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Like all of the paranormal, Cryptozoology, and UFO shows out there, ‘Chasing UFOs ‘ seems to have gone down the wrong path from the get-go. Can it come back from the void? Probably not.

There was a time when the mysterious met Hollywood and amazing things would come of it , like the ‘Twilight Zone’ or Hitchcock. However those days are long gone and have been replaced by investigative reality shows that do everything in their power to ridicule the soft sciences of the paranormal of Ufology.

Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, Ghost Adventures, Extreme Paranormal, UFO Hunters, and now more recently Chasing UFOs. All these shows promise us viewers with loads of high-tech investigations and intellectual debate when it comes to the unexplained. However, that’s not what we get. I know a lot of people that will defend shows like Paranormal State or Ghost Adventures and claim that they offer innocent entertainment with a “dash of spookiness”.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. One thing that we all must understand is that all of the reality television shows out there are nothing but pure bunk! Yes, BUNK!

Whenever I post an article that incriminates a certain show, the show’s fans become upset and claim that I’m jealous because I don’t have a television show in which I run around the dark with a night vision camera screaming “Oh oh! did you hear that? A ghost!”.

No, it’s not jealousy. I’ve been approached several time by several network executives who want to pitch an idea for a new show and are looking for “talent”. What they mean by “talent” is someone who looks good on camera and doesn’t mind having their reputation tarnished for the sake of good paranormal television.

Enter James Fox.

Mr. Fox is well known throughout the UFO circuit and is responsible for producing one of the best UFO documentaries out there.  So when he joined the cast of ‘Chasing UFOs’ I figured that the show would at least have someone of caliber investigating these claims of UFOs and UFO abductions. That wasn’t the case. Like everyone else who stars in such shows, Mr. Fox fell victim to the overzealous and greedy execs out there who keep using the same cookie-cutter formula for their reality television shows.

In a recent FaceBook post, Mr. Fox told the UFO community what he really thought of the show:


James Fox I know how disappointed all of you are. I am too. It’s not the show that was sold to both myself and scientist Ben.

Two months into it, we were off to a great start; good locations, solid witnesses and some opportunities for Ben to apply his field research as a geologist at some crash sites. Very exciting stuff. Unfortunately, when we actually got out in the field we began to realize that they were more interested in poking around a night then allocating the time necessary during the day as apparently (so we were told) Americans love watching others sneak around at night from the comfort of their couches. Ben and I reluctantly played along…and it wasn’t always bad. We really set up field maps and surveillance at the Roswell crash site (with a slew of high tech gear) and ran out of daylight.

As it was in the middle of no-where we all decided to work through the night and did find something…there were other cases in the show where when witnesses claimed to see strange lights appear in certain areas and that too made some sense for us to go out at night…but for the most part it was gratuitous night time boloney. As far as the title, it was UFO Investigations until they switched it to Chasing UFOs after it was all shot and edited. So with a lack of control in the field and zero in post the show is what it is.

Having said that, all my previous works are circulating Nat Geo headquarters and I’ve been influencing and establishing contacts in the mainstream (middle america mainstream) and will continue to do so and I will only return if I’m on as a producer all the way through to the end. Will it ever be I Know What I Saw or Leslie’s great work…? No, but I’ll do my best to make is a credible while entertaining as possible (as that’s most important to Nat Geo). I promise I’ll either quit or change my position within the show because at least I can make it all make some sense. The show does get a bit better further down the road but not a lot.

Please bare with me a bit longer as I’ve jumped into the lions den to see what I could do from the inside. My credibility and reputation has, deservedly, taken a serious hit but know that I’m hoping to come out with an opportunity that otherwise would;’t have presented itself. Fingers crossed. James

I gotta admit, I was just a tad bit excited about the show when I was given the screener for a review. I knew that James Fox would bring in a whole new perspective when it came down to reality television but that wasn’t the case. I was wrong about this show and about Mr. Fox’s power to influence the producers. The show is terrible and a long shot from what National Geographic used to represent.

Running around at night in a remote field when investigating UFOs is not only absurd, but embarrassing to watch. It’s no wonder why parapsychology and Ufology have turned into a ridiculous cesspool of convoluted ideas. Ideas like “Ghosts and UFOs are scary, so let’s get some night shots in there and have our cast run around like idiots….”

Man, if NatGeo would give me a shot, I would write them a show about UFOs that would blow their heads off.


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    I find the people who believe are worst than the debunkers at times.

    Sad but true. When I started looking into UFOs, I was surprised by this. I had assumed enthusiasts of a subject that could be observed and measured would prefer fact-finding over storytelling. Only a very small percentage are, and many of those have little tolerance for investigations that express doubt.

    That’s just so weird for a group that thinks of itself as scientific.

  • Ace

    Having worked in reality television, I learned a while ago that it’s all about entertainment. National Geographic has really sold it’s soul and reputation. Have you seen the Mermaid fakumentary pitched as the real deal? When institutional giants such as NG have given in to sensationalism at the expense of their rich history and reputation, then who can we turn to? The show Chasing UFO’s is ridiculous, not for the UFO’s, but for the production values.

    Here’s an idea NG Execs… set all you chumps into the everglades for a night to fend for yourselves with self cams attached. Pitch it as “Was an Exec, now a Bafoon” That’ll be a ratings spike.

    Don’t demean those who are true believers and those who have dedicated themselves to the cause, whether ghosts or ufos. Shame on you, but what do you care short of ratings.

  • I thought ‘Destination Truth’ was bad. As soon as I saw Erin Ryder ‘Tech and Recon’ I laughed my ass off. The best part of this show is the videos we get after each commercial break.

  • MSteck

    Wrong path? Yes!!!!!! Wrong Cast? Mostly!!!!! Ryder is as useless as boobs on a bull ! Poor Ben!!! I can’t imagine his pain having to run around fields in the middle of the night and not able to even see where or what possible evidence there might be to collect. And why go out at night when 2/3 of the cast can’t concentrate because they are scared to death of everything that moves. And to boot, the dang editing dept. makes all of their wildlife paranoia out as if it is an alien encounter, just to bring you , the viewer, back from a commercial break! Erin and James should keep the show, but rename it “Being Chased by Nighttime Wildlife” and Ben should put together a REAL team to investigate UFO’s. I do believe we are not alone in this universe, but I also believe to convince non-believers, you HAVE TO produce hard evidence. This show as it stands is only confirming the beliefs of the non-believers!

  • Madcowpro

    I liked the show at first but quickly realized it was another flop. The best shows in my opinion are documentaries about the subject. I was hoping chasing UFO’s was going to attempt reality documentary style but the producers of this show think they know what the people want but clearly have no idea. If you want a good documentary with, as far as i am concerned, credible proof is the John Mack documantary of the 62 school children. If that doesn’t convince you, not sure anything will, short of a sighting and close encounter of your own.

  • moovigooi

    This show is of no value, it covers the same old stories all over again, and in a fairly imcompetent way. It does however encourage young people to aspire to produce more crap like this, and they think it’s the norm.

  • moovigooi

    exactly!, and don’t forget ll the shaky cam and influences everybody now uses that Blair Witch is responsible for in a large way.

  • “Finding Bigfoot”/”Chasing UFO’s” same format? I would think so….The only show about the subject that I actually like is Ancient Aliens. Not that I’m a believer but at least they present the evidence and let you make up your own mind. And I have to admit that some of the things on Ancient Aliens just make you scratch your head and say “what the heck” and “how would they have done that”.

  • Ancient Aliens is quite possibly the worst of the lot.

  • Xmy556ab

    By the third time I watched the show I started wondering if perhaps the producers where getting a reduced rental rate on AV equipment if they tape at night!!! The sad truth is, “reality” TV has run its course and needs to go!

  • me

    it’s all crap!

  • rmkey

    How true!

  • rmkey

    We are not alone. Long ago earth was seeded by an entity not of this world who still exists in parallel dimensions who will harvest humanity in the end. He is God.