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  • Dung Particle

    This story has me scratching my head…

  • Valkyrie13

    What’s interesting to me is that scratching can make a minor wound much worse, and so when poltergeist activity starts out with a scratch and then escalates into more dangerous activities, it sort of parallels our own biological function of scratching in an interesting way. 

    If a poltergeist was trying to get my attention right now, I wouldn’t even notice. Yesterday in my ‘hood there was a total police standoff and I heard the helicopter and stuff but was too engrossed in stuff I was doing to be cognizant of what it all meant.  I suppose I should probably cultivate a bit more of an attentiveness to my surroundings for the sake of self preservation.

  • Margaret Hall

    Scratching sounds?  No.  But how about laying in bed and looking up at the ceiling fan (which is turned off) when all of the sudden the chain to the fan, which is about 12 inches, starts swinging rather violently; like someone just slapped it with a hand to make it swing. The chain to the light switch, also about 12 inches but higher set than the fan chain, didn’t move at all.

    In the same room, different day, I’m doing my hair and make-up sitting on the bed.  All of sudden I distinctly feel a finger pushing into my left shoulder blade.  Pushing me hard enough to make me rock forward.  Just like you might do someone standing in front of you in line when you want them to move on.

    These are things that have occurred in my dad’s house on occasions when I’ve been visiting.  I’m not afraid of it at all…. but I also don’t like it one bit.  My dad has never been wholly concerned with any paranormal activity in his house.  He knows about my experiences and will occasionally share some of his.  I think he has experienced much more than he admits.  

    All I can say is that I’m glad I don’t live there and the other kids can have my share of the inheritance where the house is concerned.

  • remoteplanet

    It does not sound like something to be concerned about, even if the sound was initially alarming, and occurred two times, 25 years apart.  When I was in high school, I was home alone one day and I heard an incredible loud metallic shriek sound from the bathroom.  It also alarmed me, and I was glued to my chair.  But once I worked up the nerve to check it, there was nothing, and the sound was never heard again.   Of course it remains in the unknown being unexplained, and it makes for a good anecdote!  I suspect that something to do with the plumbing might explain what happened in my house when I was a teenager, and I think natural causation, whether the sound recurs or not, is often to be found – even if it cannot be pinpointed. 

  • Goldfoot666


    We had sort of similar problems which indirectly resulted in us moving
    apartments. We had moved into an old firestation complex that had been
    converted into apartments. Nothing much of note happened for a couple of years,
    apart from one guest noting she had her head yanked back one morning whilst
    brushing her teeth, and the alarming rate at which the various bulbs around the
    place burnt out (at least one a week) – could be faulty wiring etc? Who knows?

    Anyhoo, the start of 2011kicked into gear with bangings on the walls; my
    partner heard a gruff voice saying her name in the hallway one Sunday afternoon
    – she thought I had come back room the gym early and turned round to greet me,
    but only greeted an empty hallway. The main ‘biggie’ was the time we were sat
    chatting in the open-plan living room one quiet evening, when we heard a
    ‘swishing’/’scraping’ noise from the kitchen which was less than 10ft from the
    sofa we were sat on. Needless to say we were rather perturbed and couldn’t even look in the direction the sound was coming from; we tried to
    ignore it by talking a bit louder to each other, but we read on the other’s
    face that we could both hear it. The scraping noise lasted for between 3-6 seconds
    each time, with pauses of a few seconds inbetween, then it would start again.
    This happened 5 times, one after the other, then we heard a clatter in the
    kitchen. We jumped up and walked the few paces to the kitchen and saw a plaque
    with my partner’s name on it had ‘dropped’ off the fridge door and had landed
    at the opposite end of the small kitchen. I must point out at this juncture
    that our fridge had a wooden door and as such fridge magnets had to be
    blutacked on.

    shaken up, I took the blutack off the plaque and swirled it round the fridge
    door, and the sound was EXACTLY the same as what we had just heard.


    me, we went through every single possibility of what it could’ve been; when you
    live in a place that ‘stuff’ goes on in, you’d rather NOT believe it was


    we moved in September last year, nothing has happened apart from one rather big
    thing. I’m typing this at work, so I’ll save it for another time J

  • Goldfoot666

    Ooh ooh! My partner reminded me of another incident; we were in bed and heard footsteps at the far side of the room…as if someone were walking over the same patch of carpet, audible thuds. Once again, frozen to the spot we talked slightly louder to ‘cover’ the noise lol This continued in much the same pattern as the fridge scraping – stopping, starting etc Then it stopped for a longer period (2-3 minutes), then started up again, this time it sounded a lot closer, like a foot away from the bed! We couldn’t see anything (carpet depressing etc) just this sound, which stopped after a few seconds.

    Never heard it again.

  • Jodie

    I suggest you call an exterminator if you hear other noises.

    I have a question, and my question is “based” on my personal experience (and my friend’s as well): apart from the noise, did you “feel” anything?

    In my experience, the presence of an entity (ghost…) is not something you hear, although noises may be produced, but is something you “feel”, something you “preceive”. I have arrived to one point where when there’s a supernatural presence around, I just feel it, and that feeling cannot be confused with anything else.

    Since it seems to me that your experience is only about hearing a noise (no perceptions, no apparitions, non poltergeist…), I suggestthat  you call an exterminator, then wait and see what happens.

  • peter

    Jodie, I understand what you are saying but please believe me when I say it is absolutely impossible for any large animal to gain access to the foundations of our property. You are talking concrete footings and concrete base, and the only large animals we have but rarely seen are badger and fox. And as regards feeling anything the answer is no, just the hair standing up on my neck, it was just like a ufo sighting one minute life is normal the next you are looking at something in the sky, then its gone and only you saw it. As I have said I hope to get a look under the floor boards later this year and hopefully I will get an answer.
                                                Yours Sincerely Peter