The Missing Persons Phenomenon

Posted by Xavier Ortega | June 28, 2012 6

Thanks Mat for the head’s up!

David Paulides, a former policeman, had compiled enough data to notice that these isolated missing person cases were beginning to form clusters around certain mountainous regions. These clusters were of some of the most eerie cases he had uncovered in which missing people –children mostly– vanished into oblivion. Sometimes the only clues left by the unfortunate souls were just their clothing, neatly piled.

This bizarre phenomenon has an even more bizarre beginning. According to Mr. Paulides, his painstakingly and meticulous research didn’t come from an abrupt curiosity. He was visited one night by a government employee who had very interesting information to give up. Mr. Paulides came to find out that some of the missing people disappeared under unexplainable circumstances. Children climbing mountain ranges in short time or those children who crossed rapid-moving rivers that were found alive and had no recollection of how they’d arrived on the other side.

-Source: 8 News Now

More information:
CanAm Missing Project

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  • RJ

    “This boy just walked into oblivion…”

    I recently bought both of Paulides’ books. And that phrase sums it up perfectly.

    Some of the cases are downright weird. Kids who are no more than 50 feet away from their parents disappearing without a trace. Little kids being found in locations where they shouldn’t be, or in places where trained rescuers wouldn’t go into because the terrain was too rugged.

  • Polpo Matukh

    there’s a lot of people missing here in Mexico and it’s not aliens

  • Korrine77

    just bought Missing 411 for the western half of the US- weird stuff.  definate must read !! i can’t put it down. What’s really weird is all the clusters of people missing seems to be in the same places as all the big foot sightings.

  • Castiel Winchester

     Yeah but that’s mostly because of drug cartels, gangs, mobs, and other crap. It’s become a pretty terrible country within the last 20 years. Especially in the northern part.

  • Lghockey

    No, not the cases presented in “Missing 411″, it’s obvious that something else is going on. You need to read them to understand the complexity of the issue.


    The neatly folded clothes reminds me of the “dingo ate my baby” case…