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1996 Varginha, Brazil. Several residents of the small town reported seeing strange and terrifying humanoid creatures crawling about their town. The Brazilian government had been receiving reports of strange lights in the night sky several days earlier, but it wasn’t until the calls from the townsfolk that sent the government scattering to Varginha. The reports state that military officials managed to capture a few of the 3 foot tall humanoids and awaited instructions from the United States military.

The Varginha Incident is known as “Brazil’s Roswell”, as the story follow similar scenarios as the one in Roswell. Hospital personnel being exposed to alien creatures, crashed flying saucer and mounds and mound of government cover-ups.

This recent SyFy documentary shows how the Varginha UFO incident unraveled.

  • Rafael

    Hi, my name is Rafael and I’m a brazilian guy… I’d like to remember you that it happend in 1996 ok? The correct date is 1996.

  • ghosttheory


    You’re right. typo on my part. Thanks.


  • Higgs Boson

    Nick Pope face expressions tell it all. He is sad and depressed.

  • tipster

    The soldier’s phone call seems a bit fake to me. The man is speaking in Portuguese from Portugal. This is not uncommon at all in brazil, but it seems a long shot. I could also go as far as the phone call being scripted or faked into the movie, simulating possible real dialog.

  • fee
  • Relax, I’m back.

    I thought this article said something about a Vagina UFO.  I was slightly disappointed. 

  • Valkyrie13

    Dude, you got like, vagina envy or something?  I kid.  If Freud had been a woman… cuz penis envy and all, you know… anyway. I have to admit that was my first thought when I saw the headline.  Fun stuff. 

  • Blue Mann

    This mysterious Vagina incident piqued my interest…..sounds like a deep subject.

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