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This video has been floating around for awhile now and every time I see it I hesitate on posting it up. Well, here it goes…

FindingBigfoot posted the following on their Facebook page:

One of the producers of Animal Planet’s Hit TV show informed FBFB that they have completed a preliminary investigation and the Youtube video, “Bigfoot of the San Juans” appears to be authentic. Just an FYI.
(We have not done an analysis on the film.)

Now, I’ve been reviewing countless videos for years. Videos that are said to show extraterrestrial, UFOs, Bigfoot, Chupacabras, ghosts and other creepy things that lurk in the darkest of imaginations. So when this video came across my desk, well there are a few red flags that popped up. Not to say that this is a complete hoax, but I find it suspicious when a producer of a television show is promoting anything.

The story behind the video is that a hiker was trekking through the San Juan Mountains in Colorado when he saw what he thought to be a bear off in the distance. When he paid closer attention, he noticed that this was no bear. The hiker described the creature as a very large man.

The only gripe I have about this video is that the hiker didn’t know how to use the zoom on his camera.

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  • Snapp

    Not to pick on you or anything like that,but isn’t this becoming a bit of a double edged sword.

    People love to post and moan about how every video that gets posted is shaky and blurry and that discredits the whole thing, now there is a relatively stable video and you’re critiquing it because its not shaky enough? Where do we draw a line on this? If a video is ever to shaky or not shaky enough why even bother taking video anymore? Its to the point where I think people who do experience a sighting should just take in all the detail they can with their eyes and not even bother pulling out the camera anymore.

    I definitely agree that the lack of zoom is a very weird thing to do, but maybe that’s why the video is so stable. Most low end camera’s and cellphones develop a lot more shakiness as more zoom is used.

    Again I hope you don’t take this reply to your post personally I just saw your comment as an opportunity to make a generalization aimed towards a common response to these kinds of videos that get posted.

  • Marcus

    I don’t think you can judge on the fact he didn’t zoom as numerous (fairly recent) camera phones didn’t have zoom on the video. Also the fact he didn’t shake doesn’t say anything; I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t shake either!
    However saying that it just doesn’t look right…maybe almost too human and not ape enough? Who am I to question though as I’ve never seen a bigfoot! Basically its just inconclusive…

  • Ramon Vink

    Snapp, i agree with you. It is a very double thing. My argument on the shake bit is not so rock solid indeed. The zoom argument makes a bit more sense though. Or even, centering the object when filming, at least that is what i would try to do.

    Apart from this, i think the figure realy looks a lot more like a human in a black suit. Carefully walking around a bush and all..

    What would I do when I saw/filmed it? I would walk up there (okay, probably after he has gone), and try to find more evidence. Why did this guy only just film 20 seconds and go about his day? It makes no sense and indeed is one of the red flags IMO.

  • Mooreterry7

    The specimen moves to close to common man.
    Watch how it bends down at the end of film.

  • Yeah that guy in dark clothes is a dead ringer for a Sasquatch.  I used to respect this site.  You all are just getting desperate.  I still love YOU Javier, but Jen’s a bitch and Nobbles (Naomi) is a whore.

  • Valkyrie13

    Not cool at all to call people those names, Andy Walsh.

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