Photos: Beast Of Hackney Marsh Sighted?

Photos: Beast Of Hackney Marsh Sighted?

30 years ago witnesses reported what they referred to as a beast in the marshes of the London Borough of Hackney.

Area residents were so distraught that it sparked a full blown search by authorities who suspected there was a bear on the loose in the area.

Now a new report has surfaced bringing back memories of the beast.

university student Helen Murray was out for a walk near the Old River Lea when she saw a shaggy black animal that she says was bigger than a human. At first she thought it might be dead but when it moved she took a couple of photos with her cell phone and then ran in terror.

Here’s the report from London 24:

The ‘Beast of Hackney Marshes’ mystery

A strange creature has been captured on camera on Hackney Marshes – 30 years after the unexplained sighting of another mystery beast sparked a full-scale search for a suspected bear on the loose.

Terrified university student Helen Murray said she took the snaps while out for a stroll near dense woodland close to a path near the Old River Lea on bank holiday Monday earlier this month.

She said she was stopped in her tracks by the unknown animal, which was larger than a person and covered in shaggy black fur.

“I tried to stay calm as I wasn’t sure what kind of animal it was or if it was even alive,” she said. “I had my phone ready to call 999. Then the creature moved. Somehow I managed to take a couple of pictures before I ran.

“I managed to get away but was scared half to death.”

Ms Murray says she didn’t contact the police because she thought they wouldn’t believe her.

A spokeswoman for Hackney police said there have been no other reports of sightings, while experts at London Zoo said the pictures were not clear enough for them to comment.

The photographs have revived memories of the unexplained case of a bear reportedly sighted on the Marshes in 1981 – 50 police officers, army marksmen, and a helicopter were drafted in to search the area, but the beast was never found.

Officers at the time stressed the people who’d seen the animal were not hoaxers, although they admitted they could have been victims of a hoax.

Two bear carcasses had previously been found nearby in the River Lea and it remains a mystery how they got there.

I tried my best to blow up and manipulate the pictures but with little success as you can see above.

Is it a bear, dog or something more crypto-like? The best I can do is leave it up to the readers to decide.

Thanks to for their spin on the Hackney Mystery Beast.

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