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A Flying Horse In West Virginia

January 17, 2018 – 11:51 PM | 4,454 views

In July of 1878 the New York Times wrote an article titled “What a West Virginia Farmer Saw.” The article talked about a telegram that had come from a small town in Parkersburg, West Virginia …

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Photo: “UFO” Shoots Light-Beam At Jetliner

Submitted by on March 16, 2012 – 10:03 AM6 Comments | 2,049 views

From UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock comes this interested story and photograph.

The photograph is of a supposed unidentified flying object that was spotted flying around a civilian flight from the UK to the Island of Cyprus. The majority of the people on board (including pilots) noticed the strange aircraft flying at tremendous speed. The above photograph supposedly shows the light reflection of a light beam that was shot towards the airplane from the UFO.
A MUFON report for this sighting was logged:

Case Number 36128

City Konia
Region Paphos
Country Cyprus
Latitude 34.7875909
Longitude 32.4635115
Location Resolution Geometric Cente


1. We where on a flight from the UK to the Island of Cyprus. The event happened more then half way through the flight and we took pictures and videos. 2. I was filming the view from the plane when i heard people talk about the object behind me. 3. I had no idea what it could have been when i first saw it. 4. The object flew fast next to the plane then slowed its speed to match the plane. two beams emerged from the object that seemed to be scanning the plane (evident in picture) Then the object suddenly changed direction in very fast speed. 5. When I first saw the object i was scared as i didn’t know what it was. the whole plane apx 100 people saw the objects and started to panic. the captain then asked everyone to fasten their seat belts and not to panic. 6. we lost sight of the object when it flew away in a speed much faster then our plane. There are more pictures and a short video I just didnt get a chance to load them to the PC  –source: UFO stalker


If anyone has any further information (or possibly a video) send it out way!


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  • Rmon

    LED flash on mobile phone + multi reflection in window = hoax.

  • Aaron Shapiro

    I agree, this is easily LED lights bouncing off the airplane window which is double paned, plastic / glass. This is way too obviously a fake, you can do it on any window. Come on, why did you even waste your time posting this? I can take a picture of my lamp in my window with the city in the background and it would look like a ufo can I send you that to post up here too? 

  • Ophu

    Refraction of light THROUGH windowpane smudges (hello) definitely indicate an outside source.

  • Henry

    The first question I have is, if there were so many cameras on the object, where are the other pictures? Then there are questions such as, where is the report of the pilot? A near air collision like this should have been reported. Was there a radar contact to support the sighting? And where are corroborating sightings? That is pretty damn busy airspace across the bulk of Europe, and the Mediterranean for there to be no other planes in sight at the time.

  • Dave

    “The above photograph supposedly shows the light reflection of a light beam that was shot towards the airplane from the UFO.” What? How can the photograph show a reflection of light outside the craft? What is the light reflecting off? The only possible way for a light to be reflected in a photo taken inside the plane is if the light was within the plane, otherwise it would be impossible to reflect unless it was something obsure like shining through the window and reflecting off a window on the other side of the plane. But that is highly unlikely as the photo seems to be taken with the camera (and person taking it) very close to the window.

    Plane windows have two thick layers of glass. The two lights at the bottom look like an LED flash from a camera of phone like a W800i.

    Then look at the next set of lights above, there are two which could easily be a double from the reflection within the glass. Above that are four dim lights with the same pattern. Again, this looks like a reflection. All the lights are doubles from the bottom up!

    Unfortunately, we again seem to have some fantastic evidence that has been poorly researched. Where are the other photos and video that the person reported?
    “There are more pictures and a short video I just didnt get a chance to load them to the PC” This makes little sense. So they had a camera and took multiple photos and a video, yet they have only been able to load ONE IMAGE onto their pc. Why? We all know how fast images from a camera of phone will copy over to a pc, so why could they only manage one photo? Seems very suspect to me…

  • AlienDan

     Agree, almost certainly a reflection on the window.