I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

A blogger by the name of Melissa Hovy has been maintaining a Bigfoot blog for quite some time now. It wasn’t until recently that the Sasquatch community caught wind that Melissa could be holding the ultimate photo of all ultimate photos depicting the big guy.

The story goes that four years ago Melissa was contacted by someone who claimed to have a clear picture of Bigfoot on a trailcam. The witness sent Mellisa the picture but wouldn’t allow her to publish it….until now that is.

Here is the photo along with commentary from Melissa herself:

In early 2008 I was contacted via email by a person claiming to have photographed a Bigfoot. The photo is posted above.

The American Bigfoot Society holds the copyright for this image for any and all purposes. As stated in the last article, if and when the true owner of this photo steps up, we will turn the copyright over to them, and they can cover this.

This image and its use on the various websites, discussion forums blogs and any other form of social media, for purposes of discussion/evaluation/research by the general public, Bigfoot Researchers and/or the media, BE ON NOTICE: the copyright MUST be maintained and placed on any images taken from this photo for any purpose and/or distributed or displayed in any manner.

This will be strictly enforced. Any questions about the use of this image should be emailed to the American Bigfoot Society at:

[email protected]

All website, forum, blog or any other form of social media owners, Bigfoot Researchers/enthusiasts/media and the general public, PLEASE be mindful, of potential hoaxers by maintaining the copyright on the image above. The use of this photo for hoaxing is our primary concern.

The ABS is not releasing this photo to help any potential hoaxer.

I know that everyone will have questions about this situation, but please understand there are questions that will NOT be answered about this photo and/or its owner:

1. Name of witness: This information will not be disclosed,

2. Statistical information about the witness: Age, race, or employment/occupation or marital status will not be disclosed,

3. Location of the witness: City, State, County or Address. This information will not be disclosed,

4. Number of images in this series: This will not be disclosed OR what number this photo is in the series,

5. One other researcher was sent this photo (that I know about): I will not release the name of this researcher at this time,or;

6. Any question that may compromise the witness and/or the integrity of information that could identify the witness and/or make it difficult to properly identify the witness should he/she come forward.

The American Bigfoot Society takes no particular stance on whether this is a photo of a Bigfoot or not. In other words, we do not know if this is in fact a Bigfoot or a hoax. The American Bigfoot Society has contacted and has allowed various professionals, in a number of fields, to view the photo in order to assess any information that may be contained within this photograph. While the American Bigfoot Society has the responsibility to protect their witnesses and any information we may have about them, the American Bigfoot Society also has the responsibility of exposing any photo, or evidence, which may lead to hoaxing. The American Bigfoot Society has NO information that this is in fact a hoax. We feel this photo can be released, analyzed and discussed without disclosing any information about the witness, thereby keeping our promise of confidentiality of our witnesses.

Information about the photo:

This witness asked for my (Melissa Hovey) help in seeking protection for what he/she claimed was a Bigfoot that had been coming onto his/her property.

The witness broke contact after becoming concerned for his/her privacy and the safety of the animal. He/she was concerned people would discover who he/she is and that he/she would be called, “crazy”. The witness also expressed concern that if his/her identity were discovered the alleged animal would be in danger of being killed.

The witness expressed in multiple emails that his/her interest was in protection of the alleged animal and not financial gain.

The witness stated this is one game cam photo in a series of photos.

The witness denies any form of manipulation to this photo, other than cropping the image.

Any conversations had between Melissa Hovey and the witness will not be disclosed. Even though the ABS is releasing this photo we still feel it is our responsibility to protect any information that may harm the investigation or the witness.

The photo has been examined and the ABS is in possession of these written opinions. I will do my best to have these opinions released as soon as possible. As is usually the case with opinions, photos and other miscellaneous information is sent, and can create difficulties in their uploading to the internet. My blog is a very temperamental site.

But, rest assured I have no desire to “string this out” any longer than I must – and that is only to make sure the information and the opinions given are published properly.

Just to clarify, Melissa isn’t making any claims. It’s up to the individual reader to decide what he or she believes.

I studied the picture extensively in a photo program as some “experts” claim the hair is a weave. What I found were individual hairs planted directly into the skin. Furthermore, I did an exhaustive search for film clips and even watched the movie, “The Unknown” in it’s entirety (I got a tip that the clip was in the film). Now, I’m no professional by any means, so what I say can be taken with a grain of salt. Furthermore, like Melissa, I’m not calling this either way.

While we all search for the truth in all this, I think we owe Melissa some props for maintaining integrity and holding the photo until such time as she could release it in clear conscience.

Thanks to Melissa’s blog for breaking this news.

  • Sartana

    I believe in the possibility of things.  But I am a skeptic until definitive proof is offered.  Too many people are eager to accept anything, even hoaxes, as “proof” something exists.  And much of this proof comes in the form of dubious entries by amateurs posing as serious researchers.  Many legendary creatures like the okapi and the mountain gorilla were proven to exist.  So might bigfoot.  As yet, no one knows.  I’ll leave it at that.

  • Joeyluislopez

    thats the top of some old persons head

  • AaronD2012

    Well, yes, you have to be that way; otherwise you’ll end up buying icecubes in Alaska. I was just explaining the claimed tree cam scenario as a possible reason the “creature” didn’t see a person…

  • Matt Ian Albano

    I love how the photog only shot it from behind so that we wouldnt see what the face looks like. Rubber mask? Makeup? Movie FX pieces? Nothing??? How convenient right?

  • Henry

     The picture is reportedly from a trail cam, a camera attached to a motion sensor. It’s not like there is a choice about the orientation of the subject.

  • Amywhite123

    trail cam…. hmmm…. most game cameras r placed between 18″ and 60″  off the ground for “big game”.  yet, here is a photo of the upper back and head of a 7′ (?) squatch?  hmmmm…..

  • Chiropriest

    It does not matter how high thecamera was or what type of tree is in the background or even that it seems so very convenient that the subject is faceing away from the camera.  Just look at the subject using moderate enlargement and anyone can see multiple areas where this photo has been digitally altered.  If you are not concerned by anything else, you should at least note the “weave” like pattern over many areas.  Compare that, to the foliage in the background.  The green foliage appears natural w/ smooth, shinny leaves.  Why is there an obivious unnatural pattern oiver the subject yet none over the background.  You do not need to be an “expert” in any area to see that this phopto has been altered.

  • AaronD2012

    Or maybe the Squatch was havin a bad hair day. Hey if we can bail out corporations why not spare some combs for the poor Squatches of our county’s wilderness!

  • Have you read anything apart from you wrote?  It was a trail cam, she wasn’t standing behind it moron.

  • Scott_McMan

     Actually, it’s been found out this week that it wasn’t a trail cam but a 35mm camera. By the way, Andy, you can give the name calling a rest.

  • DaveBusinessOnline

    Haha that is quality. Why do people get so offended when you try and hold an intelligent conversation with them? It seems that no matter what their opinion or the subject matter, if they think that you are wrong, they will resort to name calling.
    I do not trust any of these bigfoot photos as there have been so many fakes released lately and I do not like the bigfoot associations (or whatever they call themselves) copyrighting the photo. Is that even legal? Do they ask the person who sends them the photo to sign over copyright? Even if they do not know the name of the person who took the photo, it is still illegal to copyright an image that you did not take, especially when you are fully aware that you are not the owner of the image.
    There are too many stories from natives all over the world talking about a very similar animal for it to just be their imagination or a misidentification. I believe it is a new as yet unidentified species.
    It was only recently that they found a Bat in the Philippines that had a 16 foot wingspan. I saw a photo of it and good god, it was a monster.

  • I wonder if this is an overhead shot of a dog’s rump and tail? 

  • AaronD2012

    Hmmmm, awefully stumpy tail….but with photo editing, anything’s possible

  •  Want to end all doubt go to http://youtu.be/pCmNQwGlLaU

  •  Want to end all doubt go to http://youtu.be/pCmNQwGlLaU