Farmers Claim Winged Creatured Slaughtered 35 Sheep

Farmers Claim Winged Creatured Slaughtered 35 Sheep

Michoacán, Mexico. 35 sheep were found mutilated. One of the farmers who was tending to the livestock (Cows, pigs and others) claims to have seen a winged creature, with fangs and claws attacking the sheep.

Since the early 90s, Mexico has had several hysteria outbreaks regarding the infamous Chupacabras. This story reads like the old reports. One thing that stands out, was the description of the gashes found on some of the sheep. It was reported that some animals had their necks sliced, as if by a sharp blade.

Full source: DailyMail

When farmers in Mexico found 35 of their sheep slaughtered with significant claw and tooth marks around their necks, they had one creature to blame – the legendary chupacabra.

One man tending to the sheep overnight in the small Mexican town of Paracuaro said he saw animals with sharp fangs and wings kill the livestock.

Dubbed the ‘Bigfoot of Latin culture,’ the chupacabra is a legendary four-legged creature that many think is responsible for attacking and killing livestock.

However, there were also horses and pigs in the Paracuaro enclosure, which were found uninjured in the morning, Mexico’s Biario ABC reported.

The sheep’s owner, Agustin Carrillo Madrigal, said the pen was
One sheep can be seen with blood around its neck, but there appears to be little damage on the remaining animals.

Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum on Portland, Maine told the Huffington Post that it hardly looks like a vicious animal attack.

‘The bodies do not show a great deal of mutilation,’ he said.

‘Anything mysterious in Mexico is unfortunately labelled as ‘chupacabras.’
Full source: DailyMail