Real Life Horror: Girl Describes Progress Of Her Own Suicide On Facebook

Posted by Scott McMan | April 11, 2012 23

It would seem that our lives are more and more public as we all join social networks. Many are so addicted to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc… that they are now keeping friends and fans updated on everything. I know people who live on their select social network to the effect of the real world transforming into the virtual one.

I was very saddened this week when I read about a guy who was running from the law. What’s the big deal here you say? He was actually stopping every so often to update his status and chat with friends on Facebook. Some of these friends were cheering him on and offering advice and/or warnings. Do they not realize that they could easily be charged with aiding a fugitive?

The sad part is that in today’s pop culture, this is par for the course and nothing is too extreme anymore as long as it can be shared with millions of people and get tagged with a “like”.

As I said, I was saddened by the flippant attitude toward the fugitive, that is until today when I happened across the following:

Taiwanese Woman Commits Suicide While Chatting on Facebook

What would you do when you find out the Facebook friend you are chatting with is trying to kill herself?

Most people would call the police for help in stopping the suicide, but the Facebook friends of Claire Lin instead, tried to talk her down.

In the end, they failed as she asphyxiated herself.

Even more bizarrely, the Taiwanese woman was posting updates about the situation and what she was experiencing as she was doing herself in.

One of the chilling photos uploaded by Lin showed her room filled with smoke from a charcoal barbeque burning next to two stuffed animals.

The terrifying event lasted more than an hour, with Lin continually chatting with friends and posting updates about her ongoing asphyxiation.

Her last sad entry read, “Too late. My room is filled with smoke. I just posted another picture. Even while I’m dying, I still want FB (Facebook). Must be FB poison. Haha.”

Apparently, Lin was in unhappy with her boyfriend for ignoring her and not coming home to be with her on her birthday.

I bet the boyfriend was filled with remorse when he found her body the following day and had to explain the situation to her family.

As we sit in movie theaters and hope to be frightened by the latest horror flick it is considered entertaining because, after all, it’s fictional. Now imagine being able to interact with the characters on the movie screen.

When the lines of fiction and reality are crossed and those who are looking on become so desensitized by the media and the interwebs, the gravity of a situation can elude them.

Of all the people who looked on as Claire Lin slowly killed herself, not one of them even considered picking up a phone and dialing 911. Is it because they were sadistic, or wanted to see how it all played out? Maybe a little, but I think moreover they felt empowered by their ability to speak directly to her as she expired. In that state of mind, everyone becomes a qualified therapist. There’s also the “cool” aspect of something so extreme happening right before their eyes that they themselves are a part of. In my opinion this feeling can easily cloud judgment.

I’d be willing to bet my last dollar that Claire Lin was begging for help no matter what she was saying. She was committing suicide on a social network hoping that maybe her boyfriend would see it and somehow have a change of heart. At the very least, she was crying out for attention and needing someone to step in and stop her. Maybe she was trying to bluff through it and it ended up backfiring. In any case, Claire Lin needed help, real help that can only come from a 911 call.

I’m not even going to get into the psychology behind someone killing themselves with reasoning such as hers, as that’s another disturbing commentary of a world gone wrong.

What I will do is ask the question; is this what we are? Is this an example of what we can expect in the future? Will our culture become so voyeuristic, so interactive, that our traumas will be played out for all to see and take part in? Will even the last refuges of common sense be shocked out of us a little at a time?

Where does it stop? We now have a dead girl who had her whole life ahead of her. What would you be thinking right now if you had been one of those who was tuned in to her suicide? Would you feel a sense of responsibility?….No? My point exactly……

From saddened to shocked and horrified in a matter of two days.

Thanks to Von Capulong at Weird Asia News for this story.

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  • JohnP


    sick that not one person called 911.

    on the other hand you do read stories about people who DO intervene in similar situations and people are saved, ie: the story of the girl in canada who was online with a boy in england and managed to keep him from killing himself through phoning authorities.

    Equally sick is all the weirdo porn sites and real footage of death of all forms in short video snippets all over the web…there are site dedicated to showing the viewer the sickest most twisted stuff in the name of freedom of free speech etc…blows the mind.

    Almost desensitizing whole young generations at a time…and everyone scratching their heads when someone goes to a school …with a loaded weapon…etc…

    The fact theres no policing of the internet is insane and I am sure generations from now will agree. In fact they will probably say things like “I can’t believe how long the world was insane for?”

    that is if we havent destroyed the human race altogether by then.

  • Ophu

    Would you rather have your freedom of speech taken away?

    Yes, it was horrible, but part of the problem is also that we’re always trying to find someone or something to blame. We’re always publicly pointing the finger, and that’s what she was doing–at her boyfriend. Lots of people commit suicide, though not all do it so publicly. Her friends could’ve done more, but there is no telling how rational people will react in a stressful, non-rational situation.

  • Ophu

    Maybe her friends were afraid that if they sent the police there, she might have taken out a knife and slit her own throat. If someone is that determined to end it all, there is no telling what they will do. Then there is also the problem of us here in the West trying to understand Asian cultures, which can be vastly different from our experiences.

  • The Oshmar


  • Ophu

    Another evolved trait is compassion. ^~

  • The Oshmar

    That’s an emotion, not an evolution.

  • Ophu

    It evolved as one of our higher functions, as higher-functioning creatures, whether for good or ill. I like to think it helps us.

  • The Oshmar

    Well, I’m not here to teach evolution.

  • Armondo the Baker of Bread

    not to sound uneducated, but does Taiwan have an easy to reach emergency system like 911? regardless without an address or phone number, a name and a profile picture aren’t enough for most people to be able to call and identify the woman to the Police, the blue ring on my finger lets me hope that of the 9 friends bearing witness to this tragedy at least 1 attempted to contact authorities, but was unsuccessful.

  • AaronD2012

    A similar incident occurred in my small town a couple decades ago. Girl was depressed over a boyfriend and “attempted suicide” with a shotgun. Her dying words to the paramedics were “I only meant to get *****’s attention, please don’t let me die!”  This girl underestimated the deadly power of the firearm. And due in no small part to the media which has minimized, and often glamorizes suicide as the ultimate attention getter and acquizition of sympathy over a situation.  And some theories of the afterlife suggest that they will get to come back in another body, in a life void of their current problems–a chance to “start over” if you will. IMO, this has reduced the severity of suicide to a simple return policy of life which needs to be taken a lot more serious! The Bible states specifically “…it is appointed to man once to die, thereafter the judgment.”  

  • Markplumley

    I’m a firefighter/EMT and all the time I see people who get thrown into situations where they have a chance to help. I’m happy to say that a lot of the people in this situation do respond well, and at least try to do SOMETHING, even if they do not have the proper training to do exactly what is needed. This situation is reprehensible to me. I can’t believe that not one person would call 911, or even GO OVER TO HER HOUSE and stop her. It is possible that no one was close enough, but I doubt that at least one of her “friends” talking to her wasn’t close enough to do something.
    Sad day for our species.

  • Lindsay

    this is dumb as hell. i’m sorry, and you can hate all you want, but i do NOT feel sorry for people who commit suicide. especially if you’re going to update your godd*mn facebook while doing so. that girl was looking for attention. you can call me heartless or cold or whatever, but i don’t feel bad for people who commit suicide. you can ALWAYS turn your life around and make the best out of it. it’s selfish as hell and it’s an easy way out. and if you’ve lost a family member or friend to sucide, i am truly sorry for your loss. i just couldn’t imagine wanting to kill myself.

  • Valkyrie13

    Linds, I don’t hate, I never hate.  But I think most people who commit suicide are suffering from depression, and that’s not something easily fixed.  I know when I have a cold if I don’t take cold medicine I feel like crap, I just can’t ‘feel healthier.’  I suspect it’s something like people suffering from depression, they can’t just ‘feel happier.’  But yeah, life almost always gets better, it can take so many unbelievably unexpected turns and awesomeness can reign awesomely.  

  • Archard

    A relative of mine committed suicide, it was just after they chucked people out of asylums. He was severely bi-polar and left on his own for days… it was not a cry for help he was trying to stop people feeling obliged to look after him. That was incredibly sad and I don’t think it’s about feeling sorry for suicides… it’s about understand why some people feel they have nothing else to offer, or nothing to loose. 
    I am lucky my disorder has been treated and I have had supportive family but I’d never do something like that on FB because I would know to talk to someone. If I had seen that I’d be dialling 999 (911 to USA) and trying to prevent it.

  • Lindsay

    i agree with you, val, and like i said, i don’t mean to sound cold. suicide just rubs
    me wrong. idk why but i just get so angry when i hear about people
    taking their lives. ESPECIALLY because a girls boyfriend ignored her.
    and to sit there and update your facebook while you’re asphyxiating
    yourself?! the hell is wrong with people these days. i mean, uploading
    pictures of it happening?! that’s just sick. but i do think the friends
    could have called the police or actually tried to do something about it.
    i mean, i understand that if you’re depressed, you can’t just wake up
    one morning and be all better. i know it doesn’t work that way, but why
    take your own life? life is beautiful and it’s a gift. i’ve been
    severely depressed and never once thought of taking my life. i didn’t
    like the way things were so i changed them. i moved to colorado and
    loved it. and now i’m one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. i
    have, “it can’t rain all the time” tattooed on my wrist as a reminder
    that things will ALWAYS get better. life isn’t going to constantly shit
    on you. you weren’t put on this earth to be consistently shit on your
    whole life. and i wish that some people could see that. and i’m not
    saying that moving and changing things is always going to work for
    everyone. everyone’s different, but it did work for me. blahh, sorry.
    suicide just really gets my rant button pushed!

  • Archard

    I understand it can press a button but also please… try to understand that for some people (and I really don’t generalise here and in many ways can agree with what you say) there’s just nothing else on their mind. 
    I think the boyfriend reason is probably not the whole thing, I’m still gobsmacked no one called the police or something. 
    Life is a great thing, if (like me) you can come out of that feeling the right side then you have definitely got a better gift for it. I was lucky, now I love to live every moment I can with a new experience, sometimes it isn’t all love and happiness but I try to focus on getting back to it.
    And I REALLY hope that made sense… and apologise if it doesn’t. ^^

  • Lindsay

    very happy for you :)

  • Valkyrie13

    Lindsay, you have a zest for life that is infectious and I think all the GTers have enjoyed and benefited greatly from it :)  Yeah, taking one’s life because of a romantic crises is utterly tragic, unnecessary, and preventable.  Moving or doing something new helps so much.  

  • AaronD2012

    Suicide is, in fact, murder. The only difference is the perpetrator never stands trial.

  • The Oshmar

    But then again they don’t make you stand trial for attempted suicide, like they do for attempted murder.

  • AaronD2012

    Good point–Just another querk in the system……maybe they should :) 

  • Archard

    it used to be a crime here in England, Suicide was considered “self-murder” 
    Another useless fact brought to you by Archard 😉

  • AaronD2012

    Ahh…not “useless” ! I actually appreciate that post. I think our laws should include legal consequences for suicide attempts, and some kind of “Hall of Shame” character label for those who succeed. As it stands, it’s seen by many as the ultimate pity cause. We all have problems, we all experience depression at one level or another, but God gave us our life so we should appreciate it. When someone ends their life, they are only thinking of their needs and not the many loved ones who will suffer in the wake of their selfish actions.

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