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Haunted Battersea: Stories of a Poltergeist

September 20, 2014 – 9:33 PM | 892 views

If you were driving through south London’s Battersea borough you would miss them. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, brick to brick, are the houses on the Eland and Wycliffe Road . As they stand and once stood. Two quintessential south …

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  • Scott_McMan

    For those who are interested, we have several “Hat Man”/”Shadowman-people” articles. Feel free to enter those keywords in the search box at the top right of this page.

  • MsMelodramatic

    Javier, I have been a feeder of this blog and have enjoyed all of your entries, as well as Henrys, but may I ask what you were thinking with this girls story?? It screams ADHD and gave me a massive headache within the first minute of reading her account. Hope this was just a bad day for you. :)

  • Freakshow

    I agree with you. This girl was annoying, and overly dramatic. I have seen worse things than that multiple times, and I laugh it off! She thinks far too highly of herself, let go of that logical crap, you saw a shadowman, get over it. They usually don’t do anything.

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