Video: Is This The Iceland Worm Monster ?

Video: Is This The Iceland Worm Monster ?


The Iceland Worm Monster, Lagarfljóts Worm, has been a cryptic reported to live in the Lagarfljót Lake, Iceland.
Sightings of the Icelandic worm monster date back to early reports from the 14th century.

The stories describe a very long and massive worm-like creature that’s said to live on both land and water. Some eyewitnesses describe the creature as being 300 ft long, almost as long as a football field.

Of course these old stories are only seen as local folklore or campfire tales. America’s Bigfoot, Scotland’s Nessie, and Africa’s Mokele Mbembe…these and other cryptids have a long history with ancient cultures that seem to deeply believe in their existence. Whether they’re real or not, well that’s another question.

Well, straight from Iceland there’s a video that is quickly circulating the web. This video is said to have been filmed on the shores of Lagarfljót Lake. The footage shows a crocodilian-like creature skimming the water surface of a frozen lake. Reptiles in cold climates?

I’m not sure what it is, or if the film is actually from Iceland, but the details are below. Anyone recognize the creature on film?
Click on the image below to see the interesting video: