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Some four people captured these strange lights hovering above St. Petersburg on Monday night. The lights were probably viewed by many more, since they shone in a brilliant orange glow against the dark sky.
There were several videos uploaded to YouTube which shows the lights in different angles.

“I filmed this out of the window in the evening,” wrote one person, who identified himself only as Newnarva. “There were two objects. After I ran for my camera, only one was left.”

The 27-second video, titled “UFO or What Is It?”, shows four bright lights hovering in the pale evening sky to the side of a tall building before disappearing behind it.

One viewer wrote under the video that he also had seen the lights but had not managed to film them.

Similar videos of unidentified lights were uploaded by YouTube users stepacademymail, monplezirvideo and Marina Muskina. Voices can be heard in the videos trying to make sense of the lights.

The BaltInfo news agency said the whole city was discussing the sightings and that its offices had received phone calls from worried residents.

“My daughter who lives over on Grazhdanke told me about a UFO,” one caller said. “I live on Komendantsky Prospekt. I looked out the window and also clearly saw an orange spot. Then one spot separated and plummeted downward. The spot flickered, disappeared and reappeared. It is visible in various neighborhoods.
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The videos don’t show much, other than some bright orange lights. This could be anything from a blimp to a kite fashioned with LED lights (something we’ve seen a lot of). The unidentified flying objects did not have any discernible anti-collision lights. You know, those blinking red lights on all aircraft?

Some of the uploaded videos show the strange lights in a cluster formation.

  • Valkyrie13

    At first I was like =/
    But then I was like =/

  • PCola Native

    I would like to send a message out to whatever intelligent life may be behind these lights: we’re bored with the light shows. Lights in the sky do nothing for us. I mean, have any of you intergalactic travelers ever seen The Matrix movies? Now THERE’S some  sh*t! With these lights, we can’t tell if they’re (usually) faked, and so we simply don’t care anymore.

    Land a freaking saucer someplace (preferably an “E” class) where we can actually film it, with lots of witnesses (you don’t have to get out, just land, sit there for a few minutes and take off again). THEN we may be interested in your scrawny little alien asses.

  • Rmon

    Can somebody explain to me why never ever someone films the ufo’s from underneath? It is always extremely far away. Just wondering. 
    The last vid is the most interesting i think. It shows, when you scroll through the video, that the lights indeed change ‘formation’. I cannot deny that.

  • Rmon

    Byyyyy the way. The second vid.. the guy is not focusing at all, the diamond shape is the internal irirs of the camera. Just fyi.
    Curse you, autofocus!

  • Henry

    That cube looks familiar.  A second sighting of that particular shape in a matter of weeks.

  • Ophu


  • To follow up to Ramon’s comment: “never ever someone films the ufo’s from underneath?”

    St. Petersburg is served by five airports.

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