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  • Scott_McMan

    For those who are interested, we have several “Hat Man”/”Shadowman-people” articles. Feel free to enter those keywords in the search box at the top right of this page.

  • MsMelodramatic

    Javier, I have been a feeder of this blog and have enjoyed all of your entries, as well as Henrys, but may I ask what you were thinking with this girls story?? It screams ADHD and gave me a massive headache within the first minute of reading her account. Hope this was just a bad day for you. 🙂

  • Freakshow

    I agree with you. This girl was annoying, and overly dramatic. I have seen worse things than that multiple times, and I laugh it off! She thinks far too highly of herself, let go of that logical crap, you saw a shadowman, get over it. They usually don’t do anything.

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  • Dustie Spencer

    Hi there, I, too, am an academic and have the compulsion to approach this from as empirical of an angle as possible. Any works out there I’d love forwarded to me. I am naturally skeptical but fascinated by these things. My mother AND my father BOTH saw an ‘Abe Lincoln-like’ shadowman when my mother was pregnant with me. When I was younger, I thought the stories were exaggerated, but I interviewed them both separately and their stories are identical, over three decades later. And the experience wasn’t just staring at a figure that suddenly disappeared. Whatever they saw was adament about hanging about for a good few minutes while my father got a shotgun and chased the thing out of the house…and the shadow just fled through the walls. So, creepy and one of the most credible stories of supernatural phenomena I’ve heard, but of course not enough to prove anything. I’ve dabbled in the magical arts myself out of curiosity, but never managed to ‘summon’ anything. I’m very skeptical, and pretty much agnostic, but I think there is ‘something’ out there, and I’m keen to find the truth! Anyway, anyone have any stories, or know of credible academics, I’m keen to get in touch. 🙂

  • sahar

    hi guys.
    I saw a shadow late at night,in a house i had 3 years ago which was an old house that i rent to stay there for completing my college in the north of Iran.
    i remember i was lying and suddenly this shadow with a hat appear and it just turned and stared at me,then both his nee was just like it broke suddenly,he bent his nee so quick and started to come over me sooooo face was just reaching his.but i really don’t know why i wasn’t scared!i was just soooo relax!!!!and i just watched him.then when he come closer i put my arms around him and i touched his back!!!!!because i thought it was my boyfriend!
    he had a skin!a soft warm skin!i touched his back,as he was laying on me!it was a freak.
    suddenly i remembered that my boyfriend would never come to my house!and i was afraid that he mayb be a thief!
    when i sit and tel “who are you” he disappeared!!!!
    all the scene i saw lying and when i sit was the same!there was a street light on the window and it lightened a little my room,and this thing was just standing beside the window.
    i wanted to know whether any body had the same experience….and voila!