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Could it be that those strange and frightening sounds that have crisscrossed the globe have nothing to do with the apocalypse or anything else that strikes fear into mortal man?

It seems that New Decade Production is now claiming that the sounds were not the beginning of the end but the result of a musical instrument known as a waterphone and to prove it they made a video showing how the sounds were made and projected.

Here’s the latests from examiner.com:

The source of the strange UFO sounds has been located: It’s not what you expect

On January 22, 2012, the mystery of the strange UFO sounds being recorded across the globe was finally solved. The low creaking, groaning and metallic sounds weren’t caused by UFOs, the Apocalypse or aliens. The sounds were caused by someone projecting the sound of a musical instrument called a waterphone. This strange instrument was invented in the late 1960s and based on the Tibetan Water Drum. It was created by a man named Richard Waters who still produces and sells them today on his website, Waterphone.com.

New Decade Production broke the news that the strange UFO sounds were most likely the result of someone playing low tones on the unusual instrument:

“Listen to the larger strings on this that are the lower frequency ones. I think we may have our culprit. Project blue beam in action: guys projecting recorded sounds from the waterphone, or this is a hoax. I have tested the two sounds together and they are the same for sure. I am a light worker not a debunker but we must find out the culprit for sure. I do wish it was the earth moving for ascension or our brother calling us, but no.”

The man behind New Decade Production released a video demonstrating his findings. In it, he plays a waterphone and produces the exact same tones found in most of the strange UFO sounds videos. He also demonstrates a variety of other sounds created by the waterphone. Although many of those sounds have not been used in UFO videos, pay close attention to the lower tones. They are absolutely the same.

For your convenience, when you launch the video on the left side of this page, you will be able to watch a bonus video containing some of the UFO sounds reported in 2011. Try to spot the similarities between those strange sounds and the tones of the waterphone.

Could it be that this is in fact the culprit? Many here and on other sites have called it all a hoax and have passed along suggestions. Now it would seem that there’s a strong possibility that the naysayers were right all along.

What still bothers me is the multiple locations and the odds of it being orchestrated by one group. Is this guy, Richard Waters trying to “drum” up some viral marketing attention to sell more of his waterphones?

As soon as I saw the instrument, I remembered seeing it on TV being played by Waters. It did make some mind bending sounds, that’s for sure.

As usual, I’ll leave it to the readers to compare and decide.

Thanks to examiner.com for the tip off



  • Tom

    just because something can be reproduced does not mean all the rest are fakes.

  • The Oshmar

    I agree with Tom about his premise, however I do think that there will be more then one of these waterphones and more then one maker, there are even tutorials on how to make them if one decided to.

    The fact that these have been around for 50 plus years and the fact that there is a lot of noise pollution in areas where the noise is heard and lack of other people recording the noise on their cell phones, then the chances are if these people were closer to the source it’d be identified as something not so ominous, hence the lack of recordings.

    Simple case of Occam’s razor.

  • d.a.

    True. Just because something can be reproduced does not mean all the rest are fakes. However, 100 videos that may or may not be fakes do not equal one video that is not a fake.

  • Henry

    The first step in proving something to be a fake is to reproduce it.

  • Peetr

    Aha !
    When I first heard the Kiev video!, I thought it was either metal scraped with a bow ( have heard it before on cymbals and the waterphone) or pitch shifted via phase vocoder metal scraping sounds. I even went as far as making my own video (with a description of the technique and tools used).
    The waterphone is very popular in movie soundtracks and effects tracks. Been hearing it since the 80’s. There would defiantly be Production CD’s around that would have the raw sound.

    Despite the majority of these videos being fake, the interesting thing is that so many people have decided to join in on this meme.
    I guess it really “resonates” with some people.

  • john-p

    Dumb explanation. If anyone believes this they really do not have much going on between their ears.

  • Jon

    I guess it could be this…. but in the online videos and witness reports it just sounds/seems so loud, like its coming from somewhere in the distance but really loud.. Maybe if someone had some really gigantic two storey speakers for it?

  • ramirin

    It’s not the same kind of sound,it’s not even bassy, LISTEN before you write.

  • shawn

    That’s NOT the sound I’ve been hearing. It’s more of like a big rumbling sound with a lot of bass. Almost reminds me of earthquakes in movies

  • haans

    Are you trying to say whoever made the noises, amplified the sound (in the middle woods, in northern alberta, in the winter roughly minus 20) loud enough to be heard for miles?

  • D Tuckk

    lol..its not a “waterphone” thats hilarious. nice try

  • Waterphoneman

    No, Richard Waters is not trying to drum up some marketing as he (me) is swamped with orders and is back ordered into October.