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From our friend Greg Newkirk over at Who Forted, A trail Cam capture of a creature that resembles a gorilla except they are hardly indigenous to Alberta, Canada. Many people are going to call it a bear because that is what their mind tells them it must be, see for yourself.


Trail Cam From Alberta Snaps Surprisingly Clear Image of.. Bigfoot?

This image, snapped by an as of yet unnamed game trapper from Alberta, certainly appears to be a rather good snap of what looks like some kind of big primate lounging around in the forest; a far cry from the usual “blobquatch” images of blurry brown specs viewed through leaves and digital zoom. The photo is so striking, in fact, that one could easily wonder if it wasn’t actually an image of a gorilla snapped in a preserve somewhere. The woman who uploaded the photo to Facebook a few hours ago, Penny, swears that isn’t the case.

“I know this person. They are a dogsledder and would in no way be the type to try to fool around with fake pictures. They actually think it’s a bear and cub but for some reason they only have one photo. Strange.”

I think I can see the shape of the shoulder, and the sagittal crest of the skull facing away and a knee bent upward to the right, the deltoid seems right and latissimus dorsi is evident…

… but then it could just be a bear practicing yoga poses. a good down dog looks a lot like that.

For comparison here is a grizzly bear from a three quarters rear angle.

…and one sitting

I just do not see much in the shape of this bear that corresponds to the anatomy of the picture above.
Others have suggested this could be a gorilla, that then presumes the picture was taken somewhere other than Alberta, and to be honest we have no evidence it was taken there, only the word of the person who posted it, however it also does not take a great leap to imagine this picture from the rear.

This one is certainly generating some talk.
So start talking.

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  • Dung Particle

    I’m suspicious that these squatches are always facing the wrong way! Why can’t one, just ONE of them actually look directly at the camera while standing still and holding a ruler for reference?

    I don’t see much that resembles a bear here but the pose is too abstract to make anything out and the entire right hand portion (leg?) could even be another creature or rock. Could that actually be a left hind leg we’re seeing on the left and the animal’s butt sticking up at us? Like it’s digging down at something while facing the right at an obtuse angle?

    I’m taking this one into photoshop to get a better look…

  • Dung Particle

    Ok, fooled around with levels and exposure in Photoshop.
    Anatomically, I don’t believe there is any way that the right-hand blob is part of the left-hand creature. It just doesn’t go together.

    I’m no grass expert, but it looks like the only way this could be a pic of a squatch-like creature is if the thing is standing up in grass up to its hips/waist.
    In that case we have what looks like a left arm/shoulder, back and back of a head.
    The other blob is something else not part of its body.
    Maybe it’s his boo-boo bear.

  • Kojak

    Trail cameras take photos based on movement. There would be multiple pics of this creature as it would have eventually stood up and walked off. Its not a bear that’s for sure. It seems rather large to be an adolescent male gorilla and adults have silver hair on their backside. I’m guessing another bogus claim.

  • lindsay


  • The Oshmar
  • Roy

    It sure looks like a bear’s behind to me. It is rubbing it’s head on the ground facing away from the camera. On cryptomundo.com they have this and have debunked it pretty solidly.

  • The Oshmar
  • Bitter

    Hilarious. Bigfoot’s rear, that one is new. It’s better than the brown blobs, so I can live with it.