Make A Home With Bigfoot

Make A Home With Bigfoot

What will it take to get someone to come forward with proof that Bigfoot exists? There are the presumed book deals and movie of the week offers, the glamour and bright lights of the talk show circuit! Show business! But few people appreciate how exhausting that sort of life can be, you never have any time to your self, always catching a “red eye” flight to the next city and the next appearance, signing autographs, at the mercy of your adoring public. I know it gets to me sometimes, but what can you do?

You need a getaway, a place to retreat to far from the bright lights and screaming crowds of Broadway or Hollywood. Well, now you can be the proud owner of a home in Fayettville, Arkansas. Enjoy the clean Ozark Mountain air in the third largest city in the state. Voted in 2008, Kiplinger’s “Best Cities to Work, Live and Play” list featured Fayetteville as #7. U.S. News ranked Fayetteville one of the best places to retire. Fayettville has a rich history, going back to the American Revolutionary war. The town, once named Washington was, in 1829 renamed Fayettville for the French general Lafayette who came to the aid of the revolutionaries.

So for the small matter of proving the existence of Bigfoot, you can call this lovely town home.

From Fayettville Free Thinkers

Reward: Bring in Bigfoot, Get a Free House

Post by fayfreethinker » Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:09 pm
Hello everyone. From time to time the Fayetteville Freethinkers have offered rewards for evidence of paranormal powers demonstrated under careful and proper observing conditions. It’s been reported that Arkansas is in 3rd place for having a lot of “Bigfoot” activity, so on behalf of one of our members, we are offering the reward of a house in Fayetteville to anyone who can catch Bigfoot and bring him in.

The following affidavit provides the legal details and is presented to demonstrate the full legitimacy and legally binding nature of this offer:

If you have Bigfoot, contact this attorney. Other inquires can be directed to:

UPDATE: A Mr. Coleman at Cryptomumdo has posted several pictures of unlivable homes which obviously are not relevant to our offer above.

Further information: The home being offered as reward was built in the 1970’s, is currently occupied, rents for $550, has an enclosed garage and sits on .75 of an acre in the city of Fayetteville. It’s approximate realistic value (somewhat depressed in today’s market) is $80,000. Reasonable people will understand that giving the location or posting a picture would open its present occupant to potential harassment.

Well, naturally if you combine an open media outlet such as the internet with the natural attention seeking that goes along with sensational stories such as UFOs, Ghosts and Cryptozoology there is certainly the possibility that this could be a hoax. In pursuit of verification I have contacted that Free Thinkers to inquire if this offer is for real:

GT: Naturally I do not wish to pursue a story that is false and perpetuate a hoax, so could you answer a few questions when and if convenient?
Could you tell me if this is a valid offer?”

FFT: The offer is absolutely valid and legally binding as per the affidavit at the above link.

GT: “If so, what prompted this offer?”

An exchange in the comment thread of this newspaper article:

GT: “How do you come by ownership of the house that is to be the reward for proof of Bigfoot?”

FFT: The house is owned by a member of our group. The rights to it will be signed over to a person who can produce Bigfoot, as outlined in the affidavit posted on our forum at the above link.

GT: “What response have you had?”

FFT: Yours is the first.

GT: “Also I would like to sign up for your newsletter to this email address.”

FFT: Welcome aboard.

kind regards,

But, GT being a site dedicated to a certain amount of scepticism, I double checked and also contacted the attorney named in the above affidavit for his confirmation and opinion on the subject:

Yours is the first response I have received, though others may have appeared on line (I do not check the site personally).

No evidence has yet been proffered and I doubt any ever will be, since we are requiring a specimen sufficiently intact to prove that it really is “Bigfoot” as that term is defined in the document. For my part, I am convinced no such creature exists. But of course I could be mistaken….

I assure you the offer is valid. My client owns the house in fee simple absolute and it is a decent and very liveable residence. While its value is difficult to determine, I roughly estimate it at at least $80,000.00.

Anyone presenting a Bigfoot will be its new owner.

I would like to thank the Fayettville Freethinkers and Mr. Klebanoff for their responses to my inquiries

I realize now I forgot to ask if zoning allows livestock on the property, in case someone brings in a live one. But there you have it. Produce a Bigfoot and you will be the proud owner of a home in Fayettville Arkansas. Please remember to attain all the proper licenses and permits as required by local ordinance in whatever area you choose to carry out your search. Good luck and let’s be careful out there.

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