Alien Visitors, Are “They” US?

Alien Visitors, Are “They” US?

Steven Hawking once threw a party for time travellers, he made the announcement public so that it could be found by any future historians who might live in a world when technology allows travel back in time. No one showed up. Possibly they got the date wrong.
It happens.
Time Travel isn’t exactly easy you know.

One problem with the future is we simply do not know what is going to happen. What catastrophes might drastically alter our world? We might need to start over from scratch and re-invent the wheel. Granted we will be starting from a better place than our primitive ancestors, but mere paper invitations to a wonderfully poetic party could easily be destroyed beyond recovery. And honestly, many nations have laws around sharing technology with other contemporaries, and most of us have probably seen “Star Trek” and could recite the Prime Directive. Is it really such a bad idea to have such a rule? With our current state of record keeping, what need would future historians or anthropologists have to observe us in this time? Unless those records were lost?

This is an idea that has been around for a while.
I would like to thank Chris Holly for permission to reproduce her view on the subject.

From CHRIS HOLLY’S Paranormal World

Are We Visiting US from the Future or is it all Alien Intrusion ?

For many years I did not consider UFO’s , abduction or lost time events were in any way connected to time travel. I did not believe humans could time travel or that they would return to the past if they could.

I have had a bit of a change in my opinion about this since I have been writing about these subjects along with my own personal encounters with the unknown. I now feel it is as much a possible answer or an added problem besides Aliens that humans from the future may be those visiting, taking and using the humans of our time now.

I feel this way as I realize we are heading full speed ahead in to a dangerous error of mixing man with machine. I feel it is not impossible we continued down this path until we became as much or perhaps more machine than living biological life. If this is what our future holds it is not illogical that we lost our way and our ability to continue producing the DNA and other human biological needed elements needed to continue producing human life. If our future holds a hybrid human who is developed rather than born we may have lost our ability to reproduce without the need of pure human beings.

With that said it is as possible to have other life forms from our universe as it is to have time travelling humans from the future visiting and abducting us.

I think we need to consider all areas of possible answers to the questions we have involving all the unknowns we now are facing all over the world. I do not think it is just one other species from our cosmos who may come our way as that does not make sense with knowing the extent of the universe around us. I am sure there are many forms of alien life out there. I do not think it is impossible that dimensions are at play with some of our unknown encounters as well. We know we have limited understanding in this area which tells me that dimensional visitors are as likely as universal ones.

My main point is that we are very limited in our knowledge concerning all these subjects and must remain open minded until we have a better understanding of how all these things work and who may be visiting us. The only thing I do know as fact is that we are being visited, some of us are being taken, some of us are returned and we have no idea at all who or what is doing it.

We see things daily all over the world in our sky and have no idea at all what we are looking at. We hear things, video things, and photograph things all without truly understanding what we are capturing. I have written about UFO’s of all types and shapes including flying buildings without any idea who or what is piloting them. I have seen crafts with my own eyes and walked my own road with the unknown still without understanding who or what stood right in front of me. I do know it is time for us to consider all things and to stop using these subjects as a game or fun. It is now time to get to the getting when it comes to understanding the unknown. How long do we all intend to stay the most ignorant beings around? I for one would like to know what is going on before it is too late for our own good. If we are doomed and our future is visiting us I imagine it may be too late to change it. If we are losing our humanity and we are being visited by who we will become it maybe I am wrong and we could do something to change and keep our humanity intact. The fact is until we smarten up and stop using the unknown as our playtime fun zone we will remain the dumbest kids on the universal block!

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Is it possible the future is in such a bad state that they/we need to revitalize the race with the DNA of the past? That raises so many questions. If travellers are coming from so far in the future that this process is necessary, I have to wonder if they might not have evolved to the point that our antiquated genetic materials might no longer be compatible. Then of course they might have the capacity to over come such a hurdle, but if that is the case, why do they need our genetic input at all? We are already capable of a level of genetic manipulation.

Time travel itself is problematic. Difficult enough to accept travel from other stars. We do know gravity effects time, but will a time machine stay “anchored” to the Earth? Theories about wormhole travel require large distances to accomplish time dilation, and are after all only a sort of cheating of spatial travel. What I consider actual time travel is removal from one time to another without traversing the relevant space. and that poses problems. After all the Earth is spinning on its axis (with a slight wobble thrown in) while orbiting the sun as the solar system is orbiting the galactic core and the whole shebang universe is expanding. That is a lot of vectors and velocities to account for in a temporal trip of even a few hundred years to hit a specific target and find your way back.

Then there is the theory that if you could travel in time, any change you make in that existing time-line causes a branching of time-lines to occur. How do you navigate the correct branch to get home? It is an interesting idea, and there certainly are reports of abductions that include sampling of genetic material, even reports of forced breeding.

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