Ghost Rockets: Sweden’s UFO Mystery

Ghost Rockets: Sweden’s UFO Mystery

This phallus-like drawing isn’t taken from some preteen’s school notebook. It’s the drawing from Bo and Liz Berg. A married couple who in the weekend of July 31, 1980 witnessed a rocket-like object dive into one of Sweden’s large lakes. Ghost rockets.

Decades of sightings and eyewitness reports have pushed several Swedish UFO researchers to assemble a full-on search for the supposedly phantom rockets (UFOs) that have been seen diving into several of Sweden’s lakes. The reports began in the 1940s and continue on to date. No one knows exactly what it is that many lakeside residents have seen throughout the decades but the accounts remain consistent. Huge rocket-shaped objects have been seen flying above and around several lakes, some of them appearing to “land” on the lake’s surface before submerging itself deep down into the cold murky waters.

This time, Clas Svahn is putting together a team of divers and researchers to explore these so-called ‘ghost rockets’. Svahn is the chairman of UFO-Sweden, an organization that hopes to finally find a logical answer to the decades old mystery.

Already the investigation has hit its first major snag. Svahn gives the HuffingtonPost the latest update:

“It was difficult for divers to photograph underwater as it was quite muddy,” Svahn said. “What was interesting was when they reached the spot where we think the craft sank, they found that the bottom was nearly bottomless. We don’t know how far the mud goes down. At this point, we have no means of continuing our expedition — we cannot go any deeper down in the mud.” –source: HuffingtonPost