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So I finally got around to watching the SyFy show Paranormal Witness. Let me tell you, I’ve seen worse.

The first and only episode that I’ve seen is titled “Man in the attic”. It’s on the infamous Jackie Hernandez case, a case that I’ve been familiar with for years now.

What I didn’t appreciate was the simplicity of how everything was made out to be. SyFy presented this as a typical ghost story, the kind you see in any other program show whether it be by VH1 or Animal Planet. What SyFy missed was the meat and potatoes of the entire Hernandez case. The juicy stuff, stuff that would satisfy GhostTheory readers.

The Hernandez case in a lot of aspects resembles the Doris Bither case (The Entity), yet the producers and writers chose to ignore this and decided to write it as your average ghost story. A story in which a mother is attacked in her own home, by something unseen that lurks in its dark recesses. The attic.

There was no mention of the second attack on Jeff Wheatcraft when Jackie Hernandez fled her home and moved somewhere out in the middle of California’s high desert. There also was no mention that the strange liquid ooze that came from the cupboards was collected and sent to the lab for an analyzes. Or that some of that phenomena that was tormenting Jackie followed the investigators home.  –by the way, the lab results concluded that the mysterious ooze was human blood plasma with high levels of Iron–

The Hernandez case had credible witnesses and incredible claims. All together they suggested that the phenomena wasn’t concentrated inside the house, rather it was concentrated on Jackie herself. In what could be an extraordinary case of Recurrent Spontaneous Psycho Kinesis, Paranormal Witness chose to paint it as an uncomplicated ghost story (If there could be such a thing).

That in a sense is the breakdown of all paranormal television shows in the U.S. The blatant disinformation and hype that is created when these television shows choose to forfeit the truth for ratings.

For what it’s worth, Paranormal Witness is a fun show to watch if you take it at face value. And with spoonfuls of salt.


  • lindsay

    i love paranormal witness. but from all of the “paranormal” shows i’ve seen, i love ghost adventures the best ;). i love ittttttt. every friday night, i’m in my pj’s, in bed, lights off, alcohol, and ghost adventures. most of the time, it ends up me buzzed and shit tweeting zak bagans haha, but that’s a different story.
    ghost hunters lost it’s flair years ago..and lost even more with grant leaving. and we all know paranormal state blows. though, i do feel bad for talking shit about ryan now cuz he has cancer. ghost cops (i think? or was it is lab?) sucked! i miss that show fear on MTV back in the day. that show used to freak me out bad lol. maybe it was because i was young, but i loved it. the haunted on animal planet is pretty good..along with celebrity ghost stories. that manson one was trippy..but what do you expect lol?
    they should give me my own show! i’d do it just as simple as possible. give me a digital camera, digital recorder, and camcorder. not any of that high tech crap they have now! you don’t ever see ghost shows with chick leaders.

  • lindsay

    haunted highway is good, too. have you seen that one yet, jav?

  • lindsay

    not haunted highway. school or spirits. haunted highway sucks.

  • terri

    I don’t think any of the ghost shows are intended to be anything other than scary fun. I do wish they would lose the background sound track on the so called investigation shows. If we are listening for noises, drumming and screaching does not help!

  • The Oshmar

    I’ll admit I thoroughly enjoy ghost adventures as well =D

  • The Oshmar

    I was about to say haunted highway is crap =p

  • Cleveland_Steamer aka Gonzo_13

    Paranormal Witness reminds me of “A Haunting” on discovery channel and “The Haunted” on Animal planet.

    IIRC, Paranormal Witness had episodes last year with UFO’s and other things, so it’s a bit more diverse than Haunting and Haunted.

  • JohnP

    totally agree!

  • lindsay

    hahaha, i was looking at the side of the screen where the forums are and just started typing haunted highway lol

  • lindsay

    i love it. i actually cried in an episode lol. well, two actually. but two totally different reasons lol. i cried during the first linda vista lockdown, when nick saw that lady and then hearing “help me” on the voice box. it was weird. but the second one i cried was the episode where they go to the guys house, who now makes a lot of their equiment, and talk about his daughter being killed in a car wreck. then they did a whole investigation on her birthday. it pulled on my hearts little strings lol

  • Elhombre

    Your article here on the Hernandez case was the first one I read here on GT and the one that got me reading this site on a regular basis many moons ago.
    When I saw this episode the other night I was so dissappointed because all I could think about was all the things they had left out that I had read here and seen in the youtube clip attached to your article.

    If I hadn’t ever read your excellent article on this case I probably would have enjoyed this show a lot more. Thanks Javier.

  • Rutroehere

    Personally, I think they do a great job with their show. Paranormal Witness has kept me up many a night. If your a cold hard facts kind of viewer, then I can understand…..but are there really any hard cold facts in any haunting?