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It was inevitable. The UK’s Ministry Of Defense has declared (once and for all) that they will stop all funding for UFO investigations and instead allocate that money to national defense projects.

In recent news, the head of UK Air Traffic Control had briefly mentioned in a radio interview that in the UK, at least one unidentified objected is tracked flying through their monitored air space.  Just a few days ago, the MOD publicly declared the ceasing of their involvement in such otherworldy matters.


Full source: TodayOnline

LONDON – It is official at last: Britain is not at risk from unidentified flying objects.

Those who have long feared an invasion from Mars or further afield can relax – at least, that is, if they believe the Ministry of Defence.

An end has been ordered to all official investigations of Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, after the ministry ruled they do not pose a threat to the nation’s security.

It comes as the head of UK Air Traffic Control admitted the country is visited by around one unidentified flying object a month.

Asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about the existence of UFOs, Mr Deakin confirmed they were still being seen by his staff.

He said: “Occasionally there are objects identified that do not conform to normal traffic patterns. It does not occupy a huge amount of my time. There are approximately one a month.”

Yet despite this, the ministry insists it will no longer investigate UFO sightings, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The ruling came after the careful collation over the years of reports of strange lights in the skies, odd noises and apparent close encounters.

The move to end all investigation was disclosed after a dedicated hotline for UFO sightings was discontinued for cost grounds, and the “UFO desk”, which cost £44,000 (S$86,500) a year was also removed.

Now officials say that any UFO investigation would divert valuable resources and instead a sophisticated network of radar infrastructure and anti-ballistic missile systems to monitor British airspace will spot any genuine threat.

An MoD spokesman said: “In over fifty years no UFO report revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom.

“The MoD had no specific capability for identifying the nature of such sightings and there would be no benefit in such an investigation. Furthermore, responding to reported UFO sightings diverted MOD resources from tasks that were more relevant to defence.”

The abandonment of the UFO hotline and dedicated desk officer in 2009 had already caused concern among those who believe in the phenomena.

Nick Pope, who ran the MoD’s UFO desk from 1991 to 1994 and now researches UFO sightings privately, said: “One of the problems was that an increasing number of the reports the MoD was getting were low quality.

“When someone has a photograph though, that should be considered to be a different situation. The MoD has the personnel and equipment to very quickly analyse an image to tell whether it has been altered and identify what an object might be.

  • The Oshmar

    A more advanced radar infrastructure would be more likely to detect something then a guy with a desk and a phone in my opinion. This is probably for the best.

  • ghosttheory

    The Oshmar,

    I agree. It would be like the U.S. government allocating resources to investigating MUFON incidents.

  • Easier

    44 grand a year is a tiny amount of money, Its a drop in the ocean of the Millions upon Millions Britain pays on defence.
    And surely its money well spent if it’s investigating unidentified objects in UK airspace and giving people an official office to report these things to, its ridiculous for the MOD to say UFO sightings arent relevant to defence if they dont know what they are.
    Our radar capability and shiny ballistic missles mean exactly zippo, UFO’s frequently show on Radar and have done so for decades, theres no way they UK would fire a ballistic missile at anything over UK soil without knowing exactly what it was… which puts us back to spending money to investigate sightings.
    Unless they do know what they are…. then … they suck for not telling us.

  • RosUNwell

    My website covers most of it, National Archives covers the rest, youtube covers photos and videos. UFOs shutdown or change passwords to ICBMs and nukes so they pose no threat to us, just trying to keep us safe from ourselves. Probably top top top top level folks know that UFOs are benevolent. If any harvesting of humans for hybridisation to another planet or mothership scenario were going on it would’ve been finished by now. Intelligence breeds benevolence and understanding. We are the stupid warmongering monsters around here, not UFO occupants or remote controllers. See my Twitter account for my views on Nick Pope, RosUNwell. If only JPL and would stop airbrushing out the interesting stuff, and let the information filter through. We’re like in the terrible twos phase of life compared to the supremely sophisticated and genuinely advanced folk out there. Watch out for black budget mind control schemes, that bubble has to burst soon.

  • Shmeggy

    We are visited by a lot more than one object a month, Nick Pope started speaking out because the MoD were not pulling their weight when it came to informing the public on the subject matter of extra-terrestrial life