Cat Boy

Cat Boy - Nong Youhui

A story is coming out of China about a strange young boy who has the eyes of a cat, literally!

Doctors in Dahua, southern China have recently examined young Nong Youhui after his father noticed his son’s eyes glowing in the dark.

The Physician’s discovered that not only does he have eyes similar to a cat, but they work much like that of a nocturnal animal as well.

Apparently the young lad can see clearly in the dark and read a book in the black of night as if it were broad daylight.

There is a down side to it all, as Nong’s super-sight is due to a genetic condition known as leucoderma and could become a serious problem.

Here’s the story translated from

A child of Chinese nationality can be seen from small in total darkness. According to specialists of the hospital in Dahua, south of that country, it is a genetic condition that leaves less protection for your eyes and make them more sensitive to light.

Nong Youhui rage with his superpowers. His parents are still concerned about the case.

It all started with a visit to the doctor when the child’s father appeared to review your child’s eyes.

The problem was that his father noticed the boy’s eyes glowed in the dark like flashlights.

As reported by The Sun newspaper, to the surprise of the doctors at hospital in Dahua, southern China, found that the child has the ability to see in the dark.

According to medical examinations that made ​​him able to determine that the boy easily readable in complete darkness and without the aid of any light. Moreover, you can see as clearly as if it were daylight.

Experts believe that the child was born with a rare condition that leaves less protection for your eyes and make them more sensitive to light.

On the other hand, the father of and boy they nicknamed “Cat-Boy” (boy cat) warned that some time ago the doctors said that the eyes of his son leave to shine, to become black like most Chinese.

But that never happened by This growing concern in your environment, however the condition does not reverse the specialists explain serious danger.

Of course, this story was reported as early as 2009, but the amazing aspect of it all is that Young Nong Youhui is still going strong with this genetic condition and his eyes have not turned dark.

While doctors in China are attributing this to Leukoderma, in my opinion it’s more likely due to some other eye issue associated with Rhodopsin.

Thanks to Shawn over at Bigfoot Evidence for tipping this story

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