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A sudden storm turned the sky dark, then into a yellow tinge in Dorset England earlier this month. The rain poured down on Mr. Hornsby’s garden for a quick twenty seconds before dissipating. As quickly as it came down, it had gone out. To Mr. Hornsby’s surprise, the abrupt showers left glass-like goblets littered across his lawn. Upon closer inspection, these were not made out of glass, but a jelly-like substance. Mr. Hornsby, an aircraft engineer, stood there scratching his head.

Full story: Guardian UK
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The sky turned dark, then yellow, then blue balls began dropping out of the sky. Not the start of a science fiction film but Steve Hornsby’s account of a strange happening in his back yard in Dorset.

Hornsby is trying to find out what the transparent, marble-sized objects that peppered his home in Bournemouth could be.

The 61-year-old said he was walking to his garage at around 4.10pm on Thursday when what he thought was an ordinary storm hit. He took shelter but once the downpour had finished he noticed the lawn was dotted with blue balls.

Hornsby, an aircraft engineer, said: “I was just about to pop into the garage to get some logs for the fire when the sky went very dark and then a strange yellow colour. There was then a short, sharp hail storm that lasted for about 20 seconds.

“I rushed to stand by the wall out of the way and it was all over very quickly. I had seen the hail come down and it looked like rock salt. But then I spotted something on the lawn and it looked like broken glass.

“But then I put my foot on it and it disappeared and I thought it was strange. Then I looked around and there were lots of others. They were definitely not there before the storm.

“They were almost impossible to pick up, they were very jelly-like. I had to get a spoon and flick them into a jam jar. They had an exterior shell with a soft inside. They only landed in our garden in an area of a couple of hundred square metres.

“It is the most peculiar thing I have ever seen – there must be about 20 complete spheres. They don’t smell and they don’t float. I’ve been an aircraft engineer for many years and I’ve never seen anything like it.

“I thought it could have been some kind of atmospheric pollution like a chemical that has been released into the atmosphere, got sucked into a storm cloud and solidified and then released in droplets with the hail stones. Ideally I’d like to get them chemically analysed to find out what they consist of.”

Josie Pegg, a science research assistant at Bournemouth University, speculated that the objects might be “marine invertebrate eggs”.

  • The Oshmar

    I’m going with pollution.

    Needs analysis at a lab.

  • whipthorn

    Looks like LA Style hairgel if you ask me.

    I’d be interested in seeing the lab results though.

    And if he found them in the garden, why isn’t there soil on them?

  • The Oshmar

    Maybe they are just those kids toys “Xploderz” they are like sphere gel ammo for toy guns, I could see some kid firing wildly at the sky when it rained on his game

    They kind of look the same when they are partally destroyed

    Whatcha guys think?

  • whipthorn

    Wow Oshmar! Good call! The first link you gave shows a jagged edge on the broken pieces, which does seem the same as the jagged edge on the lower part of the post pic!

    Being a Nerf gun modder myself, you’d think I’d pick that up really quick, but the US Exploderz are blue, and the post pic looks more clear. It’d easily be provable as an off brand, or even homemade “bullet”. I’ll ask around on my modder sites and see if anyone knows of a clear bullet.

  • The Oshmar

    Heck maybe the colour ran in the rain, plus he’s holding it up with the light behind it.

    The left side of the “marble” also kinda looks like an injection point for a mold.

  • whipthorn

    I think you’re right on this being Xploderz ammo. Espcially with the localized landing of the objects. Its hard to examine size difference without knowing who’s finger that is and how big it is, but I’d put my money on some kid playing with nerf guns near this guys house.

  • Lisa


    This was in England. What we call “the yard” in the states, they call “the garden”. 🙂

  • Lisa, my mind is elsewhere, I was trying to figure how a garden fit into the metric system. But never mind!

    And to be completely immature, Hornsby and blue balls in the first four lines of the article, really? I think a reporter at the Guardian is having a good laugh over this.

  • Hey Whip! Where you been? We almost sent out a search team!

  • Lisa


    Ha,ha,ha….no problem! My mind is always in many different places at once……….maybe thats why I’m always exhausted 🙁

    As to your second comment, I needed that. It made me laugh. The day wouldn’t be complete without a dose of “completely immature” humor. So, thanks!

  • whipthorn

    Wow, you learn something new every day, thanks Lisa!

    They do still look like Xploderz ammo, but I can’t think of anything but random, unlikely scenarios on how they got there.

    Scott, I’ve been busy enjoying the married life and getting used to all the changes 🙂 Now that I’m a bit more focused, I’m back and able to concetrate my time more on the articles 🙂

  • cbrown

    “I’ve been an aircraft engineer for many years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”
    This type of statement really bothers me. What does this have to do with anything? Does being an aircraft engineer make you some sort of meteorological expert? Should I assume this person has some extra credence because he’s held down a steady job for so long?

  • elhombre
  • elhombre