Ghost Box: Pareidolia Through White Noise

Ghost Box: Pareidolia Through White Noise


Everyone’s aware that Thomas Edison had a number of patents, ranging from the practical to the bizarre. One of his most bizarre experiments was a device he was tinkering with that could allow him to communicate with the dead. The infamous Ghost Machine.

In the 1920 October issue of The American Magazine, Thomas Edison said the following during an interview:

“I have been at work for some time building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us.”

This statement has served as a catalyst in today’s search for communicating with the afterlife. Many people believe that a contraption can be build to help us communicate with the other side. That is to say, if you believe in life after death.

Well, according to MassMostHaunted’s YouTube video, the “Ghost Box” does just that.


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If you’re not familiar with a “ghost box” let me explain how the device works. Or at least give you an overview.

The device is a receiver that scans, or cycles, through the radio spectrum. Since it is constantly scanning the airwaves, it generates white noise that is infused with AM/FM stations. The theory is that a “ghost” could then manipulate the spoken words and through the white noise, communicate with the living. The device has dials and other trinkets that help the user “tune in” to the other side. That’s it.

I’ve always said that this “ghost box” just works on the principals of pareidolia. A user will hear what they want to hear when they press their ears to the speaker that is generating white noise and non-stop radio chatter.

That being the case, then why do people use these devices while ghost hunting?

To answer that question, we should be asking other important questions like:

“What is a ghost? Is it unexplained residual energy”
“How do you measure that energy?”

Almost all “ghost hunters” use electro-magnetic readers, but do they really know what they are “reading”? Sure a spike on an EM device says that there is some strong magnetic forces at play, but so what? My bathroom has a lot of strange electromagnetic fields due to the wiring, but that doesn’t mean that it’s haunted. Or does it? Oh shit…