes closed I saw a tunnel circular (concentric circles) in which I was travelling inwards then the next thing I saw on waking up new universe(from which I am commenting) same people(family) but with slightly different faces.Here the sun also shines way more brighter and hotter (moon is also brighter)than the previous one.Cheers I am in new universe and may have found a way to travel in parallel universes via substances!!

  • Darwin Oscar, Agosto

    Time is relative if we were to live on a diff. Planet ie mars or jupiter time would be different. There are many planes of existence lets call them dimensions. We live in the 3rd dimension. Many more exist. When i was a child I had a dream that I went to sleep. And when I went to sleep I had a dream I went to sleep. And when I went to sleep I had a dream I went to sleep. You see I only awoke once. That was my confusion. My parents couldnt understand me and in fact never did. So to this day I havent woken up about 4 times which scared me daily bc I kept getting older and having a life and I didnt want to wake up and be 6 again.

  • Yasmine

    If it makes you feel better, you’re definitely not in a dream because if you were then I wouldn’t be an individual that could think and I would instead just be a random thing part of your dream. But, I mean I guess you could also argue that if you were in a dream, then another dream “person” would tell you that too. Or it’s possible I’M in a dream instead and you are part of my dream. Nobody really knows but in my opinion I seriously doubt you’re in a dream and I hope that makes you feel better.

  • Eduardo Landois

    People, I would truly like to invite you to this group on facebook where we talk seriously about the possibility of parallel universe travelling, if you wish to join I’ll leave the link below. It was created 2 years ago using Lerina’s case as our main topic. Regards


  • Jon Bergg



    I think time is a fractally nested higher dimensional decohering cousin. of an electromagnetic field.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_decoherence nice explanation of decoherence— I use

    ‘decoherence’ in a very ‘loose definition’ in this paper.

    I think that like quantum decoherence ,( which is the act that causes a random possibility to decohere

    into a predictable particle..). I think in the act of decohereing a 3 dimensional moment, we(ie

    everything that has input to the formation of the present moment in our universe) also cause a

    decoherence of this electromagnetic time field and that time field decoherence basically solidifies every

    thing about that moment as the PRESENT moment ., like before you place a drop of water into liquid

    nitrogen , it can take any shape , but once it hits the liquid nitrogen , that drop of water is instantly

    solidified and is not changeable without significant effort. Here is the order of events as I see them

    (keep in mind that this is scalable to the size of universe). For this plank moment we are in the present.

    After this Planck time, an electromagnetic time field decoheres (ie “solidifies”)

    into the new present moment , the next Planck time once “observed” will decohere and the

    electromagnetic time field will collapse and “solidify” into the next present moment and so on.

    Like fractals these time decoherence events are nested events ( cell observes /decoheres biochemical

    events, grass observes sunlight and decoheres ; ie collapses/ “solidifies” an electromagnetic time field

    photosynthesis event, cat observes a soft chair and decoheres /collapses/solidifies its electromagnetic

    time field into the nested present moment….earth rotates and as it does it decoheres a collapsing time

    field within which includes a new location of earth within the space-time fabric,etc,etc. I observe an

    itch on my hand and scratch it and in that , decohere/ collapse/solidify the electromagnetic time field to

    make that my nested part of the present moment . Now my present may not be the cats present ,may not

    be the grasses present ,may not be the earths present. but in a way they all are, and at some point we

    will share a common “now”, because they are all nested present moments in the larger 3-d present

    moment ,brought about by the decoherence of an electromagnetic temporal field, resulting in a

    collapsed temporal field at different 3 dimensional physical levels to create a rich overall expanding

    4-d present moment with in the space-time fabric. These events repeat with slightly smaller or larger

    differences from Planck moment to Planck moment ,each one being a new present moment . It is our

    brain that loves “linear” sequentiality and creates the illusion of time flowing past us , and why it is

    hard to get to a past moment, not that you could not do it, but it would take a lot of knowledge of

    electromagnetic frequencies and torsion based and high voltage static electricity and harmonic based


    When we have a dejavu event , we are just running on a close enough time frequency to barely pick up

    decohereing events in a parallel reality be it harmonics , torsion or some rotating

    electromagnetic fields, that is leading our decoherence decision tree by a few minutes to days.

    We saw a deal where an English couple went to France and stayed at a small lodge that

    looked very rustic and they said the people that came and went were dressed in 1800s attire. They

    checked out the next day after a good breakfast and nice conversation with the manager and other

    guests , and when they came back a couple of days later it was all gone just small rubble . Come to

    find out the last time a lodge was there was in 1800s. Mary asked how did it stay there while they

    were in it, I told her it remained there because number one ,there was some screw up with the local

    temporal field and it “bubbled up” into our reality ,, and then them staying there, and in the process

    them observing / decohereing nested temporal fields ,it resulted in a strong enough collapse in their and

    the lodge’s and the lodges patrons composite electromagnetic time field to maintain it as

    part of their present moments, which formed a time line that lasted 24 hours. If they had stayed there 2

    months , it would have remained there as THEIR present moment, but not of another persons(1992)

    present moment . If another person would have come upon it they would have seen nothing but an

    abandoned car. Because the combined effect of the merger of the 2 collapsing temporal fields;(one f

    from 1800s and one from 1992), each of a slightly different higher dimensional frequency, would have

    created a distorted, collapsing(decohering) , temporal field that did not completely mesh well with

    either temporally native higher dimensional temporal field frequency.

    People who were from the 1800s would not see the car because it would not been part of their

    observational world(their nested, native, collapsed temporal fields). As such , they would not have

    decohered/collapsed the temporal field that contained it . The couple had taken photos of themselves in

    the window and in front of this lodge , but when they had photos developed , no photographs of the

    lodge or of them in the lodge showed up . The temporal field frequency of the photons, in the now

    distorted , merged collapsing temporal field, was far enough off from the normal that the camera did

    not pick them up and so no photo.

    The higher dimensional frequency of the electromagnetic temporal field from the 1800 lodge was

    different from the 1992 time frame of the event and the visualization of the lodge probably should have

    lasted only a few microseconds or less if they had not intervened by maintaining merged ,distorted

    collapsing, electromagnetic temporal fields .

    Of note is the fact that when these time slips happen , the people involved almost always recall there

    were no shadows being cast ,or they were cast in an abnormal way…again I think that points to

    something not right with the spacial-temporal frequency of the photons in the distorted temporal field

    of the lodge . It is almost as if the dimensional structure of the lodge contained some subtle space-time

    errors that gave issues with the proper casting of shadows.

    If you are having troubles understanding how a lodge just floats into our reality ,this may help;

    look at higher dimensional temporal regions/time lines/parallel realities as radio stations

    on am radio at night . You know how the radio may be set to WNAX but other stations fade into and

    out over the WNAX signal, think of the inter-dimensional /higher dimensional time-lines (temporal

    fields)that are not exactly the same as ours but may be similar ,in the same way. And how those 6 or 7th

    or 8th dimensional cousins of an electromagnetic fields (ie temporal fields) identifying frequencies

    could allow that “other” present moment to fade in and out of ours for a very brief moment.

    It would be rare and would not last long and maybe would only be picked up as a dejavu event

    99.9999% of time …but in the very small percent of cases , maybe a shape takes form and sets the stage

    for a ‘time slip’ to occur.

    When that shape takes form , one can comprehend a scenario where first a shadow appears as the

    temporal “bubble” containing the lodge begins to merge into our temporal dimension. Then the

    shadow becomes a black and white 2 dimensional structure similar to a photograph. As the merging

    continues ,that 2 dimensional form now begins to take on features of a 2 dimensional hologram and as

    the merging fields strengthen, that form evolves in to a 3 dimensional hologram and now reflects light

    more naturally in the newly merged “distorted temporal bubble” containing the lodge , and as a result

    this 3 dimensional hologram becomes colorized. As the temporal merging continues, due to harmonic

    pressures etc, present in the mix, the 3 dimensional holographic lodge now becomes a real physical

    feature complete with density and normal appearing structures . This all may happen very fast.

    But remembering how it came into

    being ,in this non-native temporal dimension, one can better appreciate a situation of subtle spacetime

    errors arising withing the ‘structure ‘ of the lodge from a physics standpoint (ie no shadows being

    cast) . One does not know what other issues from a physicality standpoint were not correct in that

    lodge and is left wondering what samples of the structure would have looked like under a light

    microscope or an electron microscope.

    When you are experiencing a dejavu event, try to look down the dejavu event until it diverges away

    from your reality. If you concentrate, you can do it . All dejavu events will start to diverge from your

    time line , because they are part of another parallel reality and as such follow a different collapsed

    temporal field that is leading your decision tree by seconds to days or months.

    Or as I like to say ;what you are remembering in a dejavu event is a sequence of higher dimensional

    fractally nested temporal fields that have ALREADY collapsed/decohered in a nearby reality whose

    time field decision tree leads yours by some seconds to days. and you think you are remembering them

    as already laid down memories because your brain is used to dealing with collapsed time fields as

    memory events that have been embedded in a linear, sequential fashion. The

    different feeling you get when you have a dejavu event is very similar to the feeling you get when you

    are looking at an illusion. The reason is not coincidental. It is because you brain is trying to figure out

    what to do with this new “old memory” that doesn’t fit right from a linear sequentiality standpoint.

    This is somewhat similar to what it is trying to do in an illusion ; so the dejavu (new”old memory”) is

    an illusory thing to you , but it is a real memory event in a version of you that resides in a very nearby

    parallel dimension who’s temporal frequency came very close to your dimensions temporal frequency

    for a very brief moment in time.

    If you are wondering what physical object would be a good visual aid in helping to comprehend what a

    collapsing higher dimensional temporal field would look like as it decoheres onto a 3 dimensional

    structure to create a present moment, a simple tesseract printed out with 3D printer would have to be

    my structure of choice, knowing ,full well, that while a rectified tesseract and to a lesser extent, a

    truncated tesseract, would be a more accurate representation, each is also a significantly more

    complicated structure than a simple tesseract. If one is wondering about an analogy to visualize and

    comprehend the overlapping realities that have not “physically” interacted (at a 3D level (ie a time

    slip)), but have interacted enough (at a 4D and higher dimensional level), to form a dejavu, my choice

    would have to be overlapping shadows as they act like higher dimensional fields in that they do not

    physically displace one another, but do overlap without making contact (in the 3D sense) and thus, it is

    conceivable that information could be transmitted from one shadow to another shadow in the right

    circumstance; the second shadow being puzzled ,not “knowing” that the information came from the

    first shadow and thus tells the other shadows it does know and can see , “ I just had a dejavu”.

    Mary asked me how did she have 4 dejavu events at the same time without realities hitting each other.

    She could understand 2 dejavu events at the same time , but had trouble comprehending 3 and 4 dejavu

    events at same time. Explaining to her higher dimensional interactions involving multiple realities,

    using the shadow analogy , she was able to comprehend the multiple dejavu events.

    Regarding time as it applies to relativistic velocities. I think the time seems to pass slower for

    those traveling at relativistic velocities due to something like a higher dimensional Doppler like effect

    on the collapsing temporal field, since a higher dimensional time field collapse on the fast moving ship

    is creating the present moment in the normal way and speed as experienced by the one on the ship. The

    collapsing time field looks like it is collapsing slower as the velocity increases by an outside observer ,

    much as the horn on a locomotive sounds the same to the driver of the train even though it sounds

    different to an outside observer. Indeed ,when compared to an outside clock the the temporal field does

    collapse slower as velocity increases. And when compared to the sound heard by the engineer to the

    sound heard by and outside observer, the sound is changing consistent with Doppler effect, but again,

    only to an outside observer. If one were able to witness the collapsing temporal fields from a

    perspective outside of the temporal dimension , one would better appreciate the apparent slowing of the

    collapsing temporal field at relativistic velocities relative to slower moving objects.

    It may help to consider that what we experience as the flow of time may be the result of the second

    order temporal field arising from the first order temporal field. Also it may help to understand that

    geometry – not as a math concept-, but as a force of nature arises from the second order temporal field .

    It is this geometry that precedes and then allows for all the structures in our universe to exist. Good to

    understand the field we call ‘time’ arises from the second order temporal field before the geometry does

    and so acts like a matrix of sorts in which the geometry can exist. The first order temporal field is the

    the field that gives rise to the second order temporal field , and as such exists ‘outside of structure and

    ‘time’ as we experience it. To help conceive parallel realities , it may help to envision a situation where

    many many first order temporal fields exist -each with its unique higher dimensional “frequency’–

    again think of the radio station analogy in that many unique frequencies exist with in a defined

    dimensional matrix (our spacetime) , and while each frequency naturally gives rise to a unique

    sound( voice , static, music …etc) one can only access one frequency at a time. The various first order

    temporal fields naturally give rise to unique second order temporal fields that then give rise to unique

    ‘time’ fields and unique geometry fields/forces that then allow for a parallel realities to emerge . The

    more similar the base ‘frequency’ of the two first order temporal fields are , the more similar will be the

    resulting parallel realities. If one were able to access the first order temporal field via an

    electromagnetic devise , one would be able to pass thru structures with out problems. Also one would

    be able to travel great “distances” without the passage of ‘time’ as it were , because by definition the

    first order temporal field is outside of distance and ‘time’ as we understand it and experience it so it

    would seem instantaneous.

    To help conceptualize the macroscopic structure of “time” from a perspective ‘above’ and ‘outside’ of

    time, it may help to think of a higher dimensional Fibonacci spiral structure that has some rotational

    component . That would be the ‘shape’ of time –kinda like the shape of a spiral galaxy. I think that

    should help one understand why certain conditions ‘recur’ over time . “History repeats itself”. History

    does not repeat , but the basic conditions for some strong event that really imprinted onto the temporal

    field will recur . That event depending how deeply it impacted the temporal field will act like a scratch

    in an old LP record . For some period of time –with each new ‘future harmonic’ or rotation/interaction

    of the larger temporal field , that scratch or harmonic will be felt(ie the base ‘conditions’ will arise

    again), until like hysteresis in metal, it eventually fades away.

    It is then the human/animal response to those recurring conditions that dictates weather history will

    repeat itself.

    Richard , what I have just said as been greatly simplified and is not the complete explanation of time

    but the hope is that it allows one to consider the nature of time within some framework of

    understanding. You know i have been thinking about the nature of time for years ,so coming to this

    level of understanding of the nature of time will require a pizza party at our house to-nite. :)

    Using this explanation of time one should note that the people who say that

    there is nothing but the present moment are correct. The people who say time flows like a river are

    correct and the people who say time-flow is an illusion created by the brain are correct.

    They are all simply different ways of looking at the same process at different levels of complexity.

    Like viewing a simple tesseract vs a truncated tesseract vs a rectified tesseract from

    various perspectives. That’s kinda sweet. :-)

    What ever theory of time one accepts, it must in the end be able to explain temporal anomalies

    witnessed in the real world and the quantum theories on time fail in that regard, because they cannot

    step into a higher dimension which must happen in order to explain the nature of time, anymore than a

    ‘flatlander’ could create a correct theory of what a cube or a tesseract is ,without accepting the

    possibility of higher dimensions.

    When one thinks of the effect gravity has on time and structures, it does make one wonder if gravity

    has it origins within the second order temporal field or even with in the outer layers of the 1st order

    temporal field . One should ponder that possibility.

    Here is a nice analogy Richard: imagine you are looking into a special microscope — first you see the

    molecules.. then the atom , then the electrons then the protons then neutrons then increase the power and now see

    the quarks….. so now at the lower part of the quantum world …. … adjust it a bit more and now see the quantum

    foam bubbling and then down thru the foam into the plank realm (1.616199(97)×10−35 meters )you start seeing the

    subquantum world . This is the realm where Stoyan Sarg’s treatise on subquantum physics dominates things).

    As you continue thru the subquantum realm towards smaller things …you see a structure that looks embedded in a

    fog like field —- that something is the energy field called geometry-not in the math sense of the word, but as a real

    subquantal substructure. It gives rise to everything we know as structure in our world and what it is embedded in is a

    temporal field ……call it the 3rd order temporal field …if you wish. It is what we experience as “time’. The geometry

    field is actually more of a substructure of the 3rd order temporal field although it may seem as though it is a

    substructure for the 3rd order temporal field. As you increase the power of the microscope you begin to see a barrier

    of sorts — that is the beginning of the second order temporal field. Now continuing thru that energy field one

    approaches another higher energy barrier … this would be the start of the first order temporal field. you go thru that

    and once inside the first order temporal field ,, you see what looks like a light spectrum or rainbow of sorts….it goes

    on forever…. the colors closest to you are almost the same as the color of the field you are in .

    These are the different first order temporal fields with the different colors representing their different higher

    dimensional frequencies. From each one of those arises a unique second order temporal field and a subsequent

    unique reality … the colors that are most similar to yours are the ‘parallel’ reality most similar to yours. this is a nice

    simple way to explain or visualize/comprehend what the 1st order temporal field is and how it may give rise to parallel

    realities. I suspect given advanced enough technology, one could create a cloaking device that would cloak one into

    the 2nd order temporal field that would place a person outside of ‘structure’ and a deeper cloak could cloak one into

    the 1st order temporal field which should place a person outside of time and structure.

    Then not to big of a leap to extend that reasoning into effectively being able to move into other time lines.

    I suspect that is what happened to Tesla during one of his experiments when he disappeared for a few seconds and

    then reappeared when his assistant shut off the power. He accidentally cloaked himself into the second order

    temporal field.

    Also I think gravity arises within the 2nd order temporal field . That is where it is wanting to “pull” things into with the

    effect of creating ‘dents’ as it were, in the 3 dimensional fabric of our spacetime.

    Thought you would enjoy it, and help one understand the larger nature of the berenstein / berenstain issue and its

    possibly being some consequence of the Philadelphia experiment and the temporal rift that it caused which then

    ‘healed’ or ‘resolved’ around 2000-2005 with one casualty being the ‘e’ in berenstein being changed to an ‘a’.

  • David Roddy Andrews

    About 3 years ago I had a near-drowning experience. It’s a pretty involved story, but the upshot is basically this…when I made it out of the ocean, it felt wrong. Like a part of me didn’t. I know that sounds crazy, but I have never shaken the feeling that “all of me” didn’t make it out that day. Over the years, I have developed a pretty strange ability, and quite frankly not a very good one. When taking a certain prescription drug, which i would rather not name in this post, I can see “between the blinds”. I have no other way to describe it…except that i see and feel something just beneath the surface of what we perceive as reality. And for the most part, what i see scares the hell out of me. I am perfectly willing to admit that this could be delusional, but it really doesn’t feel that way. It feels real…very real. Has anyone else had this experience? And if so, were you able to get rid of it?

  • Adriana

    What exactly do you see?

  • David Roddy Andrews

    I got a response on this asking what i see but it’s not showing here. So whomever asked…I will do my best to describe it but I’m not sure there are words for it. It’s like looking at a wall, but the wall is the world you are use to, then for a brief time that wall turns into a set of blinds that turn, and you can see through them to something on the other side. It usually doesn’t last much longer then about 2-3 minutes, but to be honest that is long enough. What’s on the other side completely depends on where I am at any given time. But i can describe one place in particular as it happens in a specific room of my house most often. First off, the colors are different. I would describe it as chromatic, but that’s not entirely accurate because I know I’m seeing greens and reds in addition to the the chrome-like colors. There are trees on a hillside, and the wind is usually blowing. I know the way I am describing it sounds pretty harmless, but something feels wrong about the place. Like I shouldn’t be there, and most of all, that I shouldn’t be seen. Occasionally it will happen in a place where I almost see “someone”. Definitely living conscious beings, that seem to be remotely aware of my presence, and disturbed by it. Almost always my gut reaction is to try to retreat from the entire experience. The next time it happens I will try to be a bit more scientific about it and make some specific mental notes and write them down.

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