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GhostTheory reader JP sent us this interesting piece of information from a Swedish newspaper in which they interview the “Baltic UFO” search team. According to this piece, there is a U.S. and Russian military exercise restricting them from entering the area where this anomalous “structure” was found at the bottom of the sea.

You might recall the breaking news last year when the team released sonar images of a strange structure at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Earlier this month, the team announce a second expedition to the secret site in order to gather more information on what lies beneath the dark waters.

What’s strange is that all this time, the team has kept the location a secret and now there seems to be military interference in the zone.


Here is a google translation from the article:

Full source: Aftonbladet

Russians and Americans in the vicinity

The huge circle on the bottom of the Baltic has aroused international curiosity and excitement.

Still, nobody knows what the object is.

But now skattletarna who found it to give us the answer to the riddle.

– We have put everything we own, says diver Dennis Åsberg.

Dennis Atkins and Peter Lindberg is divers and treasure hunters. They proceed to look for old wrecks and other objects on the Baltic seabed.

They then systematically searched the seabed in an area of ​​the Baltic Sea by using a sonar. Suddenly recounted the instrument a remarkable formation of 87 meters. It was circular, about 90 feet in diameter, and there was something that looked like a drag mark in the 300 meters next to it.

They had never seen anything like it. But they had at that time neither the time nor the resources to make it down to the bottom and take a closer look.

But curiosity is aroused and they decided to tell about the discovery public. Then have all moved on. There has been explosive, and in addition a large number of Nordic media also has several U.S. television channels from them and made elements and features.
Gas discovery and meteor?

No one knows yet what it is. It has been speculated, from a UFO to a natural rock formation.

– The most plausible theory I’ve heard is that there may be a gas discovery or meteorite, said Dennis Åsberg.

Now they are finally out and explore the circle closer. Using its own funds and sponsors, they have bought and equipped a vessel for the expedition. Several TV crews, divers and a wide range of techniques and co-financiers to be along for the ride.

– Now the adventure begins. We will go there, it takes two days. Then we examine the bottom with a robot so that there are no toxins. The next step will be to send down three divers, said Dennis Åsberg.
Russians and Americans in the vicinity

The place where the object is located is secret, but there is still a concern among the team that someone has got there before it. The area lies in international waters and there are no laws that prevent others to explore the bottom.

– Right now it’s a military exercise in the area where both Russians and Americans are involved. I can not help but wonder why it is happening right now, said Dennis Åsberg


  • Occams Razor

    Has anyone considered it may be a left over piece of tech from the cold war. Could it be a SOSUS sensor array?

  • quackie

    As long as it’s not identified, it remains a UFO 🙂

  • Bill

    Actually, the F in UFO means “Flying”, so it would be more like a UO. But anyway, it HAS been identified. It’s a mushroom:

  • Matt

     F could mean Freezing
    the Baltic sea is cold

  • None

    As expected, US government had to zerg and put their nose, we’ll die ignorants on this subject and this mather will die soon.

  • Henry

     As long as it is not identified it is a UO, there is no reason whatsoever to attribute this object with ever having flown anywhere. As yet no substantive information has been given and there has been plenty of time to determine if it is a natural formation or a foreign object laying on the sea bed. The “researchers” are the ones who are obfuscating at this point, and as they are identified treasure hunters, then they clearly have a profit motive so considerably less motive for claiming a mundane terrestrial origin for the object in question. And no military has interfered with their dives, that was mis-represented and overblown in the press.

  • Robert Cornelius

    Picture on left looks like Mother Mary holding Jesus

  • Philip

    I assume that the government(s) had already taken everything, and replaced it with worthless rubbish of a similar shape.

  • randy miner

    Folks I suggest you all search for “BALTOPS” It is a naval exercise involving many countries including Russia’s baltic fleet, that happens annually at this time. wiki it for yourself! The navies are not rushing to scoop up the “ufo” the swedes say they found! This exercise has been going on long before the object was found and will continue after we’ve all forgotten about this object. “Do come on Mr. Bond, lets think of a more plausible explanation shall we?” LOL Wow the loonies are out in force this time!