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  • Sitereply

    Is it just me? I find parts of this story extremely confusing?

  • Jon

    A couple of bits could have been edited to read easier but i didn’t think it was badly written or anything. A cool story, I like that there are more submitted stories being posted these days, its good. 

  • Thank you for sharing, and yes I did have to reread a couple of things, but I clearly understood and found it fascinating!!!!

  • Scott_McMan


    We love to get submitted stuff. It runs like this sometimes. Then we have dry spells where nothing comes in.

    We do post most every submitted story we get.

  • Lindsay

    my homepage says, “howdy, lindsay.” IS THAT SOME SORT OF JOKE BECAUSE I’M FROM TEXAS?! 🙁

  • AaronD2012

    Yes, the wording is choppy and a couple places are confusing ” And my husband and I who got on like a house on fire and married several years still threw each other against walls (in the “fun” way…*wink wink*) and crawled up each other’s bodies were fighting. And it was bad, I nearly left him.”   say whaa?  But a cute story nevertheless. 

  • Valkyrie13

    Mine says “Welcome Queen Valkyrie, all hail Queen Valkyrie,” and is accompanied by trumpets playing and then my computer screen throws virtual rose petals my way as little virtual villagers kowtow to me.  Some even cry to express how grateful they are to be in my presence.  And they should be or off with their heads.  But hey, “Howdy” is better than being given the finger, right? 😉

  • RednGreen

    Linds, mine says Howdy, too. Although I currently live in Fla, I am an Okie…. Val is right, could be much worse lol