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In the search to bring you new and interesting items in the Paranormal News, I recently read an analysis of UFO abductions and other paranormal events and how these are dividing in nature, or at least perception, along gender lines. The conclusion was that among men UFOs are a matter of conspiracies, pursuits, and crashes while women tend to report abductions or be more interested in studying abduction.

From Magonia Blog

It is not therefore surprising that a recent survey of ‘women in ufology’ found most were either abductees or abduction researchers, another part of the cult of the victim. I offer the suggestion that ufology might be dividing into the separate ‘masculine ufology’ centred on tales of crashed flying saucers and conspiracies, and ‘feminine’ ufology centred on abductions.

I considered it as a posting here but felt there was not quite enough to it, Then today I found this and between the two I think it gives pause for thought.

From a woman named Elsie Conner over at Blogspot

Out Of Darkness

Saturday, June 2, 2012
The Frustrating Aspects of Alien Screen Imagery

There are several components to alien abduction that are incredibly difficult to explain. One very confusing aspect of abduction experiences is the concept of a screen image. It’s a complicated topic of discussion. I can write an enormous amount about this issue so to begin I will try to focus on something as simple as possible. Let me start with a few instances of alien screen imagery that I have observed.

I’m in the basement of a house where I once lived. I am lying on a table in the middle of the room. There was no table in the middle of this room so first of all, this was out of place and I recognize this immediately. I am unable to move and I see two female Beings beside me. I don’t seem to hear anything but I understand somehow what is going to happen and I am very afraid. I am not going to go into the procedure in detail of what they did to me. It is not the focus of this article and I feel it is pretty gruesome anyway. I will write that during this experience, I am starting to panic because all I can think about is that they are going to make a mistake and I will drown. I don’t have any assurance that these two “women” know what they are doing and I am sure I could possibly die from this. I see the instruments they are going to use on me and this makes me panic. They don’t care that I am in distress. They act like they have a job to do and they are very fast and efficient. I realize that they are going to do what they are going to do no matter how I felt about it so I beg them to help me get through it. I turned from begging them to stop to begging them to help me get through with what was going to happen. I knew from experience that pleading with them to stop has no effect. They act impatient with me and they don’t want to interrupt what they are doing but one of them comes over and puts her hand on my forehead for a moment and I feel more relaxed. She acted like it was a total pain in the ass for her to do that but she did take a moment to help my distress.

There’s much more to say about alien screen imagery, and I’m sure I will return to this topic in future blogs.

You can read more from Elsie at her blog Out Of Darkness, and see her imagery as well

Personally I have not read enough cases to have formed an opinion either way, but it does give pause to wonder if there is a gender variable in reports does it mean that aliens are more interested in abducting women? Or is it just a facet of human nature manifesting within a mass hallucination?

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  • Valkyrie13

    It must be lady’s day at GT, does that mean I get a free drink?  The screen inmagery article is weird, I like it.  Not really related maybe, but I recall Whitley Strieber in Communion I think writing about how people will see animals or birds before or after an abduction.  Also not really related, but growing up I was always terrified of alien abductions.  I remember waking up one night, can’t remember how old, maybe 10? and seeing a praying mantis in my bed, like it was the size of my arm.  I think I even went to sleep in my sister’s room I was so freaked out.  The next morning I was pretty confident it was a dream, but I sometimes wonder. 

  • Dung Particle

    This guy probably suffers from some easily explained psychosis.

  • Elsie Conner

    I quote from the article above: “From a woman named Elsie Conner over
    at Blogspot”.
    Notice the word “woman”. Since reading comprehension is not your
    strong suit, I would further conclude that neither is your expertise in the
    field of medical diagnosis.

  • Elsie Conner

    For my perspective on female abductees and the “cult of victimization” see:

  • Here is an alternative explanation of alien abduction memories. The explanation takes the view that much of the experience is phyically real, but others than aliens are the perpetrators: Alien abduction may be memories of secret medical exams or medical experiments done on children and teenagers in various settings.


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