San Juan Mountain Bigfoot Video

San Juan Mountain Bigfoot Video

This video has been floating around for awhile now and every time I see it I hesitate on posting it up. Well, here it goes…

FindingBigfoot posted the following on their Facebook page:

One of the producers of Animal Planet’s Hit TV show informed FBFB that they have completed a preliminary investigation and the Youtube video, “Bigfoot of the San Juans” appears to be authentic. Just an FYI.
(We have not done an analysis on the film.)

Now, I’ve been reviewing countless videos for years. Videos that are said to show extraterrestrial, UFOs, Bigfoot, Chupacabras, ghosts and other creepy things that lurk in the darkest of imaginations. So when this video came across my desk, well there are a few red flags that popped up. Not to say that this is a complete hoax, but I find it suspicious when a producer of a television show is promoting anything.

The story behind the video is that a hiker was trekking through the San Juan Mountains in Colorado when he saw what he thought to be a bear off in the distance. When he paid closer attention, he noticed that this was no bear. The hiker described the creature as a very large man.

The only gripe I have about this video is that the hiker didn’t know how to use the zoom on his camera.