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  • Scary True

    I think that’s a fascinating story. A story like that is worth a dozen grainy videos or a hundred orb pictures.

  • Scott_McMan

    Key: Parents fighting all the time.

    Gunslinger, how much did they fight in real terms? Did the fights ever escalate to violence?  Did the police ever investigate your mothers disappearance. You speak of it sort of matter of factly, like you expected her to leave. Do you think your father is capable of murder?

    My final question would be about your siblings. Why no contact with them? It seems you all got along OK, didn’t you?

  • Valkyrie13

    Sounds sort of like my friend.  He grew up in a haunted house until he was about 12, and his mom attests to that.  His older brother has had problems his whole life, namely a man wearing all black who never really showed his face was ever-present.  This entity would tell him to crash his car when driving down the freeway and stuff.  He finally got on some medication a few years back and has been ok since.  In his case it was probably mental illness, obviously if the meds are helping it should be the case, but my friend and his mom truly believe that it all started with the house.  Their family is a pretty tight unit, no fighting or anything, if that matters.  I don’t really have any feedback except to commiserate via my friend’s experience. 

  • TheGunslinger

    Hi, the fighting with my parents only began after all the weird stuff had got so bad, upto then as far as I remember we had a great family life, i think it was because Mum wanted to leave and Dad didn’t want too, maybe because of losing money on the mortgage i don’t know. But the one thing that does stand out is my Dads epileptic fits, they weren’t like a normal fit where he would fall over and shake/twitch his were he would just completely change, facial expressions, mannerisms it was like a totally different person. He usually knew when one was coming on and he would tell Mum to take us and get out of the house and lock him in. My auntie’s told me Dad got terrifyingly violent during these changes and was impossible to pin down no matter how many people were on top of him. When he eventually came round he would have no recollection of what had happened. I don’t know if Mum and us ever never got out in time before one of his fits started and as far as i know the first time i found out about his fits i was 16.
    I don’t know if Mums disappearance was ever reported because we weren’t allowed to speak about her but I can tell you she wasn’t murdered. I know this as I tracked her down 2 years ago! We didn’t meet face to face, I sent her a letter saying I wasn’t looking for answers or to bring up the past but if she wanted to see me and meet her grandkids I would love to see her. The letter was returned stating I had the wrong person as she has no kids and never has. I know for a fact it’s her though as she has a very unusual name and very uncommon maiden name and was still using her married surname, also she lied as she has 2 daughters now and one of them has since been in touch saying its my Mum. Mum has since disowned her.
    As for my brothers, its weird we’ve just all distanced ourselves from each other, me I moved to South Africa for a number of years but am now living in the Scottish Highlands pretty much away from civilisation, one brother lives in wales and the eldest still lives in Lancashire and I’ve only just spoken to him last year after 20 years.

  • TheGunslinger

    It is fascinating but I wonder how much I would believe if it was somebody else’s story! Funny thing is I hate reading about orb stories, usually the pics could quite easily be explained by dust particles or light reflections and previously living in South Africa I’ve seen ball lightning which could explain some sightings but the one that attacked Dad certainly seemed to have a mind of its own

  • Scott_McMan

    Thank you for that response. It certainly clears up all my questions.

    I can’t imagine my mother just abandoning me. I’m very sorry.

    Sounds like you had a hard life with little love. I hope you have showered your own children with the love you may have missed out on.

  • Scott_McMan


    I am inclined to agree but unfortunately experience has shown that people tend to avoid the articles where there is a lot of reading involved.

    I prefer to write more cerebral articles but if I did more than just one or two a month, I’d start getting complaints.

  • TheGunslinger

    You got it spot on Scott_McMan, there wasn’t much love in my childhood and that is something I wont make the mistake of putting my children through.
    My kids are everything to me, love them to bits. Its a shame they’ll probably never get to know their Grandparents from my side but my wifes side more than makes up for it!
    Many thanks for your comments.

  • Scott_McMan

    Maybe it’s best that they don’t.

    Don’t thank me, I appreciate you trusting us with your story.

  • Dave

     Congratulations that the cycle is not being repeated. Maybe (not pointing fingers, but it seems likely as it always seems to happen in these situations) it was caused by the children. I know what my kids would do to me if they were unloved or not loved like they are my whole world! Disappointment and hatred within children can be very strong. Maybe it manifests its self in other means.

  • Jcqmaguirre

    Truly fascinating story. I feel so bad for you. It seems back then your mother and father did not know what they were experiencing let alone know how or whom to ask for help. It’s great to know you have since formed your own family and are OK. I am curious to know why your mother has stayed away from you all this time. Perhaps the entity threatened her or told her to? Who knows. Too many theories. I do however highly recommend this book to you: “A True Haunting” by Edwin F. Becker. I feel like the aftermath of his story is very similar to yours in regards to having family members leave and never return. I have also written to him and he is very informative on these matters.