I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

When Jeffrey decided to take his daily walk in New Orleans, he had no idea that this day would be one that he’d never forget.

While checking MUFON this morning I found an interesting report about a triangle UFO that had been sighted and photographed. It struck me as one of the most genuine sounding descriptions I’d ever read. I kept it in mind as I made my rounds and then as if it were planned, I see another triangle UFO story on Unexplained Mysteries. As I open the thread and begin reading, I realize it’s the same guy! Now I had to do something.

As I read the thread and took notice of the other posters beginning to ask the obvious questions, I also see that this guy isn’t backing down and is forth coming with answers. He even provided other (not UFO) photos upon request. Usually these guys will disappear once the questioning starts.

That was enough for me, so I contacted Jeffrey via the messaging system at UM and queried him.

Here’s what happened in his own words:

When the sighting started it was quiet, around 6:30 am (daybreak.) Walking up Dumaine, i saw and heard a passenger jet fly over (not a big deal.) I recognised the outline and shape of the plane and kept walking. A minute later i turned onto Duaphine Street going roughly east… or north east. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed a very unusual large craft, maybe the size of 4-5 houses, hover in the air and come to a stop as i also stopped in the middle of the street.

When i first saw the craft, i was confused about the size and distance of the craft due to a lack of noise and a very intense orange/ yellow light blinding my eyes. The light was coming from what looked like 2 little suns up under the craft. I was unable to see the craft due to the glare and brightness of the lights.

After a few seconds of just stunned, wondering what the hell is happening to me, i notice the lights starting to fade and the craft getting smaller. It was then i noticed the vague shape of a triangle. I grabbed my Automatic Canon G7 10 megapixel camera off my chest, pointed it and snapped the picture. The craft was gone. It vanished into the sky in a matter of seconds.

What is in the picture is the same craft that was only blocks away from me flooding me with light. Then, it flew up into the sky to the East, as fast as lighting.

I can only speculate why this happened. If the craft was trying to hide itself, it could have used some kind of optic camouflage or cloaking technology. If it can fly into the sky in an instant, they can certainly hide themselves with other means. I’m forced to conclude that the lights were shining down on me in order to get my attention. What ever was operating that craft, knew of me, and deliberately blinded me with the lights. When the craft disappeared it went into the sky in *exactly* the opposite direction and angle away from me. From my perspective, it looked like the craft was shrinking in size, when it was actually flying out directly away from *me*

I’m a scientifically minded person who is skeptical. As a fan of aeronautics, ballistics & science fiction, who is practical & detail oriented, i’m not likely to be fooled or tricked by some atmospheric phenomena. I’m an military brat who grew up on US Air force bases around the world. As you can imagine, I’m familiar with all manner of jets, planes and other various flying air craft. Up until 4 days ago, i had been able to identify 100% of the objects I’ve seen in the sky.

I’m a fair minded, logic and reason, number and ratio kind of guy. I’m also an artist and creative thinker. I went to college and have a few decades of experience under my belt and can articulate exactly what happened and what i saw. What is in that picture is some kind of craft that is at least a million years ahead of any kind of technology we human beings have (as far as i know.) In an instant, it flew up into the sky away from me. It stopped in the street ahead of me and flooded my eyes with a warm bright orange/ yellow light. Yes, my mind is still spinning as to the implications of witnessing this event & getting such a mind blowing photograph. If such a craft is actually possible, then it means there are many other kinds of technologies that are poss. It seems, the world around us, really is *not* what it seems.

what’s in that photo is real. Yes, i’m stunned.

Jeffrey’s MUFON report is as follows:

Case #40953
Location: New Orleans, LA
Date Submitted: 07/20/2012 05:39 UTC
Date of Event: 07/19/2012 06:30 UTC
Description: Huge mass hovering to a stop. Very, 2 massive very bright orange lights blinding me, seconds later vanishes into clouds.

As you can see, I manipulated his photo a little to possibly gain some detail. In Figure 1, you can see the photo as he saw it with the exception of me blowing it up.

Fig 1

In Figure 2 (below), you can see where I gave it a little gamma and if my eyes don’t deceive me, you can make out a bit of structure between the lights.

Fig 2

Finally, in the figure 3 photo modification, I noticed that the light on the back right is shaped in such a way that it appears to be pointing in the correct direction if it were mounted to a triangle. You can definitely see a flattened side which would be where it’s mounted. This in my opinion rules out a multitude of more common choices as well as furthering the notion that these are not 3 detached lights.

Fig 3

Taking into account Jeffrey’s picture, coupled with his story, I am inclined to believe him. Now it’s up to the readers to decide and Jeffrey has said he has no problem interacting with the GT faithful. So, maybe you want to ask him a question or two?

All considered, this is one of the best sightings I’ve ever read about.

UPDATE: It seems Jeff told his story on the news to the ABC affiliate in New Orleans and they use my photo modifications above on the segment.

Thanks to Jeffrey, MUFON and Unexplained Mysteries for bringing us this story.

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  • J

     Who knows ? In the photo that is the craft flying up in to the sky in seconds. The lights were different when it was close to the ground. I’m not trying to say why it happened. This is just about telling it how it appeared to me.

  • Scott_McMan

    This has really got you Jeff. Do you think about it day and night? I know I would if it happened to me.

  • J

     It’s got me re-evaluating everything. Pretty much resolute i’ve got a lot to learn. Just got a new pair of binoculars, looking at a new telescope and a new camera. UFOs are good for the economy.

    Yeah, just as a practical perspective how would one prepare for something like this  ? No easy task. For now, life must go on its hurricane season so emergency preparedness is always on my mind anyway. If the sh*t hits the fan, at least i could load up a few semi trucks full of supplies, go in and set up a kitchen or maybe shelter for people.

  • Chrlzs

    Scott, I’m bamboozled by your choice of processing, – you say Fig 2 is ‘a little’ gamma adjustment???  What program did you use to get that result, from a small gamma tweak? Can you explain your steps so we can duplicate your result (- and question it!)? 

    And you do realise this was already a 4x digitally zoomed image?  What (additional) enlarging algorithm did you use, and on what basis did you select it?  Further, do you understand what jpeg quantisation and compression does, when added to digital zoom, your enlargement and very possibly additional in-camera sharpening/contrast additions?

    FTR I’m ChrlZs at Unexplained Mysteries – and while I haven’t posted my full comments over there *yet*, give it a few days and take a look (on the What would You Do? thread..)

  • Scott_McMan


    This is just some amateur photo manipulation and then some commentary on what I see. I’m no professional, nor do I claim to be.

    In fact, I am using a fairly simple program called Visio. If you know Visio, you also know that it is limited in what can be accomplished with it. If you have Visio, I can certainly tell you what I did and yes, I enlarged the photo in every instance.

    I’ve used Visio on some stories to great success and others are marginal.

    As I said Chrlzs, I’m far from professional when it comes to modifying content.

  • Chrlzs

    Thanks for your frankness, Scott – it’s rare to see anyone admit they aren’t an expert on the web!  In the comments you made, you referred to a flattened side – I’m afraid that all you are seeing is a jpeg blocking artefact (jpeg creates repeating 8×8 blocks to help compress images) that has been made worse by added contrast/sharpening and the use of digital zoom.  In cases like these where the image is already compromised by such issues, enlarging it further and/or making deductions about shapes is not justified.  I’m currently drafting a more comprehensive reply that will be posted at UM, but it may be a few days before i get time to do that.  While the story is interesting, I don’t think this image shows anything that couldn’t simply be an aircraft with landing lights on.  I’m not directly disputing the story, but I don’t think this image adds much to the discussion, and it’s all too easy to over-analyse..

    cheers, C

  • Chrlzs

    Just curious, ‘J’ – why have the Unexplained Mysteries forum threads on this topic now vanished?  Do you know?

  • J

     Not justified ? LOL

    Hey man, YOLO ! It sounds like you have something personal invested in the denial of my sighting. you don’t do you ? Are you aware that you’re coming across kinda like someone who is really searching and trying to deny the authenticity and reality of what happened ? Kinda fishy. I’m not genius but have been able to articulate fairly accurately what happened, while providing all the EXIF data, plus given personally made artistic interpretations of what it looked like to me. Now you tell me if you think I am really THAT creative to make this up ??? ;o)

    Seriously tho, Chrizs. thank you for your input. We all appreciate your skepticism and nay-saying. It reminds me personally of the fact that everyone of us is different, each and every single one of us. lol

    Seriously tho’  I’m not being dishonest and can tell you honestly*, a triangle shaped craft, the size of a few big houses, floated to a halt est. 5 blocks up flooding me in an intense spotlight for a few seconds. It then looked like it was shrinking or pulling away from me (amazingly) at the* exact opposite direction * of my point of view.

    think about this. look back at the history of UFO sightings and compare them. i hear those gears grinding  !

    The big craft (with now what were 3 bright orange and yellow lights under it) vanished into the sky in a second.

    What is in the picture is the photograph of a life time.

    If you try to say its not, i got news for you, its real and it happened and to deny such a thing is not only a shame, its a double shame.  Hey you have the right to deny it. Me ? I’m blasting off to the cosmos. Waves at you from the stratosphere*

    Seriously tho, i’m an artists and creative person so will no doubt be this way in writing and in person. Funny thing about the truth, it has a way of enduring. Check back with me in 10 yrs and see if this event has persisted and stood up to scrutiny.

  • The Oshmar

    At the start of this reply you say “Now you tell me if you think I am really THAT creative to make this up ??? ;o) ” and at the end you say you are an “artists and creative person”

    Blasting off to the cosmos? Really?

    I personally don’t think this story is standing up to scrutiny now let alone lasting for ten years.

  • Scott_McMan

    I’d like to thank Jeff and the ABC news affiliate in New Orleans for using my photos in their story.

    I’d like to clarify that I am not, I repeat, am not a professional in any way, shape or form. I just did what I could do in the program I had and that was it.

    However, it was still nice to be recognized even though GT wasn’t plugged.

  • wizzard

    I saw the same exact thing in Elmwood, LA over in the east on 11/3/2012 around 11 at night. I was on the phone when it happened so I couldnt take a picture, plus it was really far away.