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Alright gang, time to play detective.

The following video testimony comes from a family that had went camping deep in the Washington mountains and encountered a large bipedal creature. The woman in the video explains her encounter with the strange creature believed to be Bigfoot. From her testimony, she describes the creature 10-11 feet tall with a multicolor coat.


Source: YouTube

it was a family camping trip we stayed one night. my wife told us she seen bigfoot and she was scared i tryed to recreate it and she recorded me it looks like she recorded something else too

The man who shot the interview went on to post additional comments about this video:

t’s crazy that my wife saw it and it never moved we thought it was long gone but it was there the whole time me and my friend explored the whole area that morning and we seen something back there but in the other direction I have those videos to but I didn’t see nothing on them.

spyders13 17 hours ago

I think your talking about the flowers like the 1 in front of the tree stump .

spyders13 17 hours ago

Yakima wa

spyders13 1 day ago

At this time…it was quite 430ish …at dusk…I was in shock…it felt like we were both in shock b/c whatever it was stood there very still…With so much fear I ran back to my sleeping spot and hid under my sleeping bag. I was so scared..i didnt even care to zip back the tent/close…i lie on the floor kept quite and heard whistling to each other…between 3 creatures from different areas around the campsite….I was never a believer and a big critic…but What an experience that was!

spyders13 1 day ago

(Wife’ Story of the encouter prior to this video): At around 4am, I woke up to go pee outside. I didnt want to go really b/c it was quite still dark, but couldn’t hold any longer. Stood up…opened the tent…I have one foot out and I looked to check if my cousins car is still there, so I can pee on the other side of the tent, but as I turn to look the other side of the tent…I noticed a tall, light brown figure (lion fur color) was standing still right where I had my husband stand …

spyders13 1 day ago

U can fast forward 1:45 past my girl talking it moves 2:25 look close right before i say 11foot tall like ten feet to my left

spyders13 1 day ago

So this boils down to an eyewitness case. Now, judging from the woman’s description and her enthusiastic account of the encounter, she sounds like she encountered something strange in the woods of Washington’s Yakima region. Of course we all know that eyewitness testimonies are not that reliable, but something about this video seems sincere. I think that the woman saw something in the woods that she wasn’t familiar with and could only describe it as a Sasquatch.

I’ve seen several comparison pictures of bears standing on their hind legs that resemble what some eyewitnesses have seen or thought to be the elusive creature. Then again, there is the strange two tone hair color description as well as the incredible part about the creature “whistling” with other unseen creatures.

I leave it up to you, the reader.

  • Scott_McMan

    Saw this yesterday and the only thing I noticed worth watching was the girl.

  • I agree Scott 🙂

  • The Oshmar

    Meh, just another “eye witness” without any solid proof I guess
    0.o new comment format again huh?

  • ghosttheory


    Same commenting system, they just released a new upgrade that fixed some bugs and introduced this new layout. Not bad.

    As far as the video: Yea, just an eyewitness account. But you know…that’s the paranromal/crypto world for you.

  • The Oshmar

    Too true sadly, people need more cameras =)
    yea the new format threw me for a bit, had to change it from “best” to newest to see replys =D

  • lindsay

    Boop boop boop

  • Maybe the family is from Yakima?
    Yakima is not in the mountains, and there are NO trees there, just low scrub. Not exactly Bigfoot country.

  • Solution

    There is definitely a large figure to the GUY’S LEFT in the foreground, between the guy and a small tree, camouflaged in the foliage of the dark green fir tree. At some point you can make out the eyes and a slight head turn. Its there…

  • talithamouse

    I live on a mesa and large creature on two feet has come by my place. It’s just sage…I’m between two mountain ridges with a 30 + mile mesa in between. Both ranges are know bigfoot areas.

  • There are still no mountains or trees near Yakima, not within an hour drive.

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  • bitterdragon

    Wrong. I live in the west valley of Yakima and from the middle of Yakima you can travel due west and be in the tree covered mountains in 25 minutes. I drive it every day.