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A photographer got the surprise of his life this week when reviewing pictures he took at Long Walk in Galway, Ireland.

Photog Jonathan Curran was out trying to do a panorama by taking 13 pictures in a row but one of those photos had a chilling surprise.

As Curran reviewed his shots he noticed a picture that appeared to show a medieval nun staring right at him. Strangely, the woman did not appear in any of the other 12 photos and no one in the area had seen the woman or reacted. It was as if his camera was the only witness to this paranormal occurrence.

Here’s the story straight from Ireland:

Ghostly image causes a stir

A photo that appears to capture a ghostly image of a nun on The Long Walk has been causing a stir in the city this week.

Local photographer Jonathan Curran was taking a series of 13 photographs of the picturesque area in an attempt to create a panoramic view when he came across something very unusual in one of his shots.

One of the images, which were taken less than a minute apart, appears to show an isolated female figure with the appearance of a 19th century Claddagh nun. Mr Curran said he was “freaked” to discover the strange appearance on the camera and checked the other 12 images but the elderly woman did not appear in any of the other pictures.

“The image was not visible either before or after the photograph was taken and was not captured in any of the other photographs, either going or coming. She just seemed to appear for a moment and then disappear. There were other people on the Long Walk that day, but they seemed oblivious to her presence,” he explained.

The unnerving photo obtained by the Galway Independent clearly shows a distinct ghostly female figure and speculation has been rife since the photo emerged as to whether this is simply a optical illusion or a representation from beyond the grave.

Galway historian William Henry said there had been many stories of hauntings around the Claddagh, Wolfe Tone Bridge and Long Walk over the years and stories of the ‘Lady in White’ were told regularly in the past.

“An elderly man once described seeing a lady dressed in medieval clothing near the bridge one night, long before our festivals began. Other stories of hauntings were told in the old Claddagh and many young people were warned to avoid Wolf Tone Bridge after mid-night. This had the added advantage of ensuring that they were home before 12 bells,” he said.

Mr Henry said the image at the end of Long Walk is striking and “certainly stands out as clearly out of place in a modern context.”

“She appears to be looking directly at the camera indicating an awareness of her surroundings,” he added.

Well, it does seem hard to deny something is standing there. Is it some sort of stunt or something much stranger?

Thanks to Galway Independent for this Friday chill.

  • Henry

    No person would stand like that

  • Ramon

    Ahw, what a nice picturesque picture this guy made. Nice industry area and all. Really beautiful…

    Anyway. Where are the other photo’s without the “ghost”? If not available: pretty much bullshit story. Probably the guy went in the pub after his walk and was bored, so penned the story. The figure is most likely just a dolphin (marine structure, google it).

  • Stranger,

    I am not saying you should believe or not, I have no idea myself.

    The point I was trying to make is that your logic was flawed in that comment. I read your next comment and found it to be much more sensible.

    If the guy is being genuine, it’s likely he didn’t think to include the other pictures. But what difference would it make? He could take other photos anytime as the wall and building isn’t going to move. If it were a set up, he could take 4 photos, signal his plant to jump over the wall and pose for one, then jump back behind the wall for the rest.

    I am the type to look for the most logical explanation. The last choice I entertain in these situations is the paranormal one.

    I’m glad to see you getting involved. There’s always room for more regulars.

  • I did a little looking around and found this as a comment on the article online. Perhaps they have a point?

    by sceptic
    on 16/02/2012
    Strange coincidence that the actress in the play Doubt appears to be wearing pretty much the same outfit. Could she have stepped out for a cigarette break!

    Sadly on this one nothing unusual strikes me and so I’m not feeling it’s a ghost picture.

    But none the less good spot from the news 🙂

  • whipthorn

    I checked this out at the Galway Ind. site, and got a full shot of the panoramic. The large shot gives you a really good idea of where he is shooting from, and after cross checking on Google maps street view, there’s too much in that area to conclusively say its a ghost.

    Here’s the best view of the area he captures:


    You can see on the overhead and street view, there’s enough room to park a boat here, and it seems plausible it could just be someone coming off their boat.

    One of the commenters on the Galway Ind. site also noticed a dog, and I checked it out, its really hard to tell with the similar colored rocks in the back ground. Still, plausible.

    Another thing that cuaght my attention is the rather large grey object to the left. Its not on the street view, and it might be part of whatever that person is standing on. Also, if you look behind the first bank, there’s another bank with features you can’t see in the panorama view, which tells me that its also possibly someone walking on the bank behind the one in the panorama.

    I really wish people would do more investigating before publishing something like this. Chances are, its just a person, and I bet a little investigation would prove that conclusively.

  • Rob Morgan

    May I assure all readers of this article, that it is very likely to just be a person wrapped up to keep warm and dry. I know this area as I live in Galway, it is a very beatnik city, so all kind of wacky clothing is sported..LOl.
    Sorry no ghost here.

  • Digicom

    @whipthorn: I hardly think it is fair or reasonable to criticize Scott for posting this story just because you may or may not have found something out there that could possibly support an alternate theory.

  • whipthorn

    @Digicom: I was critizing Galway Ind., not Scott. I apologize to Scott if it came out that I was trying to critize him!

  • Must be a slow news day for them if a person in a coat is a ghost… 😛

  • Based on the limited information in the article linked – It’s another inconclusive IMO. Occam’s Razor would suggest it’s a person of the flesh and blood variety and that the photographer’s recollection of the event is flawed.
    As a professional photographer myself with over 30 years out ‘in the field’ taking landscapes I can say that I’m quite blinkered when concentrating on the shot in hand and
    fairly oblivious to what’s happening anywhere other than the shot. I’ve taken photos that later show certain ‘ anomalies’ that I didn’t see at the time but that doesn’t mean ghosts and UFOs were popping up in them.

  • Jon

    be cool if we could see the other photos, and maybe a time stamp on each one, then we could figure out if she had time to hide or run away if it was a hoaxer. Not sure where she would run to though. I’d have to see the other photos before I decided. 

    Just cause it looks like a normal human doesn’t mean it isn’t a ghost, as many people describe ghosts as looking exactly like normal people (until they walk through a wall or something) as those that describe them as transparent or ethereal. 

  • Pat

    Most Nuns (living or otherwise) mightnt have the luxury of a ‘coat’ like that (vow of poverty) I’m Irish and have lived here most my life, they usually wear light coats, don’t think the climate has changed much in the last few hundred years.
    It could be black plastic draped over a sign post! Or maybe a the ghost of a Russian Nun! (Hence the humongous coat!) 😉
    Haven’t heard that much about this photo over here btw.

  • TheGunslinger

    If you look closely at this picture the “figure isn’t actually standing on the grass but further back where the water curves round, could it be something like a mast from a small boat or some other apparatus on a boat hidden behind the mound?

  • Guest

    It looks like a woman wearing a coat, which is what I do when I’m in Ireland!

  • lisarombach

    Looks like Obe 1 Kanobe- sorry for the spelling